Account Security

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

We have detected an unusual activity based on advertising other websites coming from accounts of random players

This seems related to a recent user information data-mining on external projects, wich means that those users who use the same password for several websites should change it for a new one as soon as possible.

We strongly encourage all our players to not share their account information with anyone and change the password through our account panel.

We have locked the affected accounts, if yours is one of them write an e-mail

As a side note:

In order to improve your account’s security, we strongly encourage you to change your password if you use the same one in multiple places.

We have also posted this information on our social media: Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Share, like and retweet so your friends will also be aware of it!

Thank you very much.


Recruiting Testers.

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Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

We are excited to announce that we are currently recruiting volunteers in order to help us with the testing tasks.

We are looking for dedicated players with vast experience and knowledge of every aspect of the game, who will have access to our PTR and will help us test the new fixes before they get applied to the live realm. The testers will need to pay attention for small details, and write accurate reports in case it is required.

If you are interested write us an e-mail to: with the following format:

Subject: Testers recruitment – Name of your Algalon’s main character.

Content: Explain us your knowledge and experience with the game, as well as your preference (if any) in case you would like to just focus in a single aspect of the game such as quests or spells.

Thank you very much.

A Gift of Wisdom


Greetings citizens of Dalaran.

We wanted to bring back a long-lost feature, one that we believe is necessary for our players and will spice up the daily lives on Dalaran-WoW.

As you are aware, our team was quite small these past few years and several features and improvements had to be delayed or put on hold to focus on more pressing matters. With the great help of our new additions to the Development and Game Master teams, we can once again resume that work.

The feature we are talking about is, of course, the celebrated Changelog. Each new addition is special, as we have put much care and hard work into them and each one has a thematic relevance to it. We have also kept the old Changelog entries in the Archived section, as we believe they were worth preserving. We would also love to document and publish in a future all the work done until now as archived changelogs.

Onwards to the people doing the development work: Robinsch is our main class developer, Rushor is working on general development and Jonanone is polishing quest areas. We would also like to inform you that a few of the primary staff members that started with us as Game Masters are also collaborating with the developers and are helping with fixes and testing, most noticeably Khazgorath and Golganeth. There is also an extra developer in the process to start collaborating to the class and PvP fixes.

In order to streamline the process, the Bug-tracker has been greatly improved with the addition of new tags, templates etc. and all Game Masters will be more active there as well. We continue counting on your help with feedback and well-organized reports, as they both aid us greatly in identifying and fixing outstanding issues. It is your reports that bring most of the problems to our attention and without this constant effort from your side, Dalaran would not be the same. Is this team effort that unites us in our quest for the perfect WotLK home.

On a side note, we have already set up a permanent PTR realm to test all the changes before they are deployed to the live realm, we have been thinking of inviting a few players to it for intensive testing sessions (dungeons, full quest zones, etc..). We will make a selection process for the Tester position, more information will be in a future announcement.

We would also like to take advantage of this announcement to thank the community for the efforts made to adapt to the social rules and for reporting those who were ignoring server rules of behaviour. Thanks to you, the overall quality and mood of our global chat has vastly improved and we are certain that all newcomers will be happy to join the community jokes and conversations. It is our belief that good community interactions are an important basis for Dalaran, and it is something every citizen can help with to make our home even better. Keep it up!



New team members.

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Hello community,

We would like you to inform you that we have already selected 5 developers from all the applicants. Two of them will be fully dedicated to the classes and spells. These two developers will also work in the PvP content and overall server optimization once the classes are vastly improved. We will also have a quest developer, as well as 2 more collaborators who will help us with dungeons and overall server polishing.

With the introduction of the new developers, we are going to open a new subforum dedicated to the changelog. There you will be able to see all the fixes and all the changes performed very easily, instead of having to go to the bug tracker and check the closed reports.

In a few days, we will be recruiting a few volunteer testers, whose task will be to verify the new fixes made by the development team, before implementing them into the live server. We will give more detailed information about this position when the time comes, as well as an announcement in the website, stay tuned.

We would also like to give a warm welcome and to congratulate our new 4 Game Masters. They started a few weeks ago and they seem to fit perfectly in our team. Their effort and dedication can be already noticed by the players and the in-game assistance has improved quite a bit. They are solving the most common and basic in-game issues.

Anyway, we will be rechecking all the Game Master applications we have received, since we would like to incorporate 2 more of them, in order to better cover the NA times. If none of the current applicants can fit the time schedules, we may be reopening the recruitment with that specific requirement.

Since the tasks are now better distributed between the staff members and the workflow will be less heavy for everyone, our communication with you, the community, will be more constant and effective.

We are really excited about this and we are looking forward to improve our content even more. We will continue giving our best and never stop until we achieve a perfect WoTLK home.

Thank you very much.

Recruiting Developers

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Hello Community,

We are really excited to announce that in order to speed up the process of fixing issues and improve our current content even more, we have decided to expand our development team.

It has been a long, enjoyable journey with a lot of hard work, including every single past update and the upcoming releases. But the time when a single man can’t keep carrying all the weight has come.

We are looking to hire 4 specific profiles. Regardless of which one you are applying for, we expect you to fulfill the following requirements:

– Must be over the age of 18.
– 1+ year of experience working with the technologies your role requires.
– Experience with version control systems (Git is preferred).
– Experience working with TrinityCore.
– Experience contributing to private servers.
– Commitment and passion for World of Warcraft, as well as extensive knowledge about the game environment, content and general gameplay (WotLK and previous expansions).
– Loyalty, hard work and full commitment for the project.
– Capacity for learning and willingness to do so.
– Ability to speak and write in English.
– Ability to foresee and solve problems, capacity for analysis.
– Ability to work under minimal supervision or independently, willing to take initiative when needed.
– Ability to work in a team environment.
– Academic qualifications and university degrees in Computer Science or similar are a big plus.
– Exceptional applicants without previous experience in the private server scene, will be considered.

These are the 4 specific profiles that we are looking for:


– Fix, improve or script from scratch: quests, game objects, NPCs and world events across the world (priority: Northrend).

– Strong SQL programming skills.
– Vast experience working with TrinityCore SmartAI.
– Extensive knowledge about the game and accuracy with details.

C++ AND SQL DEVELOPER (Class spells and PvP);

– Fix and improve general class and spells (top priority).
– Fix and improve general PvP content, such as battlegrounds and arenas.

C++ AND SQL DEVELOPERr (Dungeons and raids);

– Fix and improve (or rewrite, if needed) all dungeons and raids, except Level 80 raids (priority: Northrend).

– Strong C++ and SQL programming skills.
– Vast experience working with TrinityCore.
– Extensive knowledge about the game and accuracy with details.


– Optimize and rewrite core systems, in order to improve general server performance and stability.
– Tweak and tune up the server environment when needed.

– Strong C++ and SQL programming skills.
– Extensive knowledge and good understanding of World of Warcraft emulation environment.
– Researching experience, being able to identify and resolve performance issues in TrinityCore servers.

If you believe you have what it takes, or if you know someone who fulfills the requirements, please do not miss this opportunity! Send your applications as well as any questions you may have to the following e-mail:

Once you are accepted, you will have to go through a short trial period before you actually join the development team.

We will be looking to recruit a few testers in the near future, stay tuned in case you are interested.

Thank you very much for your interest, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Social networks assistance.

Hello community.

Even though we try to answer fast, there are a lot of pending messages, so we would really appreciate if you can have a bit of patience, stay tuned because everyone will get their response.

In order to make everything easier, remember to address your in-game issue only through the in-game ticket system, and do not duplicate your issue everywhere, it will only make much more difficult for us helping you. If you already posted it in our forums or other social media, avoid to duplicate it, because it will delay us even more. We understand some situations may be urgent, but for that reason if you collaborate with us by using only the media you are active with instead of all of them, we will be able to help you faster because we will not have to pay attention to those duplicated or already solved issues.

We will try using the Social networks to inform and guide our players and newcomers, you can also collaborate with us (as many of you use to do) by answering some questions or helping other players – We are really grateful and proud about our community and how everyone makes an extra effort to make the rest feel Dalaran is their WotLK home.

Thank you for your understanding.