News regarding Algalon and Kirin Tor



Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

As you all know the great adventure of Algalon will begin this Saturday the 15th. The time has been set at 16:00 GMT +1 (Kirin Tor Realm time). As already indicated,we will reward all those who we think that have been really loyal from the day Dalaran-WoW was born. They will have a chance to reserve their characters names on Algalon (apart from those who participated in our advertisement campaign). The selected ones will receive news from us during the following days.

We have a huge content improvement for Algalon in comparison of the current state of Kirin Tor, both epic quests being scripted (new quests and old ones improved) and improvements in many general systems (AI, Pathfinding, Line of Sight, Spells/Auras, Roleplays, script improvements in all kind of level dungeons, full scripting of many world NPCs, some bosses mechanics corrections, exploit/crash fixes… etc). The vast majority of quests are working now, and the few that aren’t, they are going to be auto-completed upon taking them (except some special cases) meanwhile we continue working on them. We believe you will enjoy some of the surprises that you may find while leveling.

Of course, all this content and improvements will be implemented this week on Kirin Tor as well (some instances may be temporarily disabled to safely apply the changes).

There will be no boost available until all the Realm First level 80 (classes, races and grand master professions) are taken. We are implying that not a single player will be able to use the joy and advantage of Heirlooms, Refer a Friend and instant 70 feature on Algalon until the statements above are achieved. In this moment the character transfers from Kirin Tor will be enabled, your character must be at least level 50.

Also, if for some reason any player finds an issue meanwhile questing through Northrend, he will not have our assistance in completing those quests since it could bring a huge dis/advantage for other players. This will be active only while the race for the realm firsts are up. Like we just said, most of the quests work and if not, they are mostly set on auto-complete, though there is always a small chance to find something wrong with them.

Also, we shall keep ZERO tolerance when it comes to hackers, exploiters and those who think that can take advantage in the Realm First Race. If you are caught hacking, your account, your alt account, any account related to that account will be permanently suspended and there won’t be any chance to appeal it. Which in conclusion means, you will also loose your entire progress on Kirin Tor. There is going to be a huge team of Game Masters patroling all the areas, checking all the possible hackers and believe us: we know the differece between a hack, exploit and a fair play. Play safe and everything will be fine. Decide to play dirty and you shall suffer the consequences.

Thank you very much for reading this.

Side note: We apologize for the delay and lack of response in these days (mostly me: Lothloryen) on some private messages through the web, even ingame or Premium Tickets. We have been working very hard and without stop on all the preparations for a smooth release and improvements on both realms. Once both realms are up and stable, our personal attention will be as fast as always have been.


Stay tuned here:


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