Ulduar pre-nerf Beta Test: Friday 29th, 18:00 ST.

Hello there Community,

We have sent all the Beta Test invitations already and as you all probably know, we are finishing the last details for it. The Beta test will start the next friday 29th, at 18:00 Server Time.

Every invited player and guild, must have his character prepared during this wednesday 27th, because we will copy him then. So if you want gems, enchants or something specific for the Beta, you need to have it in your personal inventory during the next wednesday. We are still waiting for some guild members lists, though.

As many of you know, we have implemented most of all the “pre-nerf” original details from the 3.1 patch that Blizzard did change, which means that during the Beta Test and during the official release on the Algalon realm, Ulduar will re-live its glorious pre-nerf state, once again. Hard, but epic.

We have worked a lot on it, and we really hope you all enjoy it.

The Beta Test will have a minimum duration of 5 days – from friday’s 18:00 Server Time, to tuesday’s 00:00 Server Time. However, it might get extended in function of the progression, in order to have tested as much as you can. Of course, you will be able to raid 10 and 25 player modes at any given point. So, feel free to organize several groups.

We need it to be tested with Naxxramas gear, but if we see that our testers are having a bad time progressing through the Hard Modes, we will provide a vendor with Shirt of the Yogg-Slayer , as Demetori did suggest. Ulduar is quite a hard raid and some bosses have an implicit gear requirement to be defeated.

Remember, the main intention of the Beta is to test the encounters in order to report us that what is not working as it should but.

Thank you very much.

Stay tuned:  http://www.dalaran-wow.com/forums/news-and-rules/news-and-announcements/topic/3328/ulduar-pre-nerf-beta-test-friday-29th-18-00-st


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