Algalon, The Blue Knight Rises

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Hello Community:

We are really glad to announce that our first day on Algalon release was a total success. We had an approximate number of 705 active connections one hour after of the release. (If we also add that around 210 were active in Kirin Tor, it is a great number for Dalaran WoW) In one hour there were created 3057 characters, and around 2100 accounts in the first 2 hours. 

During this day, February 16th, we have reached between both realms more than 1000 active connections at the same time.

Of course, as expected we were victim of a DDoS attack, so we had to put our security system on full mode to avoid their threat, the problem was it caused lag and a long log in time for players to get in-game. But they did not accomplish their objective and Algalon was not defeated. 

Thank you very much for your patience with these issues, we tried to mitigate them as fast and as best as we could. After the past night we are in a smooth and lag-free environment. We hope your journey continues without problems and between everyone make a great community in our server. 

Keep going for your Realm First achievements! The race is really interesting at this moment! 

We are really happy to have you as players, the home of the WotLK lovers is getting bigger each day.

Dalaran WoW

Stay tuned here:

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