Algalon’s Brief Info.


Hello there,

Since a lot of new incoming people will start to play on Algalon without previously playing on Kirin Tor, we’ll explain in brief words some valuable and interesting data.

  • Rates: x1 rate in everything.
  • Version of the Game: 3.3.5a
  • Patch evolution: We will not be patching the content, we’ll be “unblocking/releasing” it gradually in consequence to your individual progression.
  • Dungeons and Raids: They will be closed to the personal progression of each particular character, and they will be opened gradually for every player as it was back in the days of Retail.
  • Season: There are going to be active arena seasons which will start from Season 5, and we will keep the current season for several months, linked with their correspondant PvE raid.
  • Random Dungeon Finder: It shall be disabled until Trial of the Crusader is released.
  • Emblems: They will be adapted to the personal progression of each individual character, and will only drop the correspondant emblem of the raid.
  • Refer a Friend: It will be disabled until the Realm First level 80 race/class and Grand Master Professions are taken. You can refer someone who doesn’t have account made on Dalaran WoW here, and in the same moment when all these achievements are earned, all the benefits will become available and active for you and your friend.
  • Heirlooms: They will not be available until the Realm First level 80 race/class and Grand Master Professions are taken.
  • GM Assistance: Take a look on: How to use in-game ticket system properly. Anyway, until all the Realm First Level 80 race/class are taken, we will not offer assistance in completing quests across Northrend. Also we are not permitted to help you out with any daily quests as well.
  • Bug report: You can easily submit your issues here: [url=””%5DBugtracker. It is placed within the Menu tab. Any report made on Forums will be deleted permanently. Take a look to the proper format to make a report.
  • Tranfers: WILL NEVER BE AVAILABLE FROM ANOTHER PRIVATE SERVER OR RETAIL. Transfers will become active after the Realm Firsts are taken from our realm Kirin Tor, read this restriction list.
  • Ban-hammer:Any kind of a attempt of hacking, exploiting, using Third-party softwares will result into permanent ban. If you are caught hacking, there is going to NO MERCY and ZERO TOLERANCE against any game breakers, there won’t be any absolute chance to EVER appeal the ban after it was delivered. There is also a great risk that all your progression on Kirin Tor, if you had one, will also be lost completely and permanently. Like we said, if you won’t play fair and square, you will have to deal with the permanent ban. We are not going to give multiple chances to anyone, you have one and ONLY ONE chance to play by the rules, so be on your guard and cautious. Ban-hammer’s victims.

For any kind of questions regarding this thread, clarifications, doubts, thoughts, suggestions please use the comment section below in our Forum’s post. We’ll answer you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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