PvE Tournament: Tier 7 Speed Challenge starts today.



Welcome ladies and gentleman to The Legends of Dalaran, our PvE Tournament.

It does start today and we present the first phase: The Speed Challenge, and it will consist on 3 stages:

  • Stage 1 (20th-26th June): Vault of Archavon and Eye of Eternity.


  • Stage 2 (27th June -3rd July): Obsidian Sanctum.


  • Stage 3 (4th-10th July): Naxxramas (including Mr. Bigglesworth).

In resume:

  • Clear the content as fast as you can.


  • Obtain the maximum score and store it for the next challenge so you can have more chances to win the Tournament.


  • All the participants will be rewarded with some details.


  • Both 10 and 25 players modes are perfectly valid.

Play your strategy, be faster than anyone or let the rest think they can beat you. Only one will get the Gold Medallion and the rest will be just turtles!

Remember you can still register your group or guild until 24th June to participate in the Speed Challenge, but if not you will still be able to register for the Achievement Challenge.

We are already working to improve and script our server in order to adapt few systems for
the future PvE Tournaments.

Do not forget to record the kill even those who will stream it!






The Speed Challenge is a charismatic event. It has everything. It has drama. It has competition. It has camaraderie. It has heroism/bloodlust. Every player can’t dream of being an Legend, but he can dream of finishing the Speed Challenge.

** quote addapted from Fred Lebow, New York City Marathon co-founder.

  • Read more about The Legends of Dalaran here .


  • How to register here .


  • Rules can be found here .


These will be the REWARDS of the Speed Run challenge:

– All the participants will receive: Loggerhead Snapjaw + 12 Donation Points.

The winners (maximum score obtained between all the stages):

– 10 man: Competitors souvenirs .

– 25 man: Gold medallion .

All those players who participate in both challenges of the same difficulty (speed and achievement) will receive a Competitor’s tabard and 25 extra Donation Points.

Remember, the winners of the Legends of Dalaran: Tier 7 PvE Tournament will be those who adding their Speed and Achievement challenge’s points, obtain the maximum rating.


Vault of Archavon + The Eye of Eternity (merged timers):

  • Less or equal than 7:31 minutes:  150 points.


  • Between (included) 7:32 and 8:45 minutes:  100 Points.


  • Between (included) 8:46 and 10:05 minutes: 75 points.


  • Between (included) 10:06 and 12:00 minutes: 50 Points.


  • More or equal than 12:01 minutes: 25 Points.

If any group, choose to record a full run cleaning the Vault of Archavon’s trash mobs in the process, they will have added 20 extra points to their obtained score.


Obsidian Sanctum:

  • Between (included) 2:35 and 3:20 minutes: 100 points.


  • Between (included) 3:21 and 4:00 minutes: 75 points.


  • Between (included) 4:01 and 4:55: 50 points.


  • Between (included) 4:56 and 6:00: 25 points


  • More or equal than 6 minutes: 10 Points

Check this thread to know which modes from The Obsidian Sanctum are availables.


On this stage, there will be a small clasification, starting from the fastest group and ending with the slowest one:

  • 1) – 100 points.


  • 2) – 75 points.


  • 3) – 50 points.


  • The rest – 20 points.

Good luck to everyone.

Thank you very much.



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