Server maintenance

Hello there,

As you all may know, today, May 19th at 23:59 ST we will be performing a maintenance for both realms that will last for at least 4 hours, in order to deploy the patch which contains a lot of fixes and improvements, as well as the world event: The Argent Tournament. We will keep you informed about when is finished via website/forums and our Social Media.

Note that there will not be any instance or raid released with this patch, but you can start your training in the Argent Tournament and its grounds.

During this week, we will announce some more important informations, stay tuned to the News and announcement section.

The ToC Beta will be delayed one weekend due some unexpected issues that we are still trying to solve. We will comunicate the exact date as well as some other details about it through the forums. Also, the person who subscribed his group to the Tournament will receive an e-mail about how to join our PTR server, how long will last the Beta and the requirements to accomplish as Beta Testers.

During this week, we will publish also the results of the Ulduar tournament, and deliver the rewards to the participants and winners.



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