Algalon’s Anniversary

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Happy Aniversary Algalon Citizens!

We are excited and truly happy to announce our first anniversary of the Algalon realm. It was a year ago when our Blue Knight arose with the dream to deliver the best WotLK experience possible.

We have been blessed with a great community, crowded and dedicated from the very beggining, and even though we had our share of hardships and challenges, we have always prevailed.

Thanks to you, the players, we have been able to show what a year of devoted work can result in, and it was a year of hard labour and perseverance. With only one developer we have achieved the best WotLK encounters since their release by Blizzard, and shown that it is not the number of developers, but the knowledge and passion of the developer that truly sets his work apart. For that, our thanks go to Lothloryen. We also like to thank the entire Staff for their help in creating this wonderful place we have all begun to call home, the magical capital of Azeroth: Dalaran.

We hope we have been able to prove that the true essence of WotLK is still appreciated and very much looked for in today’s day and age. From now on, our goal will be to expand, to snowball (with snow from the slopes of Northrend) our small success into an avalanche. We aim to make players feel they are in home and enjoy the WoTLK on its splendor.

We would like to thank all those of you who took the time to offer us constructive criticism, it has helped us keep our feet on the ground and aided us considerably in our quest for perfection. We are determined to continue working towards that goal despite the occasional obstacle. It is true that we sometimes were not able to make things go as fast as we wanted, we have been suffering constant attacks and have had to deal with a myriad of issues while the population was growing. All these challenges have not diminished our determination and dedication, and we are ready to continue as before, slow and steady, making sure to avoid any missteps.

We may be a really young server with relatively few staff members, but we have tried to deliver the best quality to our players, and not just for you, but also because of you. You are very much a part of our vision, our dream of an idylic server made reality. We wanted a place that embodies the essence of the WotLK expansion, polished to the highest standard. Your support is what is making this possible – thank you for the anonymous letters and excited presentations from people who just discovered us, it was always something to look forward to. All of us are merely people behind our avatars and when you achieve something great or make us smile, you remind us of what we have created, and it renews our strength to continue with this effort.

Because of all this, we have prepared a symbolic reward for players who are keeping us company during these special days – days full of memories, hopes and happiness. We would like to reward your loyalty with a small gift: the Baby Blizzard bear. It will be available in our Vote shop for 8 vote points and in our Donation Shop for 1 Donation Point during this whole week.

And while we are celebrating, we will continue working on Algalon, the Blue Knight – after all, a knight has to train constantly in order to be prepared to face the monsters and dangers that may lurk ahead. We would not let anything threaten our future, our dreams, we will be the home for all the players that wish to face to the dreaded Lich King.

Did you know that Algalon is now ONE year old?

We wanted to send you something to say thanks for sharing this game with us. Sure, the 1st Anniversary present is traditionally “Flowers”… but in WoW, it is “Bear”.

With that being said please accept this furry little friend! Just remember to hold his Fish by the tail, not the body… that mouth is bigger than it looks.

The Dalaran WoW Team.

Welcome to your WotLK Home.


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