Incoming updates

Greeting Citizens of Dalaran,

Between Raid tier releases, we generally work on server improvements and bug fixes and we would like to inform you about the contents of the next large server update that we’ve been working on for the past few months. As promised, we aim for content perfection, polishing up the server has been a huge challenge, but we’re now getting close, slow but steady.

During the end of March or the first days of April, a lot of updates will be implemented on our realms. These are the major changes you can expect:

  1. Overall pathing system will receive a good revamp, including the pets.
  2. Collision system and map checks will be more accurate, resulting in a smoother experience
  3. Line of Sight system and its checks under diferent conditions and parameters will be optimized.
  4. Combat bugs will happen less frequently.
  5. Crowd control, absorption, spell effect reduction, vulnerability and other mechanics will be fixed/improved.
  6. Spell delay systems will be improved.
  7. Many new spell animations will be implemented.
  8. Damage and healing spells modifiers and coefficients will be corrected.
  9. Stats calculations and scaling will be more accurate.
  10. Overall Proc system (application and removal updates, scaling, rules etc.) will be improved.
  11. Aura and triggered spells systems improvements.
  12. Aura stack system correction.
  13. Many exploit fixes.
  14. General class fixes.
  15. Character interactions with game objects will be improved.
  16. Overall NPC script improvements throughout Azeroth and Northrend, including new roleplay scenes, events, missing skills etc.
  17. NPC attack, spell cast and targeting systems wil be vastly improved.
  18. General NPC and Boss AI optimization.
  19. Many phasing related corrections affecting quests, zones and events.
  20. Several kill and quest credit range corrections.
  21. General vehicle system optimization.
  22. A huge quest related update, many quests over all the world (including Northrend) will receive improvements and proper scripting.
  23. Removal of the autocomplete method from quests which have had proper scripting implemented.
  24. Several quest chaining and conditions corrections.
  25. General escort system improvements.
  26. Quest rewards corrections (reputation, experience, gold etc.).
  27. New events scripted across the world (including Northrend) as well as corrections of existing ones (texts, timers, animations etc.).
  28. Many dungeon improvements and corrections related to bosses, mob groups, patrols, achievements, loot etc.
  29. Some cosmetic details implemented on items and NPCs.
  30. Several Classic and TBC raid fixes.
  31. Several achievement criteria will be implemented.
Of course, a lot of work will be needed even after this update is implemented to make sure everything is indeed working as intended. As always, we are hoping you will assist with your cooperation and reports.

The update outlined above will be released together with the Argent Tournament world event in Icecrown (Tournament grounds). Please note that this is a massive update which will not contain the next patch’s raids, and it will require a few hours of maintenance (and server downtime). A week before the update we will announce the exact day on our website and social networks so you can appropriately re-schedule any raids/other planned activities.

We were hoping to include an important quest-event in this patch, the Battle for Undercity. Unfortunately, we are still working on it and its priority has been downgraded due to recent events. We will open the PTR so a number of players can test it and see the progress before it is officially released.
Remember, our other scheduled plans have already been explained here.

Thank you for reading.

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