Questions and Answers: Dalaran-WoW Facebook Page

Hello Community, we will make some post with all the questions and comments we answered in order of arrival in our social networks, this way you can read it chronologically and see our ideas and how we were answering with all the information we could every moment, explaining more detailed each doubt.

This post will be about our public questions and answers related to our official Facebook Page.


June 5:

This is our Trailer, all the images and scenes have been taken from our Server. Be free to share it.
We hope you like it.


Koray Ozturk

 Administartors of the server i have a simply question, will this be Blizzlike or with custom XP rates set? and will there be a migration system in the beginning?

Can you give me your skype cause im interested and i cannot wait any longer i want to play

And will there be many players at the release and can i get beta acces cause i have put my email on the website field and im subscribed

And how many players will there be at the release

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Koray, our rates will be x1, all is going to be Blizzlike (encounters, promotions, events…etc). We have 0% custom content.

About the migrations, we won’t have migrations yet (yes in a future for characters with high play time and that are from Retail or another x1 rate servers).

We do so because we want people to have the opportunity to win the Realm Firsts achievements for themselves.

About our website’s subscription, is not for Beta Access. If you have submitted your e-mail you will be notified about the Release date in 2 weeks more or less.

We can’t know how many players there will be first days, but we have ETA on a good ammount of players being there on the start. There are much players interested on joining us.

 Irfan Duric Will question for Shadowmourne work?

Irfan Duric Awesome job guys, hope to play on your server soon

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Irfan Duric, yes of course. The quest for get Shadowmourne is already working.

June 11:

We are receiving a lot of questions from interested people, so if you also want to know something about the server, you can ask us here on Facebook or: 

Thank you for your interest.

June 13: Do you know with which friend are you going to level in Dalaran-WoW? Refer a friend is totally working pure Blizzard way, so you can benefit from this features:

1) If you and your friend are in party together in the same area, you both will get x3 experience until level 60.

2) You can summon your friend (a button will appear near your friend’s name in the social menu). This spell has 1 hour Cooldown.

3) For each 2 level that you have leveled, 1 level can be granted to your friend until level 60.

June 17:

Be free to ask any question you have about Dalaran-WoW, we will solve them. The Website and the first Realm will be released in a few weeks, stay tuned.


Nikolay Asenov

 I want to ask.When will the server be released,i mean 1st of July or after that and also,will the shadowmourne quest work?Thank you.

Dalaran Wow 

We do not know exactly the date yet but we will let you know when we do, don’t worry. It will be on early July, thats for sure.
About Shadowmourne, yes we have Shadowmourne’s quest working perfectly already.

Alexandru Daraban 

They all want Shadowmourne lol.. Could you tell aprox how many players are you expecting to have on the opening?

Alexandru Daraban 

how about the player cap for the first realm?

Dalaran Wow 

We can’t know how many players we will have on the opening. But there an insane amount of people subscribed and interested, much more than we expected.

Dalaran Wow 

We will start with 1.000 players as cap, and will go increasing it progressively.

Fabio Gayoso Maguiña 

Como haran con el sistema de donaciones? Seria bueno q exista limites sobre estas, sin eso se arruina el estilo server blizzlike

Dalaran Wow 

Hola Fabio Gayoso Maguiña, nuestro sistema de donaciones es muy restrictivo, no te preocupes que lo hemos diseñado considerando varias limitaciones. La esencia Blizzlike no se verá afectada.

Hello Fabio, our donation system is very restrictive. Do not worry, we have designed it considering several limitations. The Blizzlike essence will not be affected.

June 28:

Many people asked us about this, so we will put it down here: website and the server will become public exactly on the same day. At that moment, people will be able to start using all of our services such as website control panel, forum tools, account managements, character management through the website…etc. Even some different services such as a “Refer a Friend”. We shall provide a full community system. Thank you for your interest, currently we are receiving tons of questions from a lot of people.

June 30:

Greetings and salutations,

We are proud to announce that Dalaran-WoW Official Release will be held on 20th July. The following days we’ll bit by bit, start revealing many features that have already been implemented.

Please, feel free to ask whatever you are interested in. 

Thank you all.


Martin Netopil 

Didn’t you say EARLY July?

Dalaran Wow 

Yes, that was the original idea that we’ve thought of, it’s going to be successfully executed at the expense of the concrete information and a few details with the hosting, but the thing is we couldn’t know the exact date of the release.

Now, when we defined every single detail, we locked up that day as a final day of release. Making it public and being sure that it will go smoothly.

Patience is a virtue as they say, we don’t want to rush things.

Fabio Gayoso Maguiña 

How many bugs do yo think are gonna be? Or is gonna be a server with no bugs?

Dalaran Wow 

All we can say is that Dalaran-WoW will be the most bug free WOTLK private server you will find out there.

Cyrilian Almario 

is this will ba 3.3.5a? or 4.3.4?

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Cyrilian Almario, like Navizarian SG says, it will be 3.3.5a. You can find all the information you need here:

Rafał Fundowicz 

Why to reveal features? Isn’t it supposed to be pure Blizzlike server?

 Dalaran Wow 

Hello Rafak, yes it will be.

But based on the questions we have received, we see many people who come from different private servers whom don’t know yet some Blizzard’s features that are going to find here.

Anyway, we also refer to the website.

 Henrique Shaadow 

Where will be the host? just to know if i will have some lag problems

Dalaran Wow 

Our first Realm’s Server will be located in France. We do not know yet where will be the rest of the servers located.

We will be improving our servers gradually, so do not worry.

Fabio Gayoso Maguiña 

Sounds great ^^
There will be donation sistem? and if there is one i hope people can’t donate for weapons and trinkets

Dalaran Wow 

Yes, there will be a donation system, very limited though. We have carefully selected every single item having in mind not to break the gameplay experience.

Filip Hajduk 

Great to hear that,finnaly not 90% of ppl with legendaries 

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Filip, of course not, those who want legendary weapons such The Shadowmourne for example, will have to work on completing the correspondent quest.

Eric Olarte Rodriguez 

Ulduar working? as well as realm first title for yogg saron?

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Eric, yes of course. Ulduar is working as well as realm first achievement after kill Yogg-Saron.

Eric Olarte Rodriguez 


Irfan Nikocevic 

Will druid resil work completely because on other servers it dont works fine.

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Irfan, yes of course, all the classes resilience will work perfectly.

Irfan Nikocevic 

hmm I like that

July 1:

After receiving a lot of questions related to Pahfinding, Collision and Line of Sight system which is already implemented, we can clarify that it’s perfectly working. 

On Dalaran-WoW you won’t see mobs going through textures, terrain creatures flying after you, castable/channeling spells going through the walls…etc.

July 2:

We would like to share the following questions and answers with all of you, which were asked yesterday by one person (more specifically, user named Ghostifcationful) on our YouTube channel. Those questions will help everyone to clarify few more things related to our server and you can read them right here:

Hello there. Got a couple of questions here, which, probably, not only I would be interested in. All about the things that make the server, like, different.
First: will there ever be a pathfinding system on it? If not for all the creatures in the world, then maybe only for guardians\minions at least? It requires a huge amount of work and some good hardware, but still, would be very nice to see.
I even think there is no WotLK server with this feature implemented correctly yet. You can be first.

Hello Ghostificationful,
First of all, thank you for your interest.
1st: Yes of course, we have already implemented a perfectly working Pathfinding, Collision and Line of Sight system. You won’t see mobs going through textures, terrain creatures flying after you…etc, mostly all the creatures in the world have decent AI. Some initial testing on bosses still has to be done yet since they are the most important part of all the encounters.

Indeed, it does need a good hardware to execute everything properly, so we are going to settle a concrete server the first month after the official release as a product of “initial test”, and we shall improve it to a better one after the first month if it’s going to be necessary. We have arranged some future plans with hosting company already, no worries.

Second: nothing ruins the immersion more like all those generic ‘Greetings Charname’ you see constantly in dialogue windows. Do you plan to deal with that or at least to have some swift-responding bug tracker that would allow _such_ things to be submitted on it?

2nd: Of course not, we like details and we have focused on that kind of things since the very beginning. We want our users to enjoy as much as they can, while they are immersing themselves into the world. Anyway, the world is insanely large so there might be one of those tiny bugs here and there and if that is the case of course, you can freely report them on our public bug tracker. (in addition, we’ll fix them with a lot of joy, that’s for sure).

Third one: nobody ever has made engineering working 100% well and good. Partially because of pathfinding system, I think, partially because usually there are more things to care about. Would you?

3rd: Assuming that you are thinking about Software Engineering, we are going to work hard on making the most strong and stable base system, bit by bit we’ll continue to implement and rewrite some core features in the future.

But if you think of in-game engineering profession, at this moment it’s working just fine. Of course, the collisions and LoS are important here, so in consequence you can feel the result with this profession. Anyway, any kind of problem that our users will find, we’ll spend our effort on fixing it, as we said, details are one of the most important things to us.

Fourth one: will be there any auto-complete feature for, ohgosh, quest chains that got bugged (maybe after some update in the future) and overlooked after that? Or at least any GMs that’d be available at least at some guaranteed server time to complete them for specific characters? And how much time would be an average ticket response?

4th: Yes, of course. If there is a reason you can’t complete the quest that is our fault, we are going to assist you in completing it anyhow we can. About GMs ingame, do not worry, we have complete team of professional people ready to help and do their duties. (We’ll start with 8 specialized and truthfull Game Masters and like we said in our presentation article, we know each other for a long time and we have a good, organized and fast comunication system with hierarchy established).

The average time on the tickets response will be variable, it depends on many factors. But as you can infer, most of the time it will be quick enough to answer all your questions or to assist you with any kind of problem.
We’ll also have a premium support through website.

And fifth, the most important one: if you ever allow transfers from the first realm to the progressive one, how would you deal with all that gear which people will bring from ICC, Halion and such?
Also, lack of gear donations is nice, but one still must pay for server and I’m just curious if it can run properly without that.

5th: Yes, this is an important one, we have discussed about many options for this but we haven’t choose one yet. Anyway, we can assure that the gameplay experience on the second Realm won’t be broken at all at any given point. Don’t worry, we thought carefully about this.

Yes, that is completely true, every single word. Like we said many times our donation shop will be restricted, but of course some things will be there in order to keep the server alive and at full mode.
In addition, we also have many premium services which are always following or finding equivalences to retail.

July 4:

We just realised that a lot of people who are asking about all the features that Dalaran-WoW will provide were previously playing on many other private servers where those features aren’t implemented. So, we decided that we are going to throw few of them right here for those who are not informed what kind of features Blizzard had in the days of Wrath of the Lich King expansion:

– Wintergrasp: If your faction is not dominating the current territory, you cannot access the instance (Vault of Archavon) to kill the bosses inside, at all.

– Battlegrounds: If your client crashes, let’s say you get disconnected from the server, or you decide to relog or anything else third that will close your WoW client while you are inside the Battleground, you will always log back in on the same exact spot where you logged off in the battleground and continue your game inside the BG without getting a debuff “Deserter”. (Of course, there will be a limited time to come back, approx 4-5 minutes max).

– When you are in Raid group in some instance, and if you decide to relog you will not be redirected upon logging in to the place where you set your hearthstone, after loggin in you won’t be bugged out or kicked from the raid group. Instead, you’ll be exactly on the same spot where you logged out.

– If you use the Random Dungeon Finder, you’ll have the buff called “Luck of the Draw” ( meanwhile you are doing the instance.

– PvP Line of Sight: Just a quick example: when some caster starts casting some spell to hit another player, if that target hides behind the wall, any kind of texture, object, the spellcast will stop automatically. This makes the game experience much more realistic. (For example, Arcane Missiles from a mage won’t go throught textures here). So basically, you won’t be able to cast or do any kind of damage through textures at all.

– Duels are allowed and working in Dalaran’s Underbelly.

– There aren’t any understandable Cross Faction chats or even Cross Faction Auction Houses (just the Goblin ones).

-No combat bug: If a combat bug occurs during the raid after the boss is dead or the trash is dead, the system will force check every player in the raid if he is in the combat bug and it will force him out of the combat.

This feature mostly stands for PvE aspect and the bosses. We cannot guarantee that it won’t happen in PvP since even on retail, this bug is present everywhere.


Ali FG Rvl 

You guys doing great job which i never saw in other private servers till now that buff for rdf and some other things i hope every single quests will be work fine. we are waiting for Release ! 

Dalaran Wow 

Hello, having a 100% workable quests running is a very difficult thing to achieve, and even harder on the start.

Anyway, we’ve already the most of the quests working and we shall continue to improve every single one of them so they can work as they are intended.

Ali FG Rvl 

that’s cool i hope that release will be faster then we can see every things. 

Budulis Lietuvis 

I don’t get this part(Arcane Missiles from a mage won’t go throught textures here). Channeled spells are supposed to continue even if targets go behind an object.

Dalaran Wow 

Maybe it was a bad example and it will bring up some misunderstandings.

What we meant with LoS and casts, is for example when you are going to cast a certain spell and your target hides behind any kind of object, your cast will be interrupted.

About channeled spells: Yes, the Line of Sight is done before the spell starts bein channeled and the target can not loose the LoS, he only can avoid the damage going out of Range.

July 5:

This is the second part of Dalaran-WoW Trilogy, which consist on showing why PvE, PvP players, and those who enjoy to live in Azeroth and use to focus on different challenges such as roleplaying, leveling, crafting…etc, can have a real motivation to establish their home with us.

3/3 will be for those who strive to explore, “feel” and relish Azeroth and Outlands.

Dalaran-WoW Trilogy | The Home of the Hardcore PvE Players 2/3

If you want to acquire this emotion by yourself, Make Your Home Here and feel the Wrath of your side.


Páll Þorsteinsson 

Will ICC have the 30% nerf buff ?

Dalaran Wow 

Yes, it will be enabled at start. But with time, we will enable the option to remove it for those who do not need Varian’s or Garrosh’s strength

July 8:

All those who are concerned about hackers and cheaters getting certain advantages in our server, no need to worry, Dalaran-WoW will have its own Anti-Cheat system active since the very first minute, but also, we will have a full team of GM’s watching every mischievous activity going on the server.

We know that it could be very irresistible for some users to use these kinds of techniques in order to get one or several of the Realm First achievements, for example. So, that is the reason that our GM’s will be on high alert to verify that all Realm Firsts are correctly earned, and will ban permanently the IP of those who try to get it through hacks or cheats.


Eric Olarte Rodriguez

 Does this mean you will re-enable the realm first achievements if they are obtained via these sources?

Dalaran Wow 

Yes, of course, we would reset the achievement and people would get permanent IP ban.

Anyways, we will be (in the case of raids), watching every attempt, looking if people are abusing any kind of instance, patrolling areas meanwhile people is leveling…

Of course, a GM never will interfere in the users Gameplay, they will be invisible.

Also, please refrain from naming hacks here, so it doesn’t give ideas to new comers.

Dalaran-WoW will have ZERO tolerance when it comes to hackers or exploiters.

Damn King 

how will you recruit gm?

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Damn King. Currently we are not recruiting any GMs, as we said already we are going to start with a good number of them from the very beginning. Anyway, in the future if we have to recruit more, we will announce that to our community over website in a dedicated place for it.

Eric Olarte Rodriguez 

These hacks arent really hacks, they are tools used by the GMs to work around, if someone else finds out what tool your server uses, then you might wanna be changing that sporadically

Dalaran Wow 

When someone uses any kind of client side software that allows you to do certain things that your account level is not allowed to, it will be considered a hack.

Anyways, we are totally aware about these kinds of “tools”, so in the exact moment one of our GMs see the minimum evidence that some player is using it (ANY evidence), that player will be automatically permanently banned.

In fact, a few weeks ago we generated an environment in which our GMs where training themselves to track and detect this kind of behavior, in order to be able to use our awesome Ban Hammer

July 10:

We have made a video explaining the advantages that our Premium users will have. You can see and hear them in this voice-guide video.

Of course, all the information through the website is a simple example that we have created for the video.


Saul Goodman 

Doesn’t it kinda destroy the gameplay to have shadowmourne for sale to donators ? 

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Saul Goodman, as you all can see in exactly the minute 03:32, there is a tooltip on the right side, where there is already explained that is just an example.

We will not have the Shadowmourne, or any kind of items which can break the user gameplay. We had filled the Donation shop with several items of different qualities, in order to show them on the video and internal website tests. But of course, they will not be there after the release, do not worry.

We hope this solved any kind of doubt, regard to Shadowmourne.

Thank you.

Tomas Atanasov 

So , once you donate .. you are premium forever ? Or you must donate for specific amount of $$ and the time is limited ?

 Dalaran Wow 

Hello Tomas Atanasov. Exactly, once you donate with your account, it will be permanently upgraded to Premium Status. There won’t be any other conditions, whatever sum of money we have available for donation that you decide to donate, you will forever stay a Premium Member.

Robin Hasselgren 

will we be able to donate before the server releases? and howw long will it take for the account to become premium

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Robin Hasselgren, all the features will be active with the server release, so no, you will not be able to donate before. The upgrade of the account is instant. Thank you for your interest.

Ivan Pučić 

why are pets like 20 donate points, and shadowmourne is 25 :S

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Ivan, like we said many times, those are just examples. Shadowmourne will not be able through donations and that items and points are just random for our internal tests.

Vedran Marinković 

will there be royal donatores like on morlterns? i scared can’t go players verse player coz shadowmorne.. and ples fix gupish so sarufang can’t crossed our ship! will there be singardosa figt?

Ivan Pučić 

oh thank god there will be no shadowmourne, in donate playin here 100% looking forward to it ! and ty guise for great work 

Vedran Marinković 

i will taek metal umberal for maksimum proktestio

Nathan Evaristo Pereda 

In the video, it shows that Shadowmourne will not be available for donators. Only things like pets.

Ivan Pučić 

i think it shows that you CAN donate for it..look at 4:00

Dalaran Wow 

Ivan Pučić, please take a look at 03:32 and read the tooltip on the right.

Filip Hajduk 

Hi i have question about donating.Will there be some option where someone else can donate money for different person? Im asking that because i see alot of ppl that have that small ammount of money,but dont have access to credit cards,their country is in the middle of nowhere so internet banking term is like a myth and so on.Keep up the good work,looking forward to play on your server.

Vladimir Rancic 

this is a good point actually. Because on most other servers where you needed donations, you had to provide someone else with your username and password in order to get payed, thus exposing your account to the risk of being hacked. Many servers even forbid “trading donations” for this very reason. Implementing this kind of option would prevent any account theft caused by donations, and maybe even increase overall number of donations, now that players would be safe donating for others / accepting donations from others.

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Filip Hajduk. Yes, there will be some implemented option in the future to allow donations from another person. We are still working on that though, but we don’t really have ETA on the release, maybe it will take a bit more time but we’ll have it available soon.

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Ben Caspy, End-Game Pve content will have accurate Blizzlike scripts, we have worked a lot on it to have all the roleplays, scenes and all the possible details for each boss out there available. Of course, if everything is not working we will work on that until it’s perfected.

Anyway, heroic mode instances will be unavailable to players from the beginning to allow our community to conquer and achieve normal content first and then heroic later.

By the way, we have some Lordaeron Beta Testers and they are amazed with the quality of the scripts.

July 13:


Hello all, 

We understand the request Lilqn Lukov has made and we would like to know what the people who are interested in joining us think about this. 

He requested a video showing few things of the current content, like some bosses and features. We didn’t show anything of this, thinking about not spoiling anything because we understand that most likely there will be many people who prefer to discover it on their own.

Our request is: Say here if you want to see before the release a video with some High-End boss scripts and other features from Dalaran-WoW, or no. Just say if you are agree or disagree with this on the comments below. If a lot people want to see it, we will have it ready in one or two days.

As you can understand, all the staff is insanely busy so the video wouldn’t be too long.

Thank you.

Dalaran Wow The majority agrees with the video as we can see, so we will start working on it tomorrow and we will publish it around these days. Thank you for your participation and the vote you gave including a private messages.

July 15:

Hello community,

For those who has already subscribed with your e-mail, we have found an equivalence present like Blizzard did in the past for all those who were first, with one e-mail improvement. So, if those who signed stay active for full 6 months, they will get a loyalty present directly from Dalaran-WoW as a token of being such a great support.

We will not reveal the present even if you ask for it, it has to be maintained as a surprise. Of course, don’t expect something special that Blizzard didn’t gift to their players before.

On the side note, you still have time to subscribe until this Friday (July 18th).


Nikola Aleksic

hello what did you mean by subscribing? i sent my email to that notify option thingy and it said that i will be contacted soon and i didnt get anything 

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Nikola Aleksic, yes exactly there. We will send in 1-2 days a reminder to those people who subscribed because, like we said, this reminder will be sent a few days before the release. Thanks.

Nikola Aleksic 

thanks  looking forward to the release

Kern ForeverUnited Vidal 

i just wanted to ask if this is the place to ask questions ? or there some other area i dont know about?

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Kern ForeverUnited Vidal, people is asking us via e-mail mostly ( or even via Private message here on Facebook.

Kern ForeverUnited Vidal 

ok thanks for taking the time to respond 

July 19:

Hello community, 

We are a bit delayed answering some of your questions, these past days a lot has been spent for final preparations and for the release, all the staff members are giving their best, even the community manager is helping with the last details. 

First of all, thank you all for your support and your great words we really appreciate them. As you all probably know, we are receiving insanely amount of questions in all the possible ways (private messages, e-mails, social networks…etc), we are trying to answer all in arriving order and avoiding answering the questions that have already been answered several times.

We have noticed that many people are asking some things related Refer a Friend feature. Seems that we didn’t clarify that the extra features (x3 experience, summon and grant a level) will not be enabled until the realm first class and race achievements are taken, or else, it wouldn’t be fair for those who play alone.

Anyways, you can refer without problems and the system will be enabled in the same moment that the achievements are earned, so you will benefit from all the features if you refered from the start. The only features that are disabled are the leveling ones, so if you refer tomorrow, you will be able to get both mounts (Rocket and Zevhra if you meet the requirements to get it) and after the achievements are earned, your account will be linked with your friend’s, and you will be able to enjoy the extra features (x3, summon and grant a level).

The official release will be at 16:30 GMT+1 Time and in that moment you can start creating your account, refering and playing.
Answering to all those who already have the 3.3.5a client, you just have to change the realm list to ours, which you will be able to see on the website tomorrow.

“Citizens of Dalaran! Raise your eyes to the skies and observe!” – Rhonin, Kirin Tor leader.


Fabio Gayoso Maguiña 

The server is gonna be only english? Or spanish too?

Dalaran Wow 

Hello there Fabio, it’s an international server where the main language on global chats shall be English. Though, there’ll be people from all over the world

 Fabio Gayoso Maguiña 

Ok, and just to know, there is not to be donation for gear items right?=

Dalaran Wow 

No, there won’t ben any high-end game gear available through our Donation Shop. As we said many times, our Donation Shop will be very restricted in the term of gear, there’ll be only items no longer available in-game.

Posted by others:

June 29:

Tomas Atanasov

Soo , tommorow we should know the release date , or ? 

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Tomas,

Yes, today we will make it public.

July 2:

Nikolay Asenov
posted toDalaran Wow

how many players are you expecting when the server starts?

Dalaran Wow 

We can’t know the exact number that we will have at the start. All we can say is that we already have an insane amount of people interested on joining us since the very beginning.

Nikolay Asenov 


July 3:

Nikolay Asenovposted toDalaran Wow

I want to ask about the donation.Will people be able to get items or just mounts,glyphs..etc..

Robin Hasselgren 

I belive you wont be able to get glyphs. They’ve stated that it will be a restricted shop and glyphs can be sold on the AH for gold. I belive you will be able to find mounts/pets/vanity items in the shop

Nikolay Asenov 

yeah thats what i want to know..because if people can get items it would be stupid.

Dalaran Wow 

Hello, as Robin Hasselgren says, there will be items on Donation Shop, but items such a Glyphs, of course not. Easy obtainable items won’t be there.

Filip Hajdukposted toDalaran Wow more question..will there be proper scripting in end game raids,because now,as i see it,real bosses people are fighting are bugs not actual bosses?

Dalaran Wow 

Yes of course,we have a have a very good quality scripts, we are sure you all will enjoy it. Of course, our encounters are totally based on Blizzard’s retail.

Nathan Evaristo Peredaposted toDalaran Wow

I have a question.
All private servers that I am aware of open with the last patch of the expansion. Are you going to open with 3.3.5, with the spell changes and effect changes? Or are you going to open with 3.0?

Alexandru Daraban 

They said that they will start with the 3.3.5 Realm first and after a while they will open a second one a progressive realm that will start from 3.0.1 . You can read more here in their presentation:

Nathan Evaristo Pereda 

I noticed the two (three) separate realms, but I did not see where they specifically stated whether or not realm 1 would start at 3.3.5.

Robin Hasselgren 

first realms will probably be 3.3.5

second realm I’m not sure becuase of that dalaran-wow wrote on their presentation “we will publish the updates and instances gradually in exactly the same chronological order in which Blizzard did in his days for WOTLK”.

This makes me a little confused if the 2nd server will go from 3.0.1 or if it will start at 3.3.5 and remove instance portals for the raids that the dev dont want to be raided from the start

Dalaran Wow 

Hello, we had considered the option of starting the second realm with the patch 3.0.1 and develop a special Dalaran-WoW Launcher which would download the correspondent patches to our users.

But at the end, we have decided make it easier because, afterall, what we want for the second Realm is to always be progressive so, even once the content is published, people still will have the restrictions to enter into certain Raids/Instances, making the Realm a eternal progressive one.

This means, if someone joins right after the launch, he will experiment the same that one who joins 6 months after. Of course, there will be a lot of limitations that we will explain before the second Realm’s release (like vendors restrictions…etc all according to each character’s progression).

PvP of course, will be also totally progressive.

Let’s solve your doubts:

First Realm, “Kirin Tor”: Patch 3.3.5a.
Second Realm: Patch 3.3.5a.

Robin Hasselgren 

the only difference I guess is that the player that joins 6 months later will be able to get boosted though the raids 

Also will the next raid be raid able right after you’ve done the last raid? For example. You finish naxx/eoe/os, are you then able to just enter ulduar or will the entrances be locked until a certain time

Dalaran Wow 

Both are correct, right after the release we’ll wait untill few guilds clean the current content which is opened and then we’ll enable the next challenges.

Robin Hasselgren 

ty for the fast answer 

July 4:

Nathan Evaristo Peredaposted toDalaran Wow

How many players will the server be able to hold with stability? I know at least 1000 people will want to play on your impeccably made server, so hopefully it isn’t a 1000 player cap?

 Dalaran Wow 

Hello Nathan,

For the start, Kirin Tor will have a 1.000 players online cap. We will go increasing it as needed, never more than 4.500.

About stability, like we have answered to Ghostificationful with: “we are going to settle a concrete server the first month after the official release as a product of “initial test”, and we shall improve it to a better one after the first month if it’s going to be necessary. We have arranged some future plans with hosting company already, no worries.”, the first month we will have a “test” dedicated server and we will be constantly monitoring the perfomance, if there is any kind of problem (Lag, overload…etc), we will immediately request the new dedicated one, as we have arranged already with our hosting company.

Anyways, the first server should be good enough for hosting all the incoming users.

We also have a premium feature that will allow the users to skip queues when there exist, but we will explain all services this kind of accounts will benefit from before the release, do not worry.

Nathan Evaristo Pereda 

Thank you for the speedy, concise reply! Very professional. I hope the pop cap goes up, but it makes sense to open it up with 1000,

July 6:

Andres Montoya
posted toDalaran Wow

Well… I think… Maybe you can give more information in Spanish, because some people don´t know a lot english…

For instance : ENGLISH : This is the second part of Dalaran-WoW Trilogy

ESPAÑOL : Esta es la segunda parte de Dalaran- Wow Trilogía

Suena prometedor.. éxitos. !

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Andres:

We appreciate your interest, but we cannot do this. If we do it, will be a bit unfair to the rest of the people that also speaks another language instead of english. We are an International server so all the news and publications will be on an international language (english). There will be section on the website to speak and participate in different languages, for now the only help we can offer to your friends is answering them by private message.

Thank you very much for your interest and your suggestion.

Nathan Evaristo Peredaposted toDalaran Wow

I have another question for you.
I understand that you are opening with 3.3.5a. Does that mean LFD will be available? I am not asking in hope but fear. Aside from that, LFD is slightly pointless if there is only one or two servers.
What are the plans with that, if I may ask?

Robin Hasselgren 

considering that it’s WOTLK it should be open and you will probably be able to join it at lvl 15+.

I think it could be quite usefull considering not everybody will join a world chat channel and when it finds 3 dps, 1 healer, 1 tank the que pops. The “LFD” I belive was changed to RDF (random dungeon finder) and the program will set up your group for you so you don’t have to check every min if a tank is looking for a group.

Nathan Evaristo Pereda Indeed, I meant Random Dungeon Finder, not LFD. lol. I felt that RDF took away from the community a little bit and made it so we didn’t have to travel

Robin Hasselgren

no travel = faster lvling

Nathan Evaristo Pereda

I know, hah! Just a fools hope that it would be more difficult lol

Dalaran Wow

On Kirin Tor it will be working, like Robin said, people will be able to join it as soon as you reach level 15.

Otherwise, we are still thinking about implementing this tool or not on the second realm.

July 10:

Sky Clawposted toDalaran Wow

Is there gonna be open GM / Moderator applications?

Dalaran Wow

Hello Sky: Currently we are not recruiting any GMs, as we said already we are going to start with a good number of them from the very beginning.

The same with Moderators.

Sky Claw

Eh, that’s not cool. Because GM’s or at least moderators should be some new people, not only your friends, so people make sure there won’t be any cheats from your side.

July 12:

Ivan Kanev
posted toDalaran Wow

Im curious what connection and host you have prepared. Calling all hardcore pvpers means that you realize that with high ms ingame ppl are not able to show their maximum potential. Where will be the server located? And one more question about delay. Too high ingame ms or too low ingame ms are both not the exactly same as retail. There was a specific delay there that for example allowes rogues to vanish a blind. Im curious what you have prepared.Keep the awsome work, this preview rly impressed me!

Robin Hasselgren

I belive they have stated that realm nr1 will be in france

Dalaran Wow

Hello Ivan Kanev,

As Robin mentioned, our first host will be located in France.

If you don’t mind I will quote you a related answer we did a few days ago: “we are going to settle a concrete server the first month after the official release as a product of “initial test”, and we shall improve it to a better one after the first month if it’s going to be necessary. We have arranged some future plans with hosting company already, no worries”.

Anyway, this “test” server should be more than enough to host flawless the incoming players with low latency.


July 12:

Никола Рајчевић Џониposted toDalaran Wow

Im interested about Recruit friend option… Are we going to get swift zhevra mount as they awarded on retail for this option… This would be great and bring more bizzlike spirit to the server.

One more thing what interest me … When u open second/maybe third realm in future … Is it posibile to make dungeon finder to work cross realms like on retail ?

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Никола Рајчевић Џони:
When Blizzard had WOTLK expansion active there were two different promotions for feature “Refer a Friend”. In the first one, they rewarded the users with the “Swift Zhevra” mount, but after a while they changed this reward with the “X-53 Touring Rocket” mount, making impossible to get Zevhra ever again if you used “Refer a Friend” after the change.

So, we thought making available to get both mounts, the normal one
which will be X-53 Touring Rocket with the rest of the characterstics and the “extra” one which will be the Zevhra if someone achieves to refer 5 friends successfuly. They will have level up until level 15 or more though(to avoid some creation of a dummy accounts). There will not be any other way to get those mounts, they will be exclusive to those users that refer a friend to play with on Dalaran-WoW.

About your second question, we have already started to rewrite some core parts in order to have future Cross Realm feature for Random Dungeon Finder and Random Battlegrounds. Though, this is a very delicated and tedious feature and it will take some time.

Thank you for your interest, best wishes.

Robin Hasselgren cross realm battleground will probably not be active imo considering that people on realm 1 will be able to have all gear able in wotlk while realm nr2 will start with only naxx

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Robin:

Cross Realm Battleground will be available when at least a part of the community on the progressive realm is raiding in ICC for example. We will enable this feature not to benefit any realm more than another. Also to be clear we will not set it up until we have 3 active realms as a minimum

Никола Рајчевић Џони 

If i understand this good. If i refer one friend and he achive lvl 15 … I will get rocket mount and if i get 4 more i will get zhevrah…. Does my friend geting mount as well or only me ? And can i chose on what character mount will go ?

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Никола Рајчевић Џони :

Your friend will be able to get the mounts, if he follows the same steps as you to get them, do not worry we have prepared a FAQ article about this feature explaining how works and how to benefit from all the advantages.

Of course you will have the option of choose to what character the mount will go with an easy management through website.


Stefan Stankovic
posted toDalaran Wow

any chance u can provide donation option via celphone that would be rly helpful and apreciated

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Stefan:

This is an option that we are still discussing, at start the only option to
donate for the server will be via PayPal. We will going increasing the
modes of donation with time, do not worry about that. Thanks for your
interest and your suggestion.

July 13:

Yousef Abbas
posted toDalaran Wow

Omg this server seemed interesting you guys claimed that there wouldn’t be anything custom.
1. V.I.P treatmant for donators?
3. Pay to be special
This will be like one of those other shitty servers who cares more about the ones who pay.

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Yousef:

Even Blizzard has different accounts services if you pay or you do not. In fact they also have some extra features available in their shop, and the users had to pay for them. We just made equivalence with these kinds of services, because we want to reward the economical help that our users donate to Dalaran-WoW.

1. The treatment will be exactly the same to both kinds of users. The only difference is that a Premium user can make a ticket through the website support tickets system (all users will be able to contact a GM via private message in the website). The answers that Dalaran-WoW staff will provide through the website, forums or in-game, will be totally unconditional and unbiased.

2. Since the beginning we mentioned that our Donation Shop will be there and would be a very limited one. Of course only the user who donates will be able to access the Donation Shop, the same as Blizzard does with their store and their TGC loot (the only way to obtain some special items was paying for them).

3. No, donate to support the server, and with that support users are helping the community, so we in return are offering some characteristics (not at all game breaking), the content and quality of the gameplay will be exactly the same for all players, the same with the support from Dalaran-WoW staff. The only thing that makes the Premium users “special” in-game, is the pet: Core Hound Pup. We cannot offer the services of the Authenticator (the only way to get that pet in Retail is buy this extra service of protection), so we offered it to the users that donate towards Dalaran-WoW as a token of gratitude since they are helping the community.

We are a server that cares about our members (Premium Users or non-Premium Users) the status of the accounts does not entitle a player to special treatments.

Henrique Shaadowposted toDalaran Wow

What about transmog ? i’ve seen some servers with this system, so i have to ask

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Henrique:

Transmogrification is a feature released with Patch 4.3.0, so even if it is Blizzlike, it will not be available for our realms, because we will stay
faithful to the WOTLK expansion.

Janez Kuhar 

That wouldn’t be blizzlike for WotLK. So I guess not

Lilqn Lukovposted toDalaran Wow

I really like the things i just saw here and on the website.But there is something that makes me a little suspicious.Atm i am playing on another server which presents itself like 99% working scripts,instances,classes,etc.But things are not like that at all when u get inside.I think in order for us to rly believe that your server will have so much working things,u should do something more.My proposition is this:Make a lifestream one of the days before the realm is released and show us those features u mentioned ingame…this is fairly easy u can use twitch or other such webside.Just show me your gamemasters clearing ulduar and fighting in Wintergrasp and me and a lot of other players will be yours for a long time!I dont want to do the huge grind with the bliz xp rate,only to realise that this scripts actually arent implemented.We,private server players have seen a lot of empty advertisement,do sth for us so we believe it for real 

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Lilqn:

Your proposition is interesting, we already made a post asking our future users if they want to see it in a video or not. Our words will be
accomplished and we will continue working until our server is by far the
most clean and the best private server focused on WOTLK with all the
content working, as we said in the trailer and the presentation article.

We want to make the Home of the WOTLK players here. Our players will see a constant work and dedication in the server and the in community needs.


July 15:

 Kern ForeverUnited Vidalposted toDalaran Wow

one question i have about slows/ snares / attack speed reductions/ parry hasting affecting bosses do you have those mechanics working… so it would make certain class specs viable say deep fire (fireball / TTW) mage spec/ or Arcane ?

Dalaran Wow 

Yes, we have most of the cases working. We are still testing and improving it though, there are some special cases we need to review.

Kern ForeverUnited Vidal

 lol you answered just when i sent you a similar question in private message but thanks for answering  i hope you guys fix it 

July 16:

Alexander Junior Fuentes Zavalaposted toDalaran Wow

I could say .. North American Peruvian hour or hour to hour goes by that I have many friends who want to join but need that information
at that time is the wow dalaran

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Alexander, the server will be located in France, but we are assured people will be playing from all over the world. Thanks.

Alexander Junior Fuentes Zavala

I would appreciate it very muchopen voting in the website by points?

Dalaran Wow

if you are reffering to a full voting system with its corresponding vote shop, yes we’ll have it. Also keep in mind that it will be very restricted shop and all the items there are carefuly selected not to break the actual gameplay. Thanks again.

Alexander Junior Fuentes Zavala 

Thanks for the info!

July 17:

Nikolay Asenovposted toDalaran Wow

Hi,i want to ask.When will the Hardcore PVE realm be opened?

Dalaran Wow 

Hello Nikolay:
If you are reffering to the progressive realm, we can’t be assured about the exact date, but we can give out information that it will take at least 2 more months, maybe even a bit more.


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