Thoughts and votes from the players about the RDF release.



As you probably know, the RDF system is planned to be released with the correspondant content patch. However, we have received too many suggestions regarding this matter asking to release it sooner than expected without the emblem rewards.

As we have always stated, we listen to the community and we appreciate your ideas. So, we would like to know which are your thoughts about releasing the RDF system now, during the next few weeks.


Stay tuned from all the opinions here: Forums

9 thoughts on “Thoughts and votes from the players about the RDF release.

  1. Just enable it when it’s meant to be enabled, after ToC.

  2. As long as you fix the dungeon XP to grant correctly then I am 100% behind this, right now the dungeon XP is only being granted correctly when you are using RAF.

    • I’m with Ashbringers on this, not really necessary if you don’t get the appropriate exp from elites.

  3. IMO enable RDF for vanilla content as getting groups for it AND the traveling for it is painful. BC zones are very compact (and flying helps a lot!), and Northrend stuff is always happening so enabling queuing for those dungeons can wait

  4. So damn hard to find a group for certain dungeons… especially without RDF no one is leveling with healing spec and it is so hard to find a healer. When I asked two days ago one druid and another paladin to heal in ZF, they said they won’t because they are feral / retri and don’t want to heal with that spec.

  5. I Think it is a great and much need alternative when leveling. As much as i like WOTLK azeroth. At some levels there is simply not enough quests to do. And some alternative to just slaying mobs is MUCH Much needed. Atfer all RDF was interdouced in WOTLK.

    So i would say enable. however only when one is not at max level.

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  7. Even tho its popular to want RDF, I think it should wait till ToC. Only the hardest can survive this realm. the rest want it easy because teh came feels too hard to level … even tho…*gasp* they agreed about the progression ideas. tsk tsk..

  8. I honestly don’t want RDF at all. Imo, it ruined any reason to go out into world, then came Azeroth flying shortly after. Which ended up making the open world very VERY dead. Just sit in any city, in queue. As much as I love Wotlk, I just couldn’t stand when RDF came out. It gets group together, sure. It also attracts much more people to the server but, it just makes it to easy.. queue for a random, get the dungeon done without 2 words being said, and leave when its done. It dumb downed the game so much. Not to mention, could you imagine how global chat would look? You wouldn’t see the decent people looking for groups, instead it would be filled with the immature, meme using trolls, and some traders. When I do happen to get a group together for dungeons below 70, I know the people I’m running with are committed to getting the dungeon done, mostly because we just spent an hour finding people.

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