Next release: WoTLK Progressive Server, “Algalon”




Trans-location complete. Commencing planetary analysis of Azeroth. Are you ready to read this news?

We, as The Pantheon , shaped worlds and watched over the universe, and we proudly forged and finished a Progressive Server called: ALGALON.

“It is in the universe’s best interest to re-originate this planet should my analysis find systemic corruption. Do not interfere.”

We still have to decide a date of the release, and we will ignore population restrictions we made before release it, but all the habitants already living in Kirin Tor waiting Algalon release, will be rewarded since we received the Observer’s message, regardless of outcome.

Perhaps it is your imperfection that which grants you free will. That allows you to persevere against cosmically calculated odds. You prevailed where the Titans’ own perfect creations have failed. Algalon server will be hard, restrictive in every and all the possible aspects. Where brave heroes will have to survive through all the enemies, where the habitants will have to progress using only their skills, organization and discipline step by step. All possible results for its encounters have been calculated. So any group that contains members that have progressed further than their comrades, even if some of that group has the achievement and better gear, will not be able to equip it if another member still needs the achievement. The progression will be constant and will apply to all players, and we made it possible with a system that will avoid any kind of boost between friends. All the heroes must fight their own fights with the same conditions as the first time. And if some group is aid by experienced fighters, they will have to show the newcomers how things are done without the extra- powered gear. Every one that steps into Algalon will experience the hardest path through what we call the Wrath of the Lich King.

Everyone will notice how Archavon was alone in his Vault, and how in time his brothers: Emalon, Koralon and Toravon came back and that it turned out they were sleeping in the other closed off halls. But they will appear only to those who are ready to face them, to those who have earned the needed achievement for it. The same will happen with their rewards, every emblem will be related to someone’s progress, so no one will see a newcomer get a higher emblem reward than the experience he has, every hero must show their experience even to the vendors of Dalaran before they try to buy anything from them.

As every one of you can guess, every member of The Pantheon was a fighter too in the past, we know everything you need and we know every detail of this world that we are offering to you. We are the makers, the travelers, or the Great Ones, we traveled across the cosmos bringing order to worlds. We have lived every era from Azeroth, we saw every incoming Blizzard arrive in our worlds, and we decide to stop this time and make real again the most epic and challenging events history ever made. We will write in the history books this new place beginning with the Kel’thuzad threat. We are impatient; some of us are even shaking with excitement over this new born realm.

As one Blizzard’s Staff member said long time ago:

Hard mode is hard. Some hard modes are harder than others. Then there’s Algalon the Raid Destroyer. He feeds off of your tears.

As you can see we are so motivated and happy with the release and work done on this new realm that we couldn’t make a new one without some epicism, we wanted to share with you that feeling with some of the epic quotes from Algalon the Observer.

We will proceed to explain in a bit more detail (not much though, to avoid any ideas being stolen before the upcoming release).

  • The Pantheon: These people are the makers of the world, and we used this analogy with the makers of this realm, they will be some of the developers and GM’s from it. Will be named as every Pantheon Member, and they will be observing and helping the players, as we do.
  • Patch: Will be 3.3.5a, but the content will be progressing and adapting gradually to each patch of the Wrath of the Lich King, as was made by Blizzard. So the content will not be accessible to any player that hasn’t progressed through the requirements.
  • Progression: Algalon will be progressive in PvE content the same as PvP content. There will be limitations on gear for each arena season, and we will grant arena rewards. Every player will have to earn his own gear after long battles, effort and work.

    Restrictions will always exist and will be the same for everyone, if someone wins; it is because it was earned.

    The players that come to the Algalon server will have the chance to experience the progression, but we designed this realm to be eternally progressive. There will be two eras for this realm:

    1) The first era: the content will be released gradually, so if a guild/raids finish the first raid content, they will have to wait until we “unlock” the next one (this will be around 3 months per raid/arena season).

    2) The second era: We have implemented the restriction system, where there will be limitations in terms of gear and achievements needed to access each raid.

    Of course both of them will have many restrictions inside the instances in order to experience a real challenge. If you want to progress, you will have to do it with the proper gear.

  • Vault of Archavon: VoA will be totally adapted and will be dynamic in function of each player’s individual progression. You will like it.
  • Emblems: The same condition will apply to emblems, each raid will award the proper emblems, and it will be impossible to earn any higher emblems if the player didn’t conquer the proper raids. The order will be: Heroism/Valour-Conquest- Triumph-Frost.
  • Transfers: There will be unlimited transfers until we reach the 1000 player cap, so everyone of will be able to transfer their Kirin Tor characters to Algalon, but there will be restrictions in gear/achievement/items to transfer. As we said there will be two kinds of transfers. We thought on the two kinds of transfers between our realms: The so called “clone-transfer” method where you will be able to stay with your character on both realms and “delete-transfer” method where you will lose your character from the other realm and just have the new realm location. Why we do this? Because as this will be a progression realm the non-allowed gear and achievements will be deleted from the character once transferred, so if the player wants to keep it, that player can use the “clone- transfer”. Of course we will also allow transfers from Algalon to Kirin Tor, for the people that don’t like the progression realm once they have experimented with it. Also it will not be possible to transfer to Algalon until every Realm First level 80 race and class achievements are earned, along with the Realm First Grand Masters Professional.
  • Beta Test: There are a lot of players that deserves our gratitude, because even as they are dreaming about this realm they have been playing patiently in Kirin Tor since the day 1, helping in every way they could, supporting us and giving us their ideas and suggestions. For this loyalty we will offer to them a Beta Test, to let them step into Algalon first. We will never forget for their support and help. Their names are in our hearts and memories.

We can’t share any more details about how the realm will work exactly for now. We will be the unique server that will be really progressive and where things will be totally impossible to do through easier methods, with this kind of realm it will be the start of a new era. This will not be a realm with just some raids closed to make it released gradually, there will be all kind of restrictions, and its design/implemented and everything thought made to maintain the eternal progression. They’re manly large scale systems in place to make this possible.

We will reveal and explain every detail of how it will work, in fact we will create a new section in the website (and a corresponding section in the Forums) where will be described each system to leave no player with any doubts. We consider that the ideas we have had for make this possible are really unique and we don’t want to reveal them so close to the release, we don’t want to risk theft on those ideas.

Thank you for reading and we hope you like it.

You can stay tunned through our website forums


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