Meet Khestar, a new developer in our ranks.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

As you probably already know, I have so far been the only developer of Dalaran-WoW since the project started. This path of solitude granted me concentration, made me focus all my senses on this work and pour my lifeblood into it.

I feel Dalaran-WoW as my child, made with all the love, patience and care that a newborn needs. However, it is growing, and it requires all my attention every single day. Until now I have managed to take care of it, with the Light of Elune guiding my path.

Ulduar however, with the spread of Yogg Saron’s influence, made me waste a lot more energy than anticipated (being near an Old God can have a lot of damaging effects) and my soul has weakened from this immense effort. I have listened to the Titan’s advice, and have called upon one of my best friends and the most experienced person that I know for this undertaking. He has listened to my plea with great care and understanding, and has started loving Dalaran-WoW as his own son.

Now, hand to hand, we will make it grow strong and powerful, perfect as every child to his father’s eyes, alluring to newcomers and coveted by others. We will make Dalaran the metropolis of WotLK where everyone will stay, it will be the undisputed and only home for any WotLK lover.

I would like to introduce to you to Khestar , an incredible software engineer with amazing experience, a person to work with if you want something done well and, best of all, my closest friend. We have shared our university years, developing a lot of projects with both passion and success. We have also been professional colleagues, but I have always thought that he deserved better and, since I consider him the most talented engineer I have ever met, he has more than earned my total admiration.

Welcome Khestar, Elune be with you.

You can read his presentation, right here:


Greetings fellow citizens of Dalaran,

My name is Khestar, I’m a professional software engineer and I’ll soon start working hard to make Dalaran an even better home for all of us, but first, a small introduction of myself.

As any dwarf, I’ve grown up surrounded by all kinds of engineering and have learned to love it. I started developing at a very young age, but I always knew I’ll study computer engineering in college to really master my abilities. I spend all my college years working on very interesting and challenging projects and I’ve been working as a professional ever since.

I met Lothloryen nearly 10 years ago thanks to our mutual passion for software engineering, and we soon became close friends, which has never changed. We started collaborating in various college projects and we really enjoyed it, so as soon as we had the chance, we started working professionally at an artificial intelligence lab, our working environment was fantastic.
It’s amazing how Loth has been able to build all this incredible world all by himself, but the time has come when all the weight can’t be concentrated on a single man. From now on, we’ll join forces to make Dalaran the best place to be. My only objective is perfection.

So I swear in front of the Council of Three Hammers I’ll use all the knowledge at my disposal to improve Dalaran and to take it to levels we would have never imagined.

Thanks to all of you, we’ll see each other soon enough.

Stay tuned here:


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