Questions and Answers: Dalaran-WoW Youtube Channel

Hello Community, we will make some post with all the questions and comments we answered in order of arrival in our social networks, this way you can read it chronologically and see our ideas and how we were answering with all the information we could every moment, explaining more detailed each doubt.

This post will be about our public questions and answers related to our Official videos in our Youtube channel


VIDEO: Dalaran WoW Official Trailer | Make your Home here.


Icannot wait anymore… im gonna kill myself… this server have the best invidual scripts even better then the other international private servers.. this server deserves a like!

Mustafa Koljši 

Really nice job guys. Can’t wait to playon it. 🙂

– Codata

jacob Smith 

Wotlk is, pve-wise, one of the most poor expansions. Your first realm will be just like any other server. You will rush your ass to 80, in a few days you have enough gear to do Icecrown Citadel, which is an incredibly boring raid, and after that yousit on your ass in Dalaran because there’s nothing much to do.


@PinoySolstice: Thank you, hope to see you there afterthe release.

@jacob Smith: We have explained all in our blog, you can check it out in the Information.


We won’t discuss nothing hereso, just a reminder for if someone is interested on be notified before the official release, you can subscribe here on our pre-launch website (check the site on information).


Daniel Dnke 

If anyone know another server with 1x rate, loremaster achivable, Shadowmourne quest workingVal’anyr Hammer of Ancient Kings quest working, then tell me and I start there 😀


Stop complaining people your just heading on Molten private server but that oneexcists for already 4 years and thats why they gathered many players cause the Wrath of The Lich King realms were gone at retail and went to the new expansion cataclysm and thats why molten went to make a WOTLK private server so the retail players could experience the fights and encounters once again and such as they love the content too.

So please do not interupt this server by posting negative comments..

Kenan Fišeković

A friend of mine told me about this. I stopped playing wow last year, but I am actually looking forward to try this server out. I hopethat you guys won’t give up after a few weeks as all other private servers cuz they can’t get a decent player base in the first few weeks..


Hello Kenan, will be a pleasure having you on the release. Of course we won’t give up, as you can read in our blog’s presentation, we are already growing as a strongand stable Home to be. Do not worry about the players, we have a good amount of them interested.


Ine of my dreams is to start a lvl 1 twink population somewhere. i cant find people who play lvl 1s anywhere except for retail 😦 This server looks ideal for it, though. I hope someonewill join or help me with this, really looking forward to the server! ^^


Yup, I think I might become a part of this server and the community. Been awhile since the last good wotlk server. I like the effort you guys have put especially the presentation blog and explaining everything, I also can’t wait for the second server where everything will be blizzlike release. I signed up and waiting for your email guys I hope it’s soon so I can take work vacation and play for like 5-6 days and enjoy myself. Keep up the good work and thank you for this.

Huligans KOKS 

nostalgia 🙂

Level Ten Twinks 

wowwwww… will content be released blizzlikealso?, like naxx, eoe, OS,voa first?


Hello, our second Realm will be progressive (content published gradually). Take a lookto our presentation article (you can find it out on the Information frame).

crypsis jensen

When will the server bereleased? any date? time?


Hello there Crypsis, info about the official releasewill become public this week on the facebook page. The official release of the Kirin Tor (our first realm) is scheduled for early July.


I don’t wannastick my nose into things but for the second real just don’t allow transfer, k thanks and much love


Our Transfers from first realm tothe second one, will be very restricted. It won’t break the gameplay experience for no one.


transfers wouldbe great! And if not, the ability to transfer some heirlooms to the other server so we can level a character faster that way would be good.


after the first realm is released, howlong until the second will be released?


We do not have accurate information about the release of the second realm yet, but we’ll make sure that we keep our community informed though. Anyway, there might possibly betransfers from the first realm to the second one.


Willthat shitty Looking For Dungeon system be on this realm? I hope not, it was part of the reason I quit retail wow.


yeah I don’t think looking for dungeon system is any good and that’s why I also quit wow. I loved to get together with guild members or other people trough chat and then argue whohas an epic mount and fly there to summon, good stuff 🙂


Hello Watershed, on the first realm yes, it is already implemented. But on the progressiveone we probably won’t.


How’s Pvp goint o be onyour progression realm?


PvP will be also progressive, making public theseasons and the correspondent gear gradually (as well as the battlegrounds, in concordance with the PvE content).

Rok Galun 

May I ask what is the first song called?Looking foward on playing here 🙂


Hello Rok,first song is called: Audiomachine – Land Of Shadows.


Hello there. Got a couple of questions here, which, probably, not only I would be interested in. All about the things that make the server, like, different.

First: will there ever be a pathfinding system on it? If not for all the creatures in the world, then maybeonly for guardians\minions at least? It requires a huge amount of work and some good hardware, but still, would be very nice to see.

I even think there is no WotLK server with this feature implemented correctly yet. You can be first.


Hello Ghostificationful,

First of all, thank you for your interest.

1st: Yes of course, we have already implemented a perfectly working Pathfinding, Collisionand Line of Sight system. You won’t see mobs going through textures, terrain creatures flying after you…etc, mostly all the creatures in the world have decent AI. Some initial testing on bosses still has to be done yet since they are the most important part of all the encounters.


Indeed, it does need a good hardware to execute everything properly, so we are going to settle a concrete server the first month after the official release as a product of “initial test”, and we shall improve it to a better one after the first month if it’s going to be necessary. We have arranged some future planswith hosting company already, no worries.


Second: nothing ruins the immersion more like all those generic ‘Greetings Charname’ yousee constantly in dialogue windows. Do you plan to deal with that or at least to have some swift-responding bug tracker that would allow _such_ things to be submitted on it?


2nd: Of course not, we like details and we have focused on that kind of things since the very beginning. We want our users to enjoy as much as they can, while they are immersing themselves into the world. Anyway, the world is insanely large so there might be one of those tiny bugs here and there and if that is the case of course, you can freely report them on our public bug tracker. (in addition,we’ll fix them with a lot of joy, that’s for sure).


Third one: nobody ever has made engineering working 100% well and good. Partially because of pathfinding system, I think, partially because usually there are more things to care about. Would you?


3rd:Assuming that you are thinking about Software Engineering, we are going to work hard on making the most strong and stable base system, bit by bit we’ll continue to implement and rewrite some core features in the future.

But if you think of in-game engineering profession, at this moment it’s working just fine. Of course, the collisions and LoS areimportant here, so in consequence you can feel the result with this profession. Anyway, any kind of problem that our users will find, we’ll spend our effort on fixing it, as we said, details are one of the most important things to us.


Fourth one: will be there any auto-complete feature for, ohgosh, quest chains that got bugged (maybe after some update in the future) and overlooked after that? Or at leastany GMs that’d be available at least at some guaranteed server time to complete them for specific characters? And how much time would be an average ticket response?


4th: Yes, of course. If there is a reason you can’t complete the quest thatis our fault, we are going to assist you in completing it anyhow we can. About GMs ingame, do not worry, we have complete team of professional people ready to help and do their duties. (We’ll start with 8 specialized and truthfull Game Masters and like we said in our presentation article, we know each other for a long time and we have a good, organized and fast comunication system with hierarchy established).

The average time on the tickets responsewill be variable, it depends on many factors. But as you can infer, most of the time it will be quick enough to answer all your questions or to assist you with any kind of problem.

We’ll also have a premium support through website.


And fifth, the most important one: if you ever allow transfers from the first realm to the progressiveone, how would you deal with all that gear which people will bring from ICC, Halion and such?

Also, lack of gear donations is nice, but one still must pay for server and I’m just curious if it can run properly without that.


5th: Yes, this is an important one, we have discussed about many options for this but we haven’t choose one yet. Anyway, we can assure that the gameplay experience on the second Realm won’t be broken at allat any given point. Don’t worry, we thought carefully about this.

Yes, that is completely true, every single word. Like we said many times our donation shop will be restricted, but of course some things will be there in order to keep the server alive and at full mode.

In addition, we also have many premium services which are always following or finding equivalences toretail.


Thanks in advance. Answers on these questions decide if me, my friends and probably more people wouldplay here and try to make it better.



Thank you for such detailed questions, as you said, many people are also curious when it comes to questions like these, if you do not mind, wewill post them on our Facebook page too.


Ofcourse. Thanks for the swift feedback, looking forward to see you in-game ;j


Dang, I wish the progressive realm was outfirst.


That wont stop me playing herethough! this looks epic.

Miljan Grubanović 

I played at a lot of private servers and most of them are crap. Exceptfor molten, until all realms came to Lordaeron and the players became egomaniacs. Anyway, most of the things that annoyed me with other servers were the things that ghostificationful mentioned, but i have few questions of my own. 1st: Will there be cross faction chat? 2nd: With which patch will you start the server? Thank you in advance and i hope that the server will go online soon.


Hello Miljan,

1st – There won’t never be cross faction chat, this would be a clear non-blizzlike feature which we automatically refuse it.

2nd – We will start with the patch 3.3.5a.

Thank you for your interest, ourofficial release is scheduled on July 20th.

Miljan Grubanović 

Great. I have one last question andit’s a big one. What should i play?

Nathan Evaristo Pereda 

I have a question! What is the population cap for these servers? I hope it isn’t 1000. You’ll have a lot morepeople than that! The effort you put into this will be noticed. It already is.

I hope a lot of effort is also put forth to keep the community as amiable as possible!


Hello again Nathan,

We have alreadyanswered you on our Facebook page.


kuristofa c 

when will be the server okay can I play it here at PH is it Payto play like WoW? hope its not


Hello Kurisofa,

The server will be released on July 20th and yes of course, its totally free toplay.

You can freely donate to economically support our server maintenance.

Thank you.


Very nice video. Hopefully server willbe nice aswell. 🙂

Wrath Redemption 

So, this realm will be 100% blizzlike, withnothing custom at all? Nothing a little custom?


Hello Keldrick, the only thing which could be considered custom is our donation/vote shop.But as we have explained already many times, will be very restricted and limited. So it will not break the game experience at all.

We are totally Blizzlike and even with things such as events or promotions, we have tried to design and develop the correspondant equivalences. For example, things like Blizzard Authenticator, Aniversary gifts, Refer a Friend rewards…etc.

We will keep the WOTLK essence.

Wrath Redemption

only those? you justleeft out the part that people who donate can be premium users… wtf?


BULLSHIT. I had an interest of joining this realm, but when you guys just released the video about the features for PREMIUM users. I didn’t evenwanna finish the video. That donators gets extra features and don’t have to que and shit. And that they have pruple auras so people will know that they are the special ones. Fuck this shit. I had a big interest for this server, but now with the fucked up premium features thing, I just thought fuck this shit.


it’s better not having whinybitches like you on this server, move along please


The purple aura surrounded them is on the forum mate. A purple aura around there avatar, not in-game rofl.

Donators get to skip the queue (There isn’t even any queues right now) andhave other small features which do not affect the gameplay whatsoever.


As you mentioned yourself: “extra features” – That doesn’t mean that the currently available features will be needed to play the game. About the purple auras, they will soon be optional in the future (you’d have a choice if you want toshow it to the community or not).

We are a private server as you know and all the support we’ll get from our users will go to upgrade the servers such as hosting services, security measures, so that way all the players will benefit from donations.

Our premium features aren’t breaking gameplay experience at all on our servers, blizzlike essence is still kept untouched.

You can disagree with them but wearen’t “punishing” the non premium users in any way, just rewarding with small gifts those who support us.


Hi, Really interested in joining your server as it seems to be what I’ve always been looking for in a private server. I pretty much only do arena so I’m wondering, will there be arena seasons the same as retail? Also will it ever be possible to donate for ICC or RS gear in the donor shop? Because I’d like to play arena on a server which is very similar to how it was on retail where itwasn’t very often you would see someone with end game PVE gear which highly imbalances the game.


Hello TjcQTPIxoxoxo:

Answering to your question: yes, the arena seasons will be exactly released as on the WOTLK expansion. Even most of the news we are posting on our social networks are related to PvE content, we have also focused on PvP too. Do not worry, we have not forgot good, old Wotlk PvP.

As we said before, our donation shop will be very restricted and will not break the gameplay experience at anypoint whether in PvE or PvP aspect.

Thank you.

Best wishes.

Giedrius Podlipskas

will you be releasing patches one by one? what i mean is icc toc ulduar and higher pvp tiers wont be avaible just when the server opens andthose instances and higher tiers will be patched one by one when time goes on? i think thats what makes server good


Our first realm sill be opened without any restrictions to enjoy the currently released content (only the normal requirements), the second realm will be progressive.We thought on the idea of adding patches, but we want an eternal progressive realm, that will be totally equal for players that join the realm at the earlybeginning or later. So we will lock the raids/dungeons in the same chronological order that Blizzard published even when all the content is already published.

Martin CHIRA 

Nice.. really nice… I’ll join u guys, but when cani dowloand the server or the patch?


Hello Martin CHIRA:

We will make public our torrent in our social networks, but anyways all the information willbe on our website too.


Masuta Doragonzu 

Can I play it on Philippines? If I can isit like wow that u need to pay money for me to play?


Hello Masuta:

Yes, you’ll definetly be able to play from Philippines and you won’t need to pay any money to play. It’s a matter of choice if you want to donate to Dalaran-WoW to support them and in exchange you’ll be rewarded with some points to spend in their shop and youraccount will be upgraded to a “Premium User” account. You can check most of the features for that type of account in this video: Dalaran WoW Premium Features Overlook – Voice Guide Included.

Thanks for your interest.


Btw guys, will there beany kind of in-game chats moderation and if yes, which things will be allowed and which wouldn’t?


Hello again ghostificationful:

Yes, they will have chat moderators and they will publish on the websitetopics about the behaviour rules and guidelines.

Jenna Miau

this sounds very awesome! i will definetely play it once the server opens 🙂 i wonder will ittake long i can’t wait to play


Hello Mizzy184:

Dalaran-WoW official release will be on 20th July, thanks for your interest.


thishave mists of pandaria?


Hello MystakesWoW, no Dalaran-WoW will be only focused on the Wrath ofthe Lich King expansion.


Looking very forward to this! i just hope there will be little to nobugs and everything working as intended, sick of Moltens bugs and lag ;D


so does this mean the server will start from the first version of wotlk and progress through the patches? it would be great to play with the early wotlk spells/talents, i really miss my Sealof the Martyr and the old version of Seal of Command 😀


why fuckin another blizzlike , give exp 2x …


Shadowmorune will be obtainable from quests or donation ? dont say donationsplz 😀

Lucas Moreira 

They said no gear from donations. That means no Lolmourne for noobs that donate and pwn inpvp.


Will you guys be better then Molten,i don’t mean in population but in gaming exp?


A question – will transfer from another low-rates servers be availabe? Not at the start, but after a month or two?

rohit xn

Need a Quick Answer, what is the realmlist of this server?i couldnt find it :\


give raf system..

Kha Zix 

come play dalaran wow it awesome no bugs


Have they got all 10 man and 25 man ulduar scripted and working like it does on retail?

If sothen this server impresses me.


Yes it is scripted, and scripted bloodybeautifully.

Dzija Sreco 

Guys , Icoming here with my brothers , cya in some bg-s 😀

Slobodan Tomic 

I’m playing this server for a few days now.. neverbeen on a better place

aadadasd afadfada 

progress server is open on witch date,please tell 😀

Milos Zivanov 

best private server ever… start playing now u can transfer u r characters to progressive realm once it comes out with gear restrictions ofc so itkeeps blizzlike.

VIDEO: Dalaran WoW Premium Features Overlook- Voice Guide Included


Holy %^% this looks very proffesional!Can’t wait to give this server a look.


i think this server will bebetter than sex


This site looks fantastic.I’ll be making my characters on Dalaran WoW when it opens.


the server is from ? what’sthe GMT ?


Hello EdgCatman:

The dedicated server will be located inFrance.



you saying normal users cannot make alliance and horde characters… what aboutif people make 2 account 1 for horde and 1 for alliance?


In the beginning, Blizz didn’t allow users on PvP servers to make Horde AND Ally characters on the same account. They claimed it was against the spirit of the game because it allowed a person to run around as Horde and track other Horde characters then quickly log to their Ally characterand go run them down and kill them. But Blizz lifted this restriction around the same time they allowed PVE characters to move to PvP servers, which screwed PvP’ers who geared up the traditional and harder way.

Stefan Andrei 

I hope the server hasa very low xp


From the menu visible at 10:01 what’s the difference between “Refer an Account”and “Recruit a Friend”? And will RAF gifted levels be from recruit to veteran only (i.e. do I have to get my friend who hates leveling to recruit me so I can give him levels)?


Hello archmagemagus:

Referan Account was disabled few days after that, it was a mistake while we were doing some initial tests. We’ll have available “Recruit a Friend” feature. About the level gifting, it works exactly as you mentioned.

Thanks for your interest.

[There are more comments but we didnt answered or are not a question]

VIDEO: Dalaran WoW Encounters Preview.

Niny Srnec 

ShouldntIcks poision kill at that range? o.O


Not if you are immortal likea GM is =)


Hello Niny Srnec:

As MrGodzlord says: they were with Game Master’s powers, so that allow them to show and control encounters smoothly. You can also check they have killed some bosses just being 4 of them with no high-endgame gear.


Naz Zebra 

Registration openon 20th?


Hello Naz Zebra:

Yes, registration will beopen on 20th July.

Thanks for your interest.


You guys should totally fixthose inferno spawners…. make them invisible or something.


Hello paismovicard:

Those“Infernal NPCs” are triggered because they are visible only in the debugg mode for Game Masters. Anyway, we hope you liked the video in the general term, and didn’t allow that some little NPC’s invisible to players make you think different.



Alright, but that Saurfang encounter, was a little bug. Those Dwarves or something should fly a little higher in the air while they were being choked.


Right, that affects the entire encounter so hard it’s impossible to execute the fight properly. All those little details will get fixed over-time for sure, there is no need to worry or comment here about them. They are probably very well awareof all the issues they have to deal with…





isthe icc initially available for players?


Ithink half of people of corrupted molten will come here 😀


Highly unlikely. Molten harbors masses of stupid and uneducated individuals who believe that Molten is actually good, when they have no iota of credibility when they say that they’re the best.Censorship is Molten’s agenda on the forums, and anything and everything anti-Molten is almost always removed.


Most importantly, isthere any pathing ?


I also played on Molten for 1,5yrs because it was #1 on most voting sites. Their scripts were so bad, ICC in RS were yet the only raids really doable on Molten but still bugged and corrupted as hell. I really hopy people give Dalaran WoW a real chance. If the raid quality is at least 1/4 as good as i hope i’ll donate the hell out of you, evenif i don’t get anything as donation reward. Go Team Dalaran!


my god thisis gona be so epic


Hey. i am trying to join the server. However when i put in the realmlist. I just receive “Unable toconnect to server” or stuck on “authenticating”. Any feedback?

VIDEO: Dalaran WoW Pathfinding System Preview:

Niny Srnec 

how is this proper pathfinding if half of themobs body goes through the tower?

daraban alexandru 

It’s becauseof those mobs size bro.


Hello Niny,

As Daraban Alexandru says, in this case is because of mobs size. Anyways, weare still developing this system and it shall be improved with time.



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