Reporting for duty!


We want to continue to improve our level of communication and assistance to you, the community. This new post is to detail what we are working on currently, and what we have in mind right now.

– As you may have noticed the number of weekly fixes has been improved with nearly daily deployments. We are constantly clearing the bug-tracker and we want every single detail to be corrected. Once the majority of important fixes are solved we will make a huge revamp of all the Classic and TBC Dungeons/Raids, but we need to focus first on the issues already reported.

– Alongside those fixes, we have been working to improve many systems in order to have a smoother gameplay, such as the Dungeon Finder system, pathfinding, maps, view distance, combat bug and many Wintergrasp important changes (preparations for the incoming internal balance/struggle system). More information about them shall be published in our next Changelog.

– Encouraging the players to make reports of every issue they find in our bug-tracker, it is the key to improve Dalaran’s quality for everyone, and we shall all cooperate on it. If it is not reported there we will not be aware of it, therefore it can’t be fixed. Please, report everything to our bug tracker:

– Increase and improve our communication with you, including our communication on our Social Media, it is a nice and really forward way to stay tuned about every change or important notification. Our Social Media always has relevant information, although we need to improve our feedback response, you can follow us in order to keep track on our important information or latest posts (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Blog and Youtube).

– Increase our tester team, since there are many changes to be tested each week before deploying them to the live realm. As our latest incorporations (Teri and A.Tock) are quite settled, we believe is a great moment to increase the ranks. We will make an announcement about it.

– We want also to increase the Game Master team once again since there are many returning players and many new players each day, we need a higher number of Game Masters to cover all the time frames. It will be a slow process but we are confident we will get a perfect match. Another announcement shall be done about this.

– Keep punishing Win-traders and Exploiters, every report is taken into consideration, remember that you can always report an abusive tactic, someone you have seen doing something fishy, etc… by the in-game ticket system, including screenshots or videos if possible. We will investigate and deal with all of them; we have zero tolerance for cheaters.

– Keep the community ideas and suggestions alive. We want to make you participants in the present and future of Dalaran WoW, and we are thinking on the best way you could collaborate, suggest or even criticize us. We will develop more what we have in mind about this in future news posts.

Lok’Tar Ogar! / For the Alliance!

PS: A new changelog will be published with the latest changes applied this month as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

Ban announcements.

Hello community,

The number of cheaters has increased lately, so we have decided to bring back the world announcements when a player gets banned.

We believe this will cause potential cheaters to think it twice before doing so, as they will be able to witness in-game every ban.

We would also like to bring some attention and remind the rules of our server (including in-game chat and forums). Our bans are severe, most of them are permanent with no chance of appealing. We have zero tolerance with those players, no matter if it is you or a friend who was using your account.

Keep in mind that:

– Any person caught speed/fly or teleport hacking (with tools of any kind) will be getting a permanent ban.
– Any person caught botting, will be getting a 30-day ban. If repeated, it will be permanent.
– Any person caught exploiting will be banned. The duration of the ban will scale appropriately with the severity of the exploit (from 1 week/month to permanent). Your duty as a player is to report any exploit you encounter, not to abuse it. If you decide to take advantage of an exploit, you will be punished.
– Wintraders: We will deal with all of them. The first ban will be 1 month, duration will increase if they do it again. We will also remove everything obtained by wintrading.
– Disrespectful or inappropriate behavior will be warned and punished with mutes or temporary bans if repeated. Read the rules about how to behave in global chats and you should be fine. (

Our Game Master team has been increased during the past few weeks, so we will be able to monitor players better. We have been constantly warning and banning players. You can always submit reports via in-game ticket (try to add proof if it is a social behavior report: spam, immature, racism, etc..). All the reports will be looked at carefully before proceeding to take action.