Arena Season 5 and 25 Man Raid Opens (4th-5th April)


This is a call to arms for all Gladiators and Champions of Northrend!!

A new adventure is about to start in Algalon. The Lich Lord of the Plaguelands now commands Scourge forces in the Dragonblight region, from above in his floating Necropolis which hovers over Wintergarde Keep, Naxxramas .

The Lich King yells: Invaders…here?! DESTROY them, Kel’Thuzad! Naxxramas must not fall!

Only 25 brave heroes will be recognized as Conquerors of Naxxramas and they will be forever known as the first ones who step a bit more into the future of the Fall of the Lich King.

Keep in mind there will be ones who defeat Sapphiron , the Guardian of Naxxramas and former agent of Malygos, that will get in there possession the Heroic Key to the Focusing Iris . This eye acts as a key to Malygos’s home: The Eye of Eternity, and they will rush to kill Malygos , The Spellweaver.

Malygos: I am without limits here… the rules of your cherished reality do not apply… in this realm, I am in control…

Those who are the first to aid Alexstrasza in Nexus War and limit the powers of Malygos, will be forever known as the Heroes of Dalaran and the realms very own Magic Seekers.

But Dragonblight is still being under dark influences and the Obsidian Sanctum is another threat coming into our world. This time, not only Nightfall and Twilight Vanquisher are awaiting you.

Sartharion: I will see you burn before any harm comes

Dalaran is waiting for those who will show to the rest that they are truly Obsidian Slayers.

Not to forget that the arena season will start for all those gladiators, to face each other and to see who is the most skilled among all of the Challengers. We will recognize only the best ones, from now on you will see walking the streets of Dalaran, the most SavageHateful and dangerous of all Deadly Gladiators.

Be careful if you face them defending or attacking the Wintergrasp Fortress , in the Battlegrounds or in the Arena. You may need Olisarra the Kind’s services, known to be the First to Your Aid in times of need.

One thought on “Arena Season 5 and 25 Man Raid Opens (4th-5th April)

  1. Hello there,

    We are really glad to present OverDoZer guild as Obsidian Slayers and Obsidius guild as the Conquerors of Naxxramas and the Magic Seekers from Algalon realm.

    The race for those Realm First was pretty intense and exciting. Good job to all the players who participated on it.


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