Streaming: new forum section.


We gladly announce our new forum section: Streaming.

It will be divided into two sub-forums: General List and the Stream Ideas and Suggestions.

  • General List:

If you like to stream each step through your World of Warcraft adventures in Dalaran-WoW, this is the place to advertise yourself. If you like to watch other players while you are flying on a long flight, this is the place to look around.

What would be better than watch our Dalaran WoW players adventures? Watch our Dalaran WoW players live adventures!

The proper way to let the community know about you and your stream is writting a brief explanation, like:

– Your Nickname or character name.
– What do you stream: Leveling process / PvE encounters / PvP / Random.
– Time active: Server Time when you usually stream.
– Your Link.
– Extra information: Feel free to advertise yourself.

  • Stream Ideas and Suggestions:

Do you want to see some live action of low level dungeons, Battlegrounds, Arenas, Wintergrasp, a certain special achievement run, a full raid encounter, etc?

You can make a thread here asking about some particular streaming or asking to your favourite Dalaran WoW streamer something.

Are you without ideas about what to stream today? Ask the rest of the community for them.

Stay tuned here:


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