Dalaran WoW reviews and facts


Hello there,

We are really glad to show to all of you our server video reviews, both made by Dodgykebaab (a known reviewer, which features private servers, from Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBqO7OiWNWFYa8fHpIn2-jA).

The first review: Dalaran WoW Server Review – WOTLK Private Warcraft Server (www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5SF3rj4fd0), was made when Kirin Tor was about 2 months into the launch mode from its release and our population was around 250-300 players top online at that time.

The second one: Dalaran Wow Algalon Private server review (www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fz0WfORkHI) , is about our second realm, Algalon – the progressive realm. This realm was released around two months and a half ago, and our population is now around 900 players on server peak hours/days at the same time.

We are really proud of all the work we have done so far, but these nice words from the review or the good feedback from our players will not make us to stop. As the matter of fact, they will boost us and give us even more energy and spirit to continue improving every detail in every aspect, until we have a perfected server, fully focused on WotLK. As we said in our presentation, all of us are perfectionists and we love this expansion.

Started July 20th 2013 (and even several months of preparations before that), we have worked live every single day – while bringing you updates and the best of all to show our devotion to this project- all days almost 24-7 and making free time to work here with the best of our attitude while offering always the best service no matter of situation in each and every aspect.

Such as, for example: all the external problems plus all the threads and attacks we had to manage months ago. Most of our players, beloved citizens from this magical kingdom, were there cheering up, but some of them were asking even more about us without probably thinking “who are actually people behind those characters?” – because we also have a persona behind the characters and we are here giving our best, and that is a fact that no one can deny.

Dalaran WoW has many things that makes this server fully unique, our passion and constant work – we have shown that from the first day. We never said that we are perfect and totally bug free, but we are the best out there and we will offer you the most closest experience you will ever have in any other WoTLK private server making us the most blizzlike out there. Blizzlike means no custom, trying to be as similar as retail is/was. We are not retail so do not expect to be so perfected, but from all the private servers we are the one with highest quality. Our team is small, but it consists of very dedicated, long-term people who appreciate all this work and embrace it as much as they can.

Right now we can proudly say that we have:

  • The most successful start in the history of Blizzlike private servers having 220 players at the same time the day we released the server, and around 1000 players with the opening of the progressive realm: Algalon. Making us to be on the top private servers since few months after the start.
  • The most structured and constant advertisement on our Social Networks, with strong viable content and media.
  • The most epic announcements and news full of passion, devotion and role-play immersion.
  • Best quality Pathfinding you will find out there with Line of Sight in private servers.
  • Best working and populated Wintergrasp Battles out there.
  • The most elaborated content available (detailed dungeons, quests, events, NPC, Raids, etc).
  • Fully scripted Obsidian Sanctum, making us the first private server with the portals, adds and debuffs properly working on this battle.
  • Most perfected Naxxramas out there, best scripted encounters with events like Frogger, Mr.Bigglesworth and Thaddius screams, portals and every dialog full of details.
  • First private server with fully working Ulduar (even trash).
  • First private server with Retail-like Deathbringer Saurfang and Professor Putricide in Icecrown Citadel.

And of course many more highlights that any player can enjoy.

Remember our trailers:

Stay tuned here:  www.dalaran-wow.com/forums/news-and-rules/news-and-announcements/topic/2306/dalaran-wow-reviews-and-facts


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