Shops are now available for both realms.

Hello community,

The shops have already been synchronized with both of the realms. It’s pretty easy to use them but we are going to explain few of the simple steps and some other extra information. Note that we will not be offering any kind of refunding because of mistakes or anything similar.

– Make sure that you have the enough amount of points which are needed to purchase your item, and also check if you are searching on the right shop (either Donation or Vote one).

– Make sure that you have selected the right character.

– We will not be offering any refunding if you send an item to a wrong character or if you make any kind of mistake.

– Make sure that your character can use the item you want to purchase. (Check out if it has any kind of requirements such as reputation, level, and so on).

Note: If you are having issues during the purchase, you should enable your Javascript or use Google Chrome as your browser, it should work then.

The rest of the features shall be enabled soon enough, refrain from asking or creating new threads about this matter. We will make an announcement as soon as everything is completely synchronized.

Currently, Algalon has the SHOPS, Instant Level 70 boost and CELESTIAL STEED service enabled. Kirin tor has everything enabled.



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