Restrictions regarding to Algalon, the WoTLK Progressive Server transfers

Hello Community,

The release of the our Progressive Realm Algalon is really close, and we are aware that most of our players of Kirin Tor realm are waiting for it since Dalaran-WoW was released. They were patient enough, playing and working on their characters on Kirin Tor, even if they were only looking forward to play on Algalon.

As a measure to avoid any gamebreaking situations with the players that will start leveling on Algalon (in terms of high-end game content and economy of the server), we have made a list of all the restrictions that will be applied to any character once they transfer from Kirin Tor (our current realm) to Algalon.

Every single player from Kirin Tor will be eligible to transfer, the only restriction will be a minimum character level required, just to avoid Guild Vault or Bank transfers. At the start everyone will have a free copy-character transfer available (that way you will keep your character intact on Kirin Tor, and it will be copied into Algalon with aforementioned restrictions). After some time, transfers will only be available through Vote/Donation points.

The transfers will ONLY be available once every single Realm First Level 80 Race and Class, and Realm First Grand Master from professions are taken.

Keep in mind that, since it is a Progressive Realm, everyone shall have same conditions in terms of gear and achievements, since Naxxramas will be the main raid, exactly as it was back then.
This is the list of the things you will NOT be able to transfer to Algalon, it is not based on the patches nor chronological order release.

  • Items:

– Epic gems crafted with: Dreadstone, Cardinal Ruby, Ametrine, Eye of Zul, Majestic Zircon, King’s Amber, Earthsiege Diamond, Skyflare Diamond and Siren’s Tear.
– Primordial Saronite.
– Runed Orb, Crusader Orb, Frozen Orb.
– Damaged Necklace.
– Waterlogged Recipe.
– Battered Hilt ( and its achievements).
– Frost Lotus, Titansteel Bars, Book of Glyph Mastery, Epic Gems (rocks), Titanium Powder, Northrend Spices, Arctic Fur, Abyss Crystal, Mats to craft the Mechano-hog or Mekgineer’s Chopper, Dragon’s Eye, Titanium Ore, Titanium Bar, Nigthmare’s tear.
– Gear level 200 or higher (even BoE).
– Scrolls from Enchanting.
– Champion’s Purse.
– Quest Items from level 80 raids.
– Glyphs (you will keep the learned ones).
– Large Satchel of Spoils and Satchel of Spoils.
– Dragon Hide Bag and Enlarged Onyxia Hide Backpack.
– Ashen Sack of Gems.
– Sack of Frosty Treasures.
– Darkmoon Prize Ticket.
– Darkmoon Card of the North, Chaos Deck, Undeath Deck, Nobles Deck and Prisms Deck (and their individual cards).

  • Recipes:

– Recipes dropped or learned in level 80 raid.
– Recipes from Icecrown Citadel vendors.
– Recipes learned with Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Token.
– Recipes learned with Arctic Fur.
– Recipes learned with Dream Shards and Abyss Crystal.

  • Emblems-Commendations-Currency:

– Raid level 80 emblem.
– Dalaran Cooking Award.
– Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Token.
– Stone Keeper Shard.
– Wintergrasp Commendation, Wintergrasp Mark of Honor.
– Champion’s Seals.
– Level 80 Tier Tokens.
– Arena/Honor points.

  • Reputations:

– Northrend reputations wiped to Honored and items obtained from those vendors will not be transfered.
– The Ashen Verdict reputation totally wiped.
– Silver Covenant/ Sunreaver reputation totally wiped.

  • Achievements:

– Related to any Raid level 80 or gear higher than level 200.
– Related to the Argent Tournament.
– Achievement related to: Glory of the Hero.
– Related to Scarab Lord (quests done will be wiped too).
– Achievements related to FoS, PoS, HoR (normal and heroic mode).
– Any Realm First level 80 race and class, Realm First Grand Master, and Realm First Northrend Vanguard.
– “The Patient” title and achievement.
– Related to emblem gathering.

  • Mounts/pets:

– Furious Gladiator’s Frost Wyrm, Relentless Gladiator’s Frost Wyrm, Wrathful Gladiator’s Frost Wyrm mounts (we will offer the Reins of the Plagued Protodrake instead).
– Perky pug companion.
– Argent Tournament companions/mounts.
– Trial of the Crusader mount drops.
– Reins of the Onyxian Drake.
– Reins of the Azure Drake.
– Reins of the Twilight Drake.
– Reins of the Black Drake.
– Reins of the Red Drake.

  • Quest:

– Wipe for all the active quests.

  • Money:

– Wipe to 4000 gold.

  • Guild/Arena Team:

– Guild will not be transferred.
– Arena Team will not be transferred.

Remember, all those things can remain within Kirin Tor, your characters there will stay INTACT.


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