Social networks assistance.

Hello community.

Even though we try to answer fast, there are a lot of pending messages, so we would really appreciate if you can have a bit of patience, stay tuned because everyone will get their response.

In order to make everything easier, remember to address your in-game issue only through the in-game ticket system, and do not duplicate your issue everywhere, it will only make much more difficult for us helping you. If you already posted it in our forums or other social media, avoid to duplicate it, because it will delay us even more. We understand some situations may be urgent, but for that reason if you collaborate with us by using only the media you are active with instead of all of them, we will be able to help you faster because we will not have to pay attention to those duplicated or already solved issues.

We will try using the Social networks to inform and guide our players and newcomers, you can also collaborate with us (as many of you use to do) by answering some questions or helping other players – We are really grateful and proud about our community and how everyone makes an extra effort to make the rest feel Dalaran is their WotLK home.

Thank you for your understanding.

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