IMPORTANT: Vote for the gear restriction.


Hello there:

Since the start of this project our idea has been to try and give you the opportunity to experience all the WotLK raids in the way they were the moment they were created. No matter when you join the Algalon realm, for every player the first raid will be like it was in it’s hardest form, since no one in the raid will be outgearing the raid itself. This way the feeling of participation in that raid will be much more present than if the rest of your partners are geared with the best gear available in this expansion (3.3.5a).

With that we would like to avoid one weekly fast boost until the last available raid, and with that fortify the guild spirit and the guild competition. This way we are trying to increase the partnership amongst players and the specialization in your main character as a jewel born out of a piece of coal, with years to shine as a diamond.

We are aware that a lot of our players do not share this feeling, and we do realise that this system could possibly lead to difficulty in progression if others are not helping you progress (guilds should be a big part in this). If everyone would solely focus on their own experience and their own progression, this could lead to a problem for those that have not progressed that far yet. You could say that, in a way, the biggest restriction will be the players themselves and their ways to help newcomers reach the same level of progression as theirs. We believe that guilds can be a very powerful tool in succeeding in this.

As we said, the first season will have these restrictions since a lot of time and effort has been put into realising all of these ideas and they are not so easily undone (it will not affect at all to Naxxramas/OS/EoE – Season 5). In other words, even if everyone would agree to change the current state of the Algalon realm, these changes will not be active during the first release. However, now that the work regarding Algalon is done, we are interested in the opinion of the players as to how to proceed with Algalon. If the vast majority of the players feel a different course should be taken, we are willing to consider this.

Therefore, we are opening a poll.

You will have 4 options to vote for. You must be logged in and you must have at least one level 20 (or higher) character..

Of course, before vote, click here to read how the gear restriction would work , please.

  • Option 1: Keep the current idea of gear and achievement retrictions as it is planned. 


  • Option 2: Remove the gear restriction, but let the achievement restriction in order to progress.


  • Option 3: Make a gear restriction less restrictive mixing gears, for example: In order to raid Naxxramas and Ulduar the limit gear will be Ulduar gear, in order to raid ToC and ICC, the limit will be ICC gear. 


  • Option 4: I don’t care, I will play or not play regardless any decission.

Thank you very much.

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