Happy Feast of Winter Veil, and Holidays!

Ho, ho ho!

May the holiday spirit be with you and your beloved people today and throughout the New Year.

Share such Christmas happiness with those ninja pullers, the CC breakers that force so many wipes, the raid member who stays always on the fire, the players who are AFK when the RDF queue pops… They also deserve a very merry days in Dalaran – enjoy with them some Graccu’s Mince Meat Fruitcake underneath a tree.

No matter how is your gameplay, if you have been patient and good, you will get your presents under the big tree from Ironforge or Orgrimmar today, if you did let some milk and cookies to the Greatfather Winter!

Rescue the Reindeer, use the Preserved Holly to make your mount more festive, throw snowballs to each other, use the gnomish machines to transform yourselves as little helpers and kill your enemies, because being small and Santa-like dressed does not mean you need to be merciful with the other faction.

Let it snow with the handful of snowflakes you gather from the Winter Revelers, a bit of cold never hurt anyone during this special time of the year, even less after blowing some kisses under a mistletoe.

Now, we would like to give you a small heads up about what we are doing these days:

We are focused mostly into improving classes and the PvP experience, along with the overall content fixing and the proper preparations for the the Onixya’s Lair Beta Test. We are preparing a patch which will be deployed after the Holiday season is over, with many fixes and improvements.

We are also already selecting and answering all those applications for the Game Master position, 7 of them will be introduced after the holidays. Everyone who applied will get an answer, stay patient, please. We are really thankful for your interest and efforts on your applications, we are quite impressed. We would like also to let everyone know, that even if you are not selected now, we may contact you in the soon future to see if you are still interested, we would like to improve as much as we can our assistance, so we might open more slots for new Game Masters.

After the Onixya’s Lair release, we shall open our team for more Developers. We will explain everything in detail once the time comes.

We wish you these days to be full of joy and bright, and do not forget to take a look to our Vote Shop and get your new furry friend at the very start of the New Year, it will only be available during the first week of the year for 4 Vote Points, it is our way to thank you for make Dalaran WoW your WotLK home.

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