Ulduar Beta Testing


Hello Community,

Are you prepared for Ulduar? Well, we will take advantage of this new to announce that we are finishing the development of which (in our eyes) is the most epic raid ever created.

With this, and prior to the official release during the month of August, we will give the opportunity to test it to those players who have been supporting us no matter what. So, stay tuned from now on because you may receive an invitation via private message.
Of course, all those groups who participated in the 3 stages of the Speed ​​Run, are implicitly invited.

It has been and is still being quite hard, it has required a lot of effort and work for a long time. But we believe it worth it. The results are being very satisfactory – it will be the best Ulduar ever seen since its official launch in Retail. We only ask you in return to report things that you see during the Beta that are not working as they should, so we can try to fix them before the release.

The Betas will most likely happen during a weekend, and your characters will be copied in order to not loose time. We will give more detail.

We will keep you updated with Ulduar news.

Thank you very much.

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