Ulduar Video Contest


Hello there

We are going to propose a Ulduar video conquest. Let’s show to the rest of the WotLK community what we have inside our Ulduar doors!

We are really proud of the quality of our end-game content, we were the first private server with Naxxramas and Obsidian Sanctum fully scripted, but Ulduar is way more impressive, hard and epic. It is not fair for us to keep this feeling just for ourselves, we need to show it off, so this way more players can see the close our Ulduar is to retail.

We think that you, the players who are experiencing this awesome raid, should show the rest what it feels like. Show them how our bosses and their mechanics work, that properly scripted bosses are not that easy, that your achievements are well deserved because you had to struggle with a real battle and a proper fight.

We will be handing Donation Points as rewards to the editor of the best videos of each category:

  • 100 DP to the 1st


  • 50 DP to the 2nd


  • 25 DP to the 3rd

Even if your video does not end in the top 3 but you still want us to publish it in our social networks, we will do it without any trouble.

a) Category 1: Epic Videos

Description: The video should have epic music, and should show impressive bosses abilities. Can have trailer or movie structure, but should make the watchers feel the epicness.


– Must include an introduction that explains that the footage is from Dalaran WoW server in Algalon realm.
– May be with your guild mates or other players, but the chats can not be seen for privacy issues, combat log may be shown.
– Voice chat is not allowed.

b) Category 2: Specific content footage.

Description: Dedicated video of an area or aspect of the raid, can be for example a video that shows all the roleplay events, or all the bosses from one area like the Keepers, or can be just one boss or one event.


– Explicative letters must appear before each content, for example: Ignis the Furnace Master 25 man or Brann Radio before engage Flame Leviathan, the sigils quest line, the reply code alpha’s quest event in Dalaran, Ulduar Brann intro or even just Sif channeling over Thorim, there are much possibilities.
– Voice chat is not allowed, but ingame sound must be there.

c) Category 3: Guides

Description: Guides about how to face each Ulduar encounter, can be done boss by boss or full areas. Similar to Tankspot guides.


– Of course, this category will be published only if the boss is already killed on the mode you did the video, we will keep the privacy of the tactics used for some bosses while the Realm First are still in competition.
– Explanations of each of the boss abilities, and if there is a prenerf status there.
– The format of the guide can be either explained by voice or with text through the video.
– Explanation of how to face it from one point of view (tank, heal or dps role), can merge all of them and explain all the roles, but least one role should be fully explained for each boss.
– If you want to face the trash without the bosses, you have to explain it in detail too, for example: Storm Tempered Keeper.

Send your videos to our community mail: dalaran.community@gmail.com

Subject: Ulduar video conquest
Character: Your character
Video: Be sure it is public or that we have access to it.
Description: Explain the category in which you would like to participate, all extra information will be welcome.

If we have difficulties selecting the best videos because we receive too many of great quality, we will set a poll so all of you can participate in the election.

Thank you very much and good luck!


Stay tuned here: http://www.dalaran-wow.com/news/55/ulduar-video-contest/



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