Ulduar: Important.


As you might be aware we have zero tolerance people using hacks or exploits. With the opening of the gates of Ulduar it may be very tempting for some to try and cheat their way to victory. We would like to remind you of the consequences and advise you against it.

If a raid member uses a hack or an exploit in any of the raids, he will be banned permanently, should the rest of the raid members are aware of that and allow that player to continue with them, all raid members will share his fate.

If we see any kind of weird behavior with the mechanics of the game, due an exploit of the tactics, or using buffs that do not belong to the raid environment, the ban will be also permanent for the user and for all the raid members with him at the moment we see it.

If you have knowledge of any kind of illicit behavior by a player, your duty is to report it immediatly. Should you choose not to do so and are in his group when we catch him, you will all suffer the same punishment.

We have designed the encounters to be done in their natural way for every boss. If we see any of you trying to avoid one of the steps in order to progress further and faster by avoiding some fights, there will be no excuses, you will be banned, same as all your raid members if they did not report you for that.

Let us keep the battles clean and fair.

As a side note:

– Vendors related to this tier content will be deployed during the next week.
– Emalon in Vault of Archavon will be released during the next weekend. You will need Naxxramas 10/25 achievement in order to be able to defeat him.
– Reply Code Alpha quest will be deployed during the next weekend.


Stay tuned here: http://www.dalaran-wow.com/forums/news-and-rules/news-and-announcements/topic/3657/ulduar-important


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