Today’s maintenance related important information.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

Today we are trying to elucidate what could bring the latency issues to the realm.

We have been in contact with our host company and they are already investigating about a possible network issue. Until we have an accurate answer that is an external issue, we have re-structured some of the possible changes that may have been caused it, that would mean you may face bugs that they should not be there, as a temporary solution to isolate and locate the source of the issue. Do not report any raid related bugs on the bug-tracker during these days, please. Of course, you can submit a ticket to be helped as usual.

If this approach solves the issue, we will have reduced the source of the issue and we would be able to work on a fix. Meanwhile, we will be deploying once again the improvements and fixes on a daily basis, always with a maintenance announced on the live realms.

On a side note: Obsidian Sanctum will be closed, at least today. As explained before, each day will have a maintenance that will include fixes and improvements that were already on the realms.

We are really sorry for the inconveniences, and the side-effects caused (delaying the Beta and the ToC release). But do not worry, the problem will be solved and the quality and stability of Dalaran will not be downgraded.

If anyone detects the same issue while raiding again, write me an e-mail to: please, so I can proceed with further changes and tests.

Thank you for your patience and all your reports.


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