Regarding suggestions.


Currently we are under a huge load of work, while trying to deliver the best possible experience to all the players (in a lot of different ways). If we do not announce or update any change it is because it is not ready yet.

Suggestions and opinions are really important for us, but there is no need to demand, and we have received a lot of demands instead of suggestions already. We know our priorities, what is being worked on and what is needed. If we don’t give an official response on a suggestion it does not mean we have not read them (bumping the thread every now and then would not really help). Every suggestion will be considered but has to be discussed among the staff and the Admin first, and when we’re done with important tasks, we’ll work on some of your suggestions and general improvements the community could need but we are not gonna change our scheduled work because threads get bumped every week. Same with the exploits report, we would try to prioritice them, but if we catch you exploiting the punishment will be the proper one. If we do not fix it as fast as is discovered do not mean you can freely exploit without punishment.

We are really grateful and happy to read all your ideas (as long as they keep the blizzlike essence and improve the overall experience) but please do not overwhelm us with the same subject over and over. If something has already been suggested in the past, then do not open a new discussion thread about it.

We have Lothloryen on our side, and we trust on his management. Thanks to him we have what we have, an amazing server that is improving and growing every day.

Remember that quote from the Forsakens that Lothloryen uses to say: Remember, patience… discipline. Perfection is one of our main goals. We will not stop until it is achieved.

Thank you very much.



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