Recruiting Developers

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Hello Community,

We are really excited to announce that in order to speed up the process of fixing issues and improve our current content even more, we have decided to expand our development team.

It has been a long, enjoyable journey with a lot of hard work, including every single past update and the upcoming releases. But the time when a single man can’t keep carrying all the weight has come.

We are looking to hire 4 specific profiles. Regardless of which one you are applying for, we expect you to fulfill the following requirements:

– Must be over the age of 18.
– 1+ year of experience working with the technologies your role requires.
– Experience with version control systems (Git is preferred).
– Experience working with TrinityCore.
– Experience contributing to private servers.
– Commitment and passion for World of Warcraft, as well as extensive knowledge about the game environment, content and general gameplay (WotLK and previous expansions).
– Loyalty, hard work and full commitment for the project.
– Capacity for learning and willingness to do so.
– Ability to speak and write in English.
– Ability to foresee and solve problems, capacity for analysis.
– Ability to work under minimal supervision or independently, willing to take initiative when needed.
– Ability to work in a team environment.
– Academic qualifications and university degrees in Computer Science or similar are a big plus.
– Exceptional applicants without previous experience in the private server scene, will be considered.

These are the 4 specific profiles that we are looking for:


– Fix, improve or script from scratch: quests, game objects, NPCs and world events across the world (priority: Northrend).

– Strong SQL programming skills.
– Vast experience working with TrinityCore SmartAI.
– Extensive knowledge about the game and accuracy with details.

C++ AND SQL DEVELOPER (Class spells and PvP);

– Fix and improve general class and spells (top priority).
– Fix and improve general PvP content, such as battlegrounds and arenas.

C++ AND SQL DEVELOPERr (Dungeons and raids);

– Fix and improve (or rewrite, if needed) all dungeons and raids, except Level 80 raids (priority: Northrend).

– Strong C++ and SQL programming skills.
– Vast experience working with TrinityCore.
– Extensive knowledge about the game and accuracy with details.


– Optimize and rewrite core systems, in order to improve general server performance and stability.
– Tweak and tune up the server environment when needed.

– Strong C++ and SQL programming skills.
– Extensive knowledge and good understanding of World of Warcraft emulation environment.
– Researching experience, being able to identify and resolve performance issues in TrinityCore servers.

If you believe you have what it takes, or if you know someone who fulfills the requirements, please do not miss this opportunity! Send your applications as well as any questions you may have to the following e-mail:

Once you are accepted, you will have to go through a short trial period before you actually join the development team.

We will be looking to recruit a few testers in the near future, stay tuned in case you are interested.

Thank you very much for your interest, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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