About in-game mail and item loss


As a heads up, if you’re planning to delete a character and wish to transfer gold/items (e.g. Heirlooms) to other characters via in-game mail, you must wait for the items to arrive on the other character(s).

The process should look like this:

1) Mail the intended items/gold to the other character.
2) Log out and log in with the mail recipient to pick up the parcel (the mail is instant for characters on the same account)
3) Once you’ve retrieved the items, log with the character you want to delete.
4) Re-check that everything has already been sent – if that is not the case, repeat the previous steps.
5) Delete that character.

This way you will not lose anything in the proccess and you won’t need our help to recover lost items.

From here on out, we are not providing any more assistance in this matter.

Thank you for understanding.

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