Website rework and upgrade.

Greetings, citizens of Dalaran.

These past few weeks we have been busy with several interesting projects and ideas aimed at improving the server.

As you may be aware, we are a small team and we try to provide the best service possible given the situation, but staff shortage has often limited our possibilities. Completion of the website synchronization needed a lot of work and with the number of side issues related to it, we have decided to recruit other developers to speed up the process.

This way, Lothloryen can turn his attention fully to the raid and server management without needing to allocate time for website remodelling and upgrades.

The Dalaran-WoW team is now bolstered with Karej and Glorfindelh – they are the website developers, and their task will be make it as friendly, functional and good looking as they can. Once the main work on the website is complete, Karej may join as a core developer with Lothloryen.

Since you have been quite active on the website, suggestions and opinions from the playerbase for the remodelling are very welcome. We will try to keep the design and structure familiar and with a Blizzard feeling.

Karej will be focusing on code and structure, and Glorfindelh organization and visuals. They will ask you which of features they are currently working on you prefer and consider any ideas/suggestions you submit before their work is finished.

One of the first upgrades you will see, is the website synchronization with Algalon characters and improved overall perfomance. After that, Karej or Glorfindelh will notify you of the areas they will be focusing on during the next phase, based on your suggestions and current possiblities.

Estimates place the conclusion of the website rework around the middle of September. It will include a full re-coding: a rework of all the sections, website and realm synchronization, easier navigatable and more complete forums, armory and ladders, easier and more user-friendly control pannel, new security measures, and a lot of internal functions that will help the rest of the Game Masters and forum moderators assist you better as well as publish notifications.


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