Ulduar PvE Tournament: Rewards.

Hello future Legends of Dalaran,

Only for participate in the Tournament all the players will receive a Competitor’s tabard * + Loggerhead Snapjaw * and 30 Donation Points after the Tournament is over, when the rewards are delivered. In order to be considered participant and hence eligible for these rewards the group must take part in both Speed and Achievement challenges.

– These will be the rewards of the Speed challenge :


– These will be the rewards of the Achievement challenge:


Remember, the winners of the Legends of Dalaran: Ulduar PvE Tournament will be those
who adding their Speed and Achievement challenge’s points, obtain the maximum rating.

– The rewards for the winners:


* Non obtainable in-game/shops. Due the uniqueness of those items and being this the only way to obtain them, if some of the winners from the past Tournament wins again, the player will be able to receive them on a different character from the same account.

You can registrate to the tournament here .


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