Dalaran-WoW Private Server Presentation.

Official Website: www.dalaran-wow.com

What is Dalaran for us and why we choose this name?

Dalaran was the heart and soul of World of Warcraft, Wrath of the Lich King expansion. It was the meeting point after intense battles and places desired by all those who would set their hearthstone there. It was a city of all kind of possibilities, there were all the professions and trading market, a departure to new destinations, a place to share experiences with others, a place where the atmosphere was charming and comfortable… a place to be and where countless epic chronicles were written.

Ultimately, it was the home of Azeroth, a safe house, stable and friendly where habitants created unforgettable stories. Dalaran’s shining soul remained until the arrival of Cataclysm, after catastrophe everything changed and this wonderful city was completely empty. It’s one of the reasons why our server is called Dalaran, because Cataclysm will never arrive and Dalaran will not fall. It will always stay populated, meaning the heart of WOTLK will stay alive.

That’s the idea we want to transmit using the name of this Magic Kingdom, representing a stable place where you feel at home and where you can experience the essence of this expansion as you deserve. We would like to show people, when they will be playing, the same feeling that flowed through us when we were playing so they could feel the power of Dalaran once again.

The streets of Dalaran are waiting for you, eager to see you all together laughing until the late hours of the dawn awaiting for the inscriptors to begin to write your glorious stories full of adventures.

The streets of Dalaran are waiting for you, eager to see you all together laughing until the late hours of the dawn awaiting for the inscriptors to begin to write your glorious stories full of adventures.

We are waiting for your history!

Why the slogan “Make your home here”?

We used the comparison with the taverns of WoW, because we want you to establish your WoW-home here with us, that you set up in Dalaran-WoW, where you are going to be able to enjoy every detail of this game, a place where the community forges the warm essence of the home, returning the life and magic to Dalaran that has always been known. We want you to feel as you are at home, where you can perform heroic feats with your characters as you complete your story without fear of falling into oblivion, thanks to the security and stability that we offer.

In our house, the doors are always wide open for everyone.

Come to Dalaran WoW and make your home here.

Make your home in this inn.

Who are we?

Our project consists of components based on players which have many years of experience from their past adventures in Azeroth and Outlands, in all the areas of the game from PvP, to High End Game raiding (even some of them have over 9000 achievement points in WOTLK) . We’ve also been guild leaders for a long time. We began in retail and we were there until Cataclysm came, after that we tried different private servers. None has the characteristics we were looking for, so we decided to create the true Blizzlike server, and share it with the people so they can also enjoy it.

We are a multidisciplinary, international and qualified team. We have merged our skills, knowledge and experience together with our passion for The Wrath of The Lich King expansion. We are Software Engineers, Developers, Sociologists, Pedagogues and Designers, so we are a team full of different sciences with great perspective. From students to professional developers with years of experience in different companies. Each and every one of us loves this expansion.

We are dedicated and committed, if we do something, we do it right. In our team, we are all experts in something, both in the game and in the area we are developing the project. On top of that we have knowledge how to adapt balance between quality of service and quality of gameplay.

Why choose us and not one server with more “life-time” and more population?

We have created a perfect world for people around the world who really miss to play WOTLK, in which we are endeavouring to ensure that everything runs smoothly and our users can access all available content of this expansion of the way that was experienced on Retail in the past. We want to make this project successful that will consist of one of the largest community based solely on WOTLK, being the first, truly faithful server to the restrictions and regulations established by Blizzard, a true Blizzlike server that keeps the original essence and quality.

We are fully aware that there are a lot of private servers now, but we have focused and specialized on WOTLK, and we have not included any custom content and we never will. All our realms are and will always stay WOTLK.

Our main goal is to improve the content and have the bug free World of Warcraft server that has been never seen so far, we shall even try to fix the bugs that were kept for a long time originally from Blizzard. Check it out yourself and see that they are not only mere words.

We offer several ways to experience all the content. On our first Realm available after the release, the content is released in the normal way. However, the next Realm, will be exclusively progressive, in which we will publish the updates gradually, in the same order that Blizzard did in his time. So our community will have the opportunity to experience the way they prefer.

We want to provide an appropriate environment where our community will continue to grow comfortable and stable, because we consider it as one of the most important parts of WoW. We shall unify the different ways in which everyone can participate and keep abreast of what is happening in our world, providing constant activity to the community both in game and on the forums. Our website is synchronized with the game and with social networks, so you can enjoy these tools both individually and together with other people.

The loyalty and perseverance will be rewarded as Blizzard did with small prizes or gifts on certain dates. Of course, consider it essential to recognize people’s contributions to the community, work hard in game, etc … Those who demonstrate their commitment, both in Azeroth and forums will be taken into account by our staff. For example we shall provide The Hall of Fame to those who perform well, those who support guides or videos of our server strategies, or any kind of epic videos, etc…

Regarding the guild, we think that we as managers must appreciate the effort and hours spent into any area (not only in High End Game Raiding or Hardcore PvP), so when a guild or a player does something remarkable, we take care of that to share it with our entire Community.

For example, everyone will know when someone will achieve Realm First:”Death’s Demise” or Realm First:”Celestial Defender” and simillar achievements and they will be known as true hardcore players which will be remembered on The Server Hall of Fame.

We watch, we listen to people, since we have been players for many years and know well the role of a player, we understand your needs and problems. As we said our main goal is to create a “house” so you can feel more comfortable than you ever felt in WoW. We are here for you in pain and glory. We will give you the opportunity and we shall reward those who deserve it and we shall punish those who cheat or do not respect our rules. All “well-documented” reports will be taken into account.

Something that stands out, is how well us staff members know each other from staff members and how close we have been for years, we are extremely hardworking and perfectionists. You will see that yourself how we constantly update and improve our web-site and in-game experience.

Our brains are generators of ideas, and with them we will be creating and inovating new features, always consider the opinion of our community. You are the one who is going to spend so much time playing with Dalaran-WoW community, you are the one that will direct us so we can adjust everything that you might like and it will fill your needs.

We’re waiting for these, so called, legendary heroes who will get Realm first achievements. During the development of this project, we have received much support from the people, and we are surprised by the number of people who are very interested and decided to join us after the official release. With that, the fact that you can get Realm first achievements on the server that will preserve and there is a large community, is very valuable and that is a worthwhile thing to do.

Why do we exactly do this now even being aware that there are many servers?

As already mentioned, we are a professional team, each of us has worked or studied something related to its role in the project and we have many years played through WoW in Hardcore PvP / PvE aspect, aswell as leading the top guilds. Which brings us to: “Why do we do this?”. We have tried and mastered everything and we want to make reality of this utopia we’ve always invisioned, which in our eyes is a server with a community which can grow and be respeted by many others meanwhile we develop the best and the first pure Blizzlike Server: promotions, encounters quality, original rates…etc, a perfect World Of Warcraft place to be for a long time.

As players, we felt the lack of justice and attention from managers and GMs on the other servers, we had all kind of problems ingame and we have been completely ignored. So, after a series of disappointments, we started slowly creating the idea of ​​this project, a server where the staff cares and listens to the people, in which every single person feel at home no matter what, and can enjoy the quality of the content. We wanted to create the support system as we would have liked to have: Objective, fair, comprehensive, that understands the game, who cares about us and our well being / ingame experience, and create an environment in which everyone can play by the rules and guidelines of conduct established by us. In short, professional support, organized and easy to access, that listens to users. Basically our goal continues to create a strong Warcraft community.

When we finished defining the basic idea, several close people more, felt interest and joined the team. People multidisciplinary with studies in sociology and pedagogy, which develops a very important part of the project.

Merging all this plus a insane portion of illusion, Dalaran-WoW rises.

For what kind of players is Dalaran-WoW?

It is an International server and this is what you can be focused on:

As happened in Retail, you can focus on what interests you most, whether you’re a person who loves quests and want to get the Loremaster, as if you are a pvp lover born and want to focus on the season of arena or do any kind of pvp (indoor, outdoor …). We consider it very important to complete the story of the characters, so those who are some achievement hunters will find here a perfect place to stay and accumulate the most achievements points possible or if you want, just explore the world. Of course, the PvE is one of the great qualities of WoW you’ll enjoy it being as Casual or Hardcore Raider. If you are someone who loves the thrill of patches strict progressively you have the option of these kinds of challenges on our progressive realm.

Dalaran-WoW have room for any kind of guilds, both Hardcore PvE or PvP, as Roleplay, leveling guilds, twink guilds or social guilds where your character is without any special purpose. No matter what guild you belong to, you’re at home and you can enjoy your community, both ingame and on the website/forums.

What kind of Realms do we have?

Our expectations are to have 3 realms, but we do not exclude out the possibility of including more in the future, whatever is needed so our users are able to enjoy the best experience when we have a high population. As mentioned previously, we found that there is already a large number of people who are interested in joining us, so it is possible that we will have to open some extra realm for balance population.

The main difference between PvP and PvE realm is that entering any contested or enemy territory automatically flags you for PvP combat and you cannot unflag yourself while in these zones, so a PvP Realm fits perfect with both kind of people, PvP and PvE. (More info here)

All our servers, will be strictly x1 rate. Nothing will be modified from the original version of Blizzard’s WOTLK expansion.

First Realm: With the release, we will open one server:

  • The PvE content will be published as normal with some exceptions, at the expense of the first brave who clean of all the normal mode raids to release some heroic modes then. The core of this server is PvP .

Second Realm: will be released a little bit later:

  • This will be the Progressive Realm we have mentioned previously, we will publish the updates and instances gradually in exactly the same chronological order in which Blizzard did in his days for WOTLK, so that people become available for new challenges, and check who are the true heroes that will become legends. So, our community will have the opportunity to choose the way to experience the content. A small point for those interested: The content will remain progressive, the instances / raids maintain restrictions for entry, in the chronological order in which they were published. So, let’s say you hit level 80 and want to access the Icecrown Citadel, you must have made all the WOTLK dungeons/ raids earlier. For example, if you want to enter The Eye of Eternity to defeat Malygos you will have to have theachievement “Fall of the Naxxramas” completed or if you want to raid Trial of the Crusader, the forces of evil in Ulduar (Yogg-Saron) will have to be defeated first in order to step into the new instance.

Third Realm:

  • We consider a fundamental opening of PTR (Public Test Realm), with the aim so you may test the new challenges before deploying the servers. This way, we can keep a good performance after every update on the official servers.

Futures Realms: For now, we would only open new realms in case necessary for excess current population. It would be open for discussion and suggestions by the community as long as they follow the restrictions that come with being a Pure Blizzlike server.

Where can you find us and when will we be available?

Our official website is: www.dalaran-wow.com, there you can subscribe with your e-mail and be notified a days before the official release of the website and server launch (click here and we will notify you). The release will be present over this month of June or early July. Subscribe, stay tuned and don’t miss the most epic moment in the history of WoW. Begin the adventure that awaits you, us and our community.

You can find us also on:

Dalaran-WoW on Facebook.Dalaran-WoW on Twitter

Dalaran-WoW on Youtube

If you want to know the thoughts, ideas and interesting things about the creators of Dalaran-WoW, you can follow us here in our developers Blog.

Finally, if you wish you can write us a mail at the following e-mail: admin@dalaran-wow.com

Best wishes,

Dalaran WoW Logo

Dalaran-WoW Team.

73 thoughts on “Dalaran-WoW Private Server Presentation.

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    • Hello Anya, if you mean RolePlay, of course there will be players and guilds playing it, despite we won’t have an exclusive server for it.

  4. I’m glad to see you guys working on this project. But there’s one little thing that’s bugging me out. You said “First pure blizzlike server”, does that mean that donations will be limited aswell? Or you just gonna open full donations, so ppl can donate whatever they want. Cuz donation is not blizzlike at all.

    Ty and looking forward on playing here with bunch of friends from other server.

    • Hello Squick, our donation system is going to be very strict and limited. Gameplay experience won’t be broken at any point despite the donation shop we’ll have.

      Of course, we’ll have more items available than Blizzard’s Store, but they will be carefully selected having in mind to balance the realm properly. We’ll keep the true Blizzard essence, there is no need to worry about that.

      Thank you for your interest.

  5. Good , good. Any approximate time for the release that we can expect? Within next month, two??

  6. Hi there, I have a question about the release of PvE content on Dalaran wow that I didn’t understand from the presentation. When the first and second server opens, which raids will be avaliable? Will it be just Naxx, OS, and Maly for the first few months? Or will everything be released at once, and to enter the next raid tier you need the achievement for the tier before it? I for one really hope that the raids will be released as they were when WotLK launched, so that we can really enjoy each raid tier until the next one is released.

    Looking forward to the release!

  7. They are releasing the first realm with all content and the second with progressive, but I wish it was the other way around!

    I’ll still play here though.

    • I wish that aswell. I’ll wait until the second server is released if that is the case. I just hope there are more people like us who have the patience to wait.

      It would be a shame if the progressive server suffered from low populations because it got released later and got less attention.

      Guess we’ll have to wait for an official reply! 🙂

  8. Ye, im waiting for progressive with my friends aswell. It’s a shame it’s 2nd.

  9. I think is not a shame, they are working hard and we can’t start blaming them before see any result. I’m sure it will be epic.
    By the way I will level up my alter character on the first realm meanwhile I wait for the progressive realm, and once its opened I will run with my main for the Realm First (that way I can enjoy the gameplay with my alter) I don’t want to wait more than the official release, so I think is a good option.
    Anyway a lot guildies will do the same and we will transfer to the 2nd realm in the same moment they allow it.
    Cya in Dalaran-WoW, I hope also in Kirin Tor realm 😀

    • Yeah I’ll be there until the 2nd! What faction you guys interested in?

    • I said it would be a shame “if” it would happen. I’m not trying to blame anyone. I just wanted to clear up some confusion on my part. I’m sure the release will be awesome!

      Your plan is excellent, and I shall do the same!
      I’ll level my alt on the first server as well and start my main on the progressive server once it opens.

      Oh, and I’ll be rolling horde.

      • Apparently we can transfer our chars to the progressive realm

      • DrDonkey, ok then i misunderstood. Yeah! we will see on the bg’s then, I will play Alliance.

      • Azerothian, BG’s are for beginners.
        See ya in arenas everyone. 😀

      • noname, I know, but you can’t do arenas if you aren’t 80 lvl. So in the travel we will kill each other on bg’s 😀

  10. Hello all,

    First of all, do not worry about second server population, there are a lot of people waiting for it that will be playing on Kirin Tor until the release.

    As Azerothian mentioned, there will be transfers from the first realm to the second one, transfers which at any given point will breake or unbalance the gameplay experience.

    Feel free for ask whatever you want to know.

    • Oh cool!

      And if we had items that were in a later patch they will be removed? (because of the progressive content) and substituted?

      Anyway that’s great, I’m glad I can start on the 20th :).

    • Wait, what do you mean transfers?
      When 2nd realms open, don’t tell me ppl from 1st realm can transfers immediately?

      • Or just later? Sorry for double post. 😀
        It might be that I missunderstood something here.

        Anywhoooooo, cant wait to step my foot to azeroth with new realm. 😀

      • People will be able to transfer from first realm to second one after all the class/race realm first achievements are taken on the second. So, it will not be inmediatly.

        Do not worry about achievements, gear…etc. We have thought carefully on all this.

      • Awesome!

  11. “We are proud to announce that Dalaran-WoW Official Release will be held on 20th July.”
    If I may ask, when is the scheduled date for the 2nd realm (the progressive one) to be released?

    • Hello Quas, there is still no date for the second realm’s release but we can say that it will not take much time.

      • Thank you for the quick answer, looking forward to play on one of your realms.

        Best regards.

      • Well pure blizzlike wotlk means that after we hit lvl 80 we gonna do classic WOTLK dungeons (utgarde , gundrak ,dtk, HoS , CoS , AN etc. ) and after naxxramas , then ulduar and stuff ? 🙂 just asking , if this is correct , that’s the reason i will join you cuz i miss those times…

  12. hello there, i have some question about this server.
    1 why dont u release the progressive realm first?
    2. which version of the game i need to have?
    3.when are u going to post a complete info about whats gonna work ( i mean which raids, which instances etc, what bugs are goona be, what talents are not going to work etc) at the release of the server?
    4. why dont u open the forums some days before the release, i mean this cause im not a english speaker and nor are my friends, we are from latin america, so we could use the forums to try to find all of the ppl that are from region and say which faction are we gonna play, creat a guild, etc this could be very helpful for a lot of other ppl too….cheers…hope u answer

    • I agree about the forum. It would be great to have a place to talk before the release.

    • I they they should put on their site torrent link for wotlk wow with appropiate patch for download. 🙂

      • They already have a personal torrent with the correct Wotlk client, they are just waiting to get more seeds before giving out links to it for people to download it.

    • Hello Dario,

      1- We can clearly tell you that from the very beginning of our announcement, a lot people are interested in the second realm, but as we mentioned before we have to think for majority and general groups.

      So, we thought of giving the opportunity by default to all the WOTLK lovers to actually start without restrictions and enjoy the currently opened content we have available, not just PvE/PvP progression.

      The second realm will be specifically designed for those kind of users which are in love with pure hardcore progression like it was present back in the days when Blizzard was releasing content gradually.

      Basically, we choose the generic option for start.

      2 – Yes, you do need to have 3.3.5a World of Warcraft Client in order to play on our servers. We shall provide a full Torrent file already prepared for download and we’ll make it public really soon, no worries.

      3 – We’ll try to keep the community updated with a full report before the release, though we are not sure if we’ll be able to, mainly because of a lot of initial testing in the world, since the last LoS and Pathfinding implementation.

      Anyway, we can assure you that we’ve already worked a lot to have perfectly executed encounters for most of our raids/dungeons whether it’s Vanilla, TBC or Wrath expansion.

      4- We’d like to publish our forums before the release, but we simply cannot, because our website has a system which is linked to the in-game characters. You will be able to access it on the same day when we release our official web-site, servers and everything else.

      On the side note, we already know that a lot of people whom speak spanish might join us the first days, as we wrote the article already here [1]. If you wish you might comment there in the meanwhile or even talk with them there.

      Thank you very much for your interest.

      [1] http://www.taringa.net/comunidades/world-of-warcraft/7487144/Dalaran-WoW-Haz-tu-casa-con-nosotros-Servidor.html

      • thanks for ur answer…hope to see you ingame soon

      • excuse me…i would apreciate if you can tell me in case you know, about which factions ppl from latin america are choosing or any info about that…thanks in advance

      • “…3 – We’ll try to keep the community updated with a full report before the release, though we are not sure if we’ll be able to, mainly because of a lot of initial testing in the world, since the last LoS and Pathfinding implementation.”

        Does this means NPCs, Pets and Mobs won’t go trough the air, but rather try to find appropriate ground path? I know AI pathfinding was never implemented before – you’d be the first server to do it.

  13. What do you plan to do once the expansion “runs out” or in other words where do you see the future of this server a year after the 1st Light of Dawn group? Stagnation in terms of pve content is one of the reasons why Blizzard won’t set up their own WotLK servers(lets not talk about what a logistics nightmare it would be for them :P). As much as I like this expansion I tend to agree with them.

  14. About the progressive realm… Will all the players have to complete a certain raid instance before attempting a new one(like a certain lock), or will you add patches for each realm first so that the new content is made available to everyone ?

    • As we mentioned multiples times, we want to make the best and the most perfect private server focused only on WOTLK expansion (and the previous one), we want to host the WOTLK home for those players that love this content like we do.

      Where Azeroth is not devastated, where the most powerful enemy is playing with the soul of the prince of Lordaeron and where Horde and Alliance have battles together against him. After exhausting battles to be able to rest in a populated Dalaran, enjoying all the possible content with your friends, discover all the quests, all the role-plays in the world…etc.

      Every player can make their own challenge with the content we have, because we will work on allowing them to play with the most quality features that this expansion has to offer. Wrath of the Lich King is more than hardcore PvE raiding, it has many more things to discover or re-experiment.
      Also, we shall provide in the future many ways to experience it and make it more challenging.

      We thought on the idea of adding patches, but we want an eternal progressive realm, that will be totally equal for players that join the realm at the early beginning or 6 months later, so the experience will be the same. So we will lock the raids/dungeons in the same chronological order that Blizzard published to make the progressive experience real, even when all the content is already published on the realm. We will take care also of the vendors, emblems and so.

      Also of course PvP content will be also progressive.

  15. @Achilleslol:

    Yes of course, that is the idea. We want to keep the original Blizzard’s essence, and that is one of the ways you can choose to experiment it.

  16. @Aressius Yes, we mean exactly that.

  17. hi can u make it more hardcore like a player cant get exp for 70+ till he kills illidan (at list till realms first achi is earned by sombdy) in my openian it will be more fun for geting realms first as many players wil be trying for it

    • Hi froaster:

      We appreciate your interest but the option you are suggesting is a bit custom. So even we are glad to read suggestions, yours will be not considered as an option, sorry, and thanks for your opinion anyway.

  18. Your house is valueble for me. Thanks!…

  19. Will the players be forced to level on 1x experience on all servers? I understand you want to keep the original WotLK experience as pure as possible, but most of your players will likely be returning veterans who have already leveled through vanilla 1-70 content many, many times and that really isn’t so enjoyable after the fifth time. If the rates are 1x, being able to start at level 68 or 70 would increase my chances of me finding myself playing on your server.

    • Hello Blaer:

      Yes, the players will have to level up on x1 rate in all our realms, another rates would not be blizzlike, and we want to mantain as much as we can the essence of the original content. We will offer some character transfers between our realms when we have more, from another private servers and from retail as long as the rate is also x1 and have vast lifetime; but only once our community achieves the Realm First achievement in all classes and races.


      • Please don’t ever allow transfers from anywhere but retail! Pretty please 😀

      • @Glusk
        How can you transfer from retail, when retail is MOP, explain me, smart person….

  20. Is there gonna be open GM / Moderator applications?

  21. I don’t know if I missed it somewhere, what will the server time be?

  22. There will be any transfer change from other server cuz who have caracter with 140 days playtime/and much achievements wont leave from other servers…

    • Hello Pova:

      Yes we will offer this option but not in any near future. Of course we will not allow achievement transfers too, since it would not be fair to our community, the same goes for gear or items in the characters inventory.

      If the achievements that you don’t want to lose are already earned by our community is another case that we are discussing these days, so we cannot answer now on that aspect.


  23. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share… waiting for more.

  24. for those of us that dont play pve will there be option to donate trinkets from icc and toc such as bauble and solace ?

    • Hello yewlord:

      No, our Donation Shop will be very restricted in gear terms. Even if the players are not into PvE, the only option to get these trinkets will be farm to it in their respective raids. Like on Retail, it will be hard to find PvP players with high-end PvE gear, this way only those who really work on earning it will have the best composition of the gear to play the kind of game they want.


  25. the patch in the second realm (progressive) will be the 3.3.5a with only naxxramas open or it will be 3.0.2?

    • Second realm will be 3.3.5a with only Naxx open at start, then gradually the rest will be released, but to enter the later tier of raids you will need the previous raids achievement completed.

  26. Hello! This sounds like a great project, specially if you have been able to implement a form of pathfinding that doesn’t involve pets/mobs slamming their way through terrain constantly. This has been a real immersion-breaker elsewhere. The whole thing sounds extremely well-built, and I do very much hope that it delivers (please don’t take that as doubt, but instead as anticipation).

    I see that the preview video shows a working Wintergrasp. Have you had an opportunity to try it under any form of high load? I remember that WG could bring the live servers to the knees, so I will confess a small amount of concern there as WG was an integral requirement for many pieces of PVP gear.

  27. Heya there, just a simple question:
    if iit’s true that progressive realm will still be 3.3.5a with the only difference that there will be only Naxxramas, Obsidian Sanctum and Eye of the Eternity as open raids, classes will still be ruled with 3.3.5a theorycrafting?
    Also, it would be very usefull to get an idea of when you planning more or less to open the second realm in order to let us decide if to play on first realm meanwhile or just wait for the second one.
    Thank you, and wish u good luck and all the best for this amazing project, can’t wait to test it out.

  28. Hi,your project looks pretty solid, but i was wondering where your servers will be located ?

  29. What about emblems in progressive realm do raids will drop like in naxx emblem of valor and in heroics emblem of heroism?

  30. Hey, will there be any kind of bonuses on the first days after the release for new players?

    Oh, and will there be any GM control on the server? other WoTLK servers (like molten-wow) have absolutely terribe GMs and a very unfair ban/report system. They’re just massively spoiled…

    Also, as a hardcore pvp player (multiglad here!) is it possible to report broken spell mechanics etc and actually get a response about those? thanks!

  31. When will be server opened?

  32. What is the realmlist for the server?

  33. “The main difference between PvP and PvE realm is that entering any contested or enemy territory automatically flags you for PvP combat and you cannot unflag yourself while in these zones, so a PvP Realm fits perfect with both kind of people, PvP and PvE.”

    PvE people would disagree. NOT getting flagged when you don’t want to and being able to flag yourself if you would like would fit both kind of people. Trying to level up while some @$$ 20 levels higher than you slaughters you and camps your corpse for hours is hardly what PvE players are after. Anyone who believes the above clearly has no concept of what PvE players are truly interested in. We prefer enjoying the game content and compete in PvP at our discretion, not because someone else decides for us.

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  37. Does anyone have step by step instructions on how to set this up? Thanks

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