This Weekend, free faction change for Horde players.

Hello there community of Dalaran-WoW,


Free Faction Change this weekend for Horde Players on the Best WoW Blizzlike Server, enjoy the most retail like scripts on any Private Server.
As you probably have noticed already, there is some unbalance between both factions; there are much more horde players than alliance. So, just this weekend, from Friday to Sunday, we will open the faction change feature for those Horde players who wish to play with the Alliance side. Just Horde -> Alliance.

This faction change, is completely unidirectional and in no case will be reversed. If a player changes his faction for free this weekend, there is no possibility of retract/refund it unless he spends the correspondant Vote or Donation Points amount (We have implemented this option also by Vote Points recently).

Those who are interested, just will have to open a ticket anyday between Friday-Sunday (both Included) and ask it to one Game Master. Your character must be at least level 20.

Let’s see if we achieve to balance the population.

If you have any question about reputation, mounts…etc equivalences, take a look here .

Stay tunned in our forum’s official topic about this free faction change.

For all those who still don’t know our server, you can read some information related
Best wishes.


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