Tier 7 PvE Tournament: Naxxramas Achievement list.

Hello Community,

This achievement challenge will be extended so that every group has 2 weeks instead of one to complete as much achievements as they can.
Of course, you can send us only the final version of each encounter. BUT in the video has to clearly be seen each and every one of the steps listed below, respecting strictly all the rules.

Anub’Rhekan – “I Choo-Choo-Choose You”

-20 points.

  • You can have 2 healers on 10 players and up to 4 in 25 players in the center of the room during the Locust Swarm phase.


  • The tank must be moving the boss around the room without stop during this phase.


  • The whole raid (except the tanks and the healers assigned on the center) must follow the boss and they must be affected by the Locust Swarm aura.


  • The camera man/streamer must have an addon where we can see the whole raid and the application of Locust Swarm aura on each member (Blizzard’s default raid frames would do it).


  • During the Locust Swarm, each player is allowed to spend 2 seconds as much without having this aura (this way they can reset their stacks).


  • Each time a Crypt Guard appears, an off tank must engage it and tank sumerged on the slime pool around the room.

Grand Widow Faerlina – “The widow and her avengers”.

-15 points.

In this encounter, the difficulty will be stablished by the Naxxramas Acolytes / Cultist groups which are inside Faerlina’s room.
The group must do the following:

  • Every single Naxxramas Acolyte / Cultist will have to be alive when Faerlina dies (the four groups).


  • One of the four groups of Acolytes / Cultists must be engaged before Faerlina or just right after she being pulled.


  • 10 mode: The Naxxramas Worshippers can ONLY die if it is in order to dispel Faerlina’s enrage.


  • 25 mode: The group is allowed to kill ONLY the Naxxramas Followers, the rest of the adds (Worshippers, Cultist and Acolytes) have to be alive until the end.


  • In both modes, the group must tranquilize Faerlina with the proper mechanics every time she enrages.


  • There is a maximum timer of 10 seconds to dispel each enrage.

Maexxna – “The mummy”.

-15 points.

  • You can use as much tanks as you want for this encounter, however every one of them must be cocooned by Maexxna’s Web Wrapp once, manage it as you wish. If you use one tank, he must be cocooned. If you use two, both of them must.


  • Until ALL the tanks are cocooned, you are allowed to release those players who are also target of Maexxna’s Web Wrapp.


  • Once all the tanks have been already cocooned and released, you are not allowed to release not a single cocoon more, they are doomed.

Example with one tank:

-The encounter does begin and the group starts attacking the boss.
-Maexxna casts Web Wrapp on a DPS, he gets cocooned and you release him.
-Maexxna casts Web Wrapp on a Tank, he gets cocooned and you release him.
-Maexxna casts Web Wrapp on a random player, he gets cocooned, but you are not allowed to release him.
-Maexxna casts Web Wrapp on a random player, he gets cocooned, but you are not allowed to release him.

And so on, until Maexxna dies.

Patchwerk – “Dances with wol…oozes.”

-30 points.

The group (The whole raid, even the tanks) has to pass through Frogger event’s oozes, exactly 4 times during Patchkwerk’s encounter. These times must be:

  • At 75% of Patchwerk’s HP.


  • At 50% of Patchwerk’s HP.


  • At 25% of Patchwerk’s HP.


  • When Patchwerk is below his 5% HP (so, when his Frenzy is up), the whole raid must pass once again before he is dead.

It is totally forbidden to use any kind of trick to pass through the oozes, the raid has to normally pass through them. So, if a player passes successfully, it should have been because:

  • He got lucky.


  • He has calculated properly and is skilled.

BONUS With Frogger: Disgusting Oozeling pet + 10 points.

  • At least 12 players on 25 mode or 7 players on 10 mode must pass Frogger event once (just in one direction) being attacked / pursued by one Embalming Slime or more. There are 16 of these NPC on each mode so, manage it as you wish.


  • A timer of 30 seconds will start in the exact moment that the first player crosses the first ooze line on the Frogger event. During this time, the rest of the players must also pass through. If anyone passes after this 30 seconds are done, it will not count.

You can do this whenever you want during your Naxxramas run, but remember, we will only take in account those players who passes the Frogger event being pursued by one Embalming Slime or more.

Grobbulus and Gluth – “GROBBULUTH!”

-40 points on hard mode.
-25 points on easy mode.

  • Grobbulus must be tanked from his 100% HP to his 40% HP through the highest part of the platform (at the top of the ramp), not where he is usually being tanked.


  • The group must take Grobbulus to the Toxic pipe (the tunnel) and tank him through it from his 40% HP to his 10% HP.


  • Grobbulus last’s 10% HP, must be tanked in Gluth’s Room with Gluth alive and engaged, of course.

The most important thing, while jumping down and pulling Gluth, someone from the raid must yell:



If your experiment results good, you are allowed to kill this new abomination. If it does not, you will have to suffer at least 2 decimate spells from Gluth with the following rules as addition:

  • If the raid kills Gluth right after have done the fusion (Grobbuluth) and they hold at least 2 decimates, then this group will have extra points. Because it would mean they have killed Grobbulus and Gluth without wipping nor resting and, for a short period of time, both bosses were engaged and alive.


  • Otherwise, if the raid do wipe in Gluth’s encounter (but they have done the Fusion), they must keep Gluth alive and suffer 3 decimates.

To sum it up:

  • Grobbulus + Fusion + Gluth (2 decimates): 40 Points.


  • Grobbulus + Fusion + Wipe + Gluth (3 Decimates): 25 Points.

Thaddius – “Don’t hate the game, hate the player”

-20 points.

Right after each Polarity shift is casted, one of these situations must occur:

  • Interloper: A player with the minus debuff must stay with the plus sign group. And a player with the plus debuff must stay with the minus sign group.


  • Romeo and Juliet: 2 players with different sign (one of them should be healer but, each group can manage this as they wish) have to find each other through Thaddius platform, jump together to the slime pool, go until the entrance’s door and come back each one through a different platform (one through Stalagg’s and the other one through Feugen’s). Then, just join the groups and continue the battle.

This situations must be alternating, if you do the Interloper on the current Polarity Shift, you must do Romeo and Juliet the next one.

Noth – “The Walking Dead”

-10 points.

  • Each and every one of the raid members must be disguised as skeleton.


  • It is totally forbidden to dispel the curse of the plaguebringer – the camera man/streamer must clearly show the raid frames where to check this debuff. (Blizzard default raid’s frame would also do it).


  • The group must extend the encounter until 3 balcony phases are executed.

Heigan – “Drunky Dance”

-40 points.

  • Each and every one of the raid members must be completely smashed and achieve the Safety dance achievement. (It does not necessarily need to pop).

How to demonstrate through the video that every member is smashed: The camera man / streamer must position itself far from the group. The group has to be altogether and, one by one the players must get close to the camera man and drink until it is seen on the chat: XXX is completely smashed. Once this player is done, he must go back to the group and another new player must repeat the cycle. The last onemust be the camera man itself.

When everyone is ready, just pull the boss and start dancing.

Loatheb – “The Square Games”

-10 points.

There exist 4 grids inside the Necrotic Vault, each one of them is positioned at each corner. The Itchy spores spawns from there.

  • The RDPS and healers must be always positioned over a grid altogether. But they can not take advantage of spore’s buff not a single time during the whole encounter. Each time a spore appears, this RDPS and healers group must change their grid, always moving in the same direction.


  • Each time a spore spawns, one MPDS must run to the spore and aggro it so that he can bring it back to his melee group (they can benefit from its buff), while the RDPS and healers are moving to the next grid.


  • If the spore spawns from the same grid that the RDPS and healers currently are, they are not allowed to move forward to the next grid until the MDPS has already gone with the spore pulled.


  • It is only allowed to heal once every two times that the group is free from the Necrotic aura. (However, it is allowed to use any kind of damage mitigation mechanics).

Instructor Razuvious – “Disarming the instructor”

-15 points.

  • Right before entering the combat, you must kill the understudies.


  • Once the understudies are dead, you must take Instructor Razuvious to the next room and kill every single group of NPCs from there. The room must be totally cleaned before you finish the boss.


  • The group can not split, the boss must be there alive and engaged while you kill the Unholy weapons.

Gothik – “It’s a spell… It’s a curse… it’s a Lightsaber!”

-10 points.

  • During the whole phase 1, 4 players on 25 man, (2 on each side) or 2 players on 10 man (one on each side) must be constantly casting Shadow Jade Focusing Leans on Gothik the Harvester.


  • When he comes down during the phase 2, 6 players on 25 man or 3 players on 10 man must be casting the Shadow jade focusing leans on Gothik until his death. They have to be quite far from each other while doing it.


  • On 25 players mode, the group must leave alive at least 6 NPCs or 4 on 10 players mode from the living side until Gothik comes down. Then, you must wait 20 seconds before start killing the living (and their correspondant undead) NPCs.

Four Horseman – “But no one will drop a mount”

-10 points.

  • The raid must be splitted and use only 2 tanks: One which will engage Thane Korth’azz and Lady Blameaux and the other one which will engage Baron Rivendare and Sir Zeliek.


  • Each group must kill their two Horseman, they can not help the other group nor change their positions. Each player must remain the whole encounter on that side. However, you are allowed to remove the stacks.

Sapphiron – “Sapphitroll”

-10 points.

The whole raid must be altogether while the Air phase is starting and before the Ice Bolt is casted by Shappiron. While the raid is being stacked and until the Ice block disappears, everyone must spam a macro with the following sentences:


Sindragosa would be ashamed!


You may take our FPS, but you will never take our achievements!


Your winter is not coming!


I see dead dragons


Mr. Bigglesworth, attack!

You can use a macro like:

/run SendChatMessage(GetRandomArgument(“Your winter is not coming!”,”Sindragosa would be ashamed!”,”You may take our FPS, but you will never take our achievements!”, “I see dead dragons”, “Mr. Bigglesworth, attack!”),”SAY”)


  • The group must pass through the air phase at least 3 times.

Kel’Thuzad – “Undead Thirsty”

-15 points.

  • During the first phase: Enter into at least two small halls filled of mobs to kill them (they can not be an empty or half-empty hall where the mobs did already start to being engaged). Of course, the tank must go first but the DPSs also have to go inside with him.


  • The group must always has at least 2 Soul Weavers alives and engaged on 25 players mode (1 on 10 players mode). You can wait until the first ones come by herselfs but you can not kill them, only use CC mechanics and so on.


  • During the second phase, not a single player can die by a Shadow fisure (if by any chance, some player is freezed and gets a shadow fissure, we would ignore it) or by friendly fire while mind controlled.


  • The Guardians of Icecrown must get at least 10 stacks of Blood tap.

Enjoy it.



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