Our Trailers

If you didn’t see them take a look to our amazing trailers:

All the gameplay footage was recorded in our server, with our scripts. Both trailers were made with all of our illusion.

Our server trailer was made before Dalaran WoW’s release, with a concept presentation (https://dalaranwow.wordpress.com/presentation/) explaining our project, it was a really successful start and we managed to get a nice community through the blog, Facebook and Youtube even before the launch.

The Algalon trailer, was made with the collaboration of some loyal players who started playing on Kirin Tor, our first realm.

Thankfully, the start of Kirin Tor was great, the community thought that we were doing a nice job and that our content was of a good quality. Because of that, the release of Algalon realm was even more successful and we did reach more than 1.000 players online that day, a feat that could not be possible without the interest which was born after those two trailers and our constant and devoted work.

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