Dalaran-WoW schedule, tasks and general information.


Hello there Citizens of Dalaran,

We just wanted to give a small heads up and notify to the community about our intentions and development schedule, as well as other general information.

As you probably already know, we are a small team and we have been for quite a while focusing on Ulduar and in some small details/issues in time to time. We are still correcting some things and preparing the new host for the Beta testing server (PTR). However, Ulduar’s release is near and we want to transmit which are our thoughts and intentions after its release.

Right after the official launch and its stabilization, we will finish those tasks which we had to stop working on due all the time that Ulduar was consuming from us, and continue with our development schedule normally.

These are some of the tasks:

  • Correcting and fixing all the errors and issues that may appear in Ulduar while our player’s experience it. The beta test intention is to reduce this issues, though.


  • Back to fixing quests, class issues, roleplay scripting… etc. Overall server polishing.


  • Core support for our PvE Tournament – at least for the speed runs.


  • Website full upgrade (Algalon synchronization with the forums, Arena ladders, rest of the features, new section for the PvE Tournament…etc).


  • Full Changelog’s update (finally, since there are a lot of fixes not written there yet), which will be huge.


  • New Game masters training and incorporation.

Some general information:

  • As you probably know and some of you did already test, we did develop an specific/unique gear restriction system for Algalon. We have decided to not deploy it YET, in order to allow the maximum number of players enjoy the most epic raid ever created while it is the new and highest level raid. But it will be deployed in the future – we have still to decide when. Side note: Achievement restriction will be there, of course.


  • Beta Testers: You will be notified during the next days with several instructions and concrete date. Have in mind that each Beta Test account will have an IP block so you will not be able to share it with anyone (we are aware that everyone uses a dynamic IP – there will be a procedure to change it if someone needs to, and the proper way to verify that is the same user. If someone tries to pass his account to other player, he will instantly be removed from the testing).


  • This patch’s stats and talents (3.3.5a), make the older content a bit easier than it should be so as we did with the Tier 7, Ulduar will be buffed. The Beta Test will have already this buff so, we will set the final buff in function of our testers feedback and it will not be ever modified, they will have the final word. This buff has the intention to achieve the Blizzlike essence and the feeling that Ulduar brought to everyone on its retail days, when it was the current and new raid. Is not an easy raid and the players must put a lot of effort and organization to progress through it and its hard modes.


  • We have currently some big advertisement campaigns hired (Facebook, Google Adwords and several fixed advertisements). However we would like to expand it via Reddit and Youtube. Of course any kind of suggestion will be totally welcome, you can do it by writting here: dalaran.community@gmail.com and our online Community Manager will study it in depth.


  • We are currently in the process to hire one or two more Software Engineers which would work asdevelopers with us. But we will not open any application for this since they were coworkers and university classmates of mine in the past (Lothloryen).


  • We have already received almost 100 applications for our Game Masters recruitment. Everyone will receive a feedback, whether the answer is positive or negative. But be patient, please, we want to have at least 2 new members so, the decision is tough.


  • We will announce Ulduar’s official launch date, when we have the first impressions from our Beta Testers.

Thank you very much for reading it.



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