Happy Furry New Year!


We wish you these days to be full of joy and bright, and do not forget to check our shops and get your Baby Blizzard Bear friend at the very start of 2016, it will only be available until the January 8th (4 VP or 1 DP), it is our way to thank you for making Dalaran WoW your WotLK home.


The Argent Tournament: Basic Guide

The Argent Tournament is an event located in the north-east corner of Icecrown, just north of Sindragosa’s Fall. It involves a number of quests, many of which focus on mounted combat – players riding vehicles and simulating jousting. The quest rewards are various Seals, which can be used to purchase weapons, tabards, non-combat pets, and even mounts. The Horde’s main assistants and guides in the Tournament are the Sunreavers, while the Alliance is being guided by the Silver Covenant. To prevent not-so-honorable combat from happening, players in the Argent Tournament Grounds are affected by Armisticewhich prevents them from fighting members of the opposite faction, unless during a mounted duel.

How do I fight in the Tournament?

Joining the ranks of the fighters in the Tournament is very easy. All one needs to do is go the Argent Tournament Grounds in Icecrown, enter the Argent Tent, and talk to Justicar Mariel Trueheart. She will direct you to either The Sunreavers if you are member of the Horde, or The Silver Covenant if you belong to the Alliance. She will also send you to the Blasbolt brothers, who are two goblins responsible for the building of the Coliseum. From there on, your factions will direct you to the appropriate quests.

How Do I Joust?

Jousting is simple to start and hard to master. To begin you only need to pick a Lance from your faction’s tent (or automatically obtain one from any of the quests), and then mount on one of the stabled mounts outside. And you are all set! Just keep in mind that you can only ride mounts of the factions you have become Champion with, and your own home faction.

When you mount, you will notice a few spells you can use:

  • Thrust : Melee, 3,250 damage. On its own cooldown.
  • Shield- Breaker : 5-30 yards, 2,000 damage, removes 1 stack of Defend.
  • Charge : 5-25 yards, 8,500 damage, removes 1 stack of Defend.
  • Defend : 30% damage reduction, stacks up to 3 times.
  • Refresh Mount : Heals your mount completely.
  • Duel : Challenges another player to a duel.

When jousting, you will need a strategy of some sort in order to win. One of the more basic ones is stacking your Defend 3 times before the duel, then keeping your enemy at a distance, toss a Shield-Breaker whenever possible to reduce his or her Defend. Remember to keep yours up! When the enemy is vulnerable, Charge and Thrust them, and then re-establish the distance, using Shield-Breaker again.


The Argent Tournament quests and rewards work with an alternative currency -Seals. All players start as Aspirants with their race and have quests available with only them. Quests at this level award Aspirant seall. Total of 15 Aspirant’s Seals are required to advance to the next rank – Valiant. Quests now awardValiant’s seal l, and you need total of 25 of those to advance to the final rank in the Tournament – Champion. Daily quests at this level award Champion’s seal which are used to purchase rewards from one of the Quartermasters located in your faction’s Tent.

After becoming a Champion with your home faction, you can choose another faction to work with. Fortunately, when taking a second faction, you no longer need to go through the basic Aspirant training – you start as a Valiant.


  • First step: Rankless

The Argent Tournament : Justicar Mariel Trueheart will simply send you to talk to Arcanist Taelis/Magister Elien Sunhollow. Congratulations, you are now an Aspirant!

  • Second step: Aspirant

1. Mastery of Melee , Mastery of the Shield-Breaker , Mastery of the Charge : The three quests are offered by NPCs of your race in your faction’s tent. You will need to practice Thrust on Melee Targets , Shield-Breaker on Ranged Targets , and Shield-Breaker + Charge on Charge Targets .

2. Learning the Reins : Practice your Thrust, Shield-Breaker and Charge abilities against the Target Dummies. Again!

3. Training in the Field : Slay (almost) any 8 Scourge units in Icecrown.

4 A Worthy Weapon : Collect 4x Winter Hyacint found around the dam between Icecrown and Crystalsong Forest. Offer the Hyacints to the Maiden of Drak’Mar in the North-Eastern corner of Dragonblight. | A Blade Fit For A Champion : Apply Warts-B-Gone Lip Balm before kissing an unknown number of Lake Frogs , hoping that one of them will turn out to be the Maiden of Ashwood Lake . Remember to apply the balm before each kiss, or you may and will get Warts !! | The Edge of Winter : Slay Lord Everblaze for hisEverburning Ember , before heading to the Maiden of Winter’s Breath Lake and freeing her from her icy prison.

Note: You can only get one of the “blade” quest each day: A Blade Fit For A Champion, A Worthy Weapon, or The Edge of Winter.

Daily Rewards: Completing all three daily quests awards 5x Aspirant’s Seal and 750 Reputation with The Silver Covenant/The Sunreavers.

5. Up To The Challenge : Collect 15x Aspirant’s Seal to be allowed to fight for the rank of Valiant.

6. The Aspirant’s Challenge : Talk to Squire David in order to summon, challenge and defeat an Argent Valiant.

7. A Valiant of… : Talk to your race’s representative in your faction’s tent to become a Valiant of your main city.

  • Third Step: Valiant

Now the Valiant’s quests for your race will be unlocked.

1. The Valiant’s Charge :Present 25x Valiant’s Seal to your race’s representative in your faction’s tent to be be allowed to become Champion.

2. A Blade Fit For A Champion| A Worthy Weapon | The Edge of Winter. Note: You can only get one of the “blade” quest each day: A Blade Fit For A Champion, A Worthy Weapon, or The Edge of Winter.

3. A Valiant’s Field Training : An upgrade from Field Training, you now need to slay 10 Converted Heroes

4. At Enemy’s Gates : Slay 15 Boneguard Footmen , 10 Boneguard Scouts , and 3 Boneguard Lieutenantswhile using one of the mounts in the Argent Forward Camp in the Court of Bones near Corp’rethar.

5. The Grand Melee : Defeat 3 Valiants in either of the Valiant’s Rings in the Argent Tournament Grounds. Note that you will not be able to defeat the same race for 5 minutes. Each valiant count also as criteria for the achievement Lance a Lot .

Daily Rewards: Completing all four daily quests awards 5x Valiant’s Seal, 1,000 Reputation with your race and 1,000 Reputation withThe Silver Covenant/The Sunreavers

6. The Valiant’s Challenge : Talk to Squire Danny to summon, challenge and defeat an Argent Champion .

7. A Champion Rises : Talk to Justicar Mariel Trueheart to receive 10x Champion’s Seal and an Argent Squire /Argent Gruntling.

  • Fourth step: Champion

Once you are a Champion with your city, you will have the opportunity to become a Champion for another one of your faction and also the daily champion’s quest will be unlocked in the Argent Pavilion.

1. Eadric the Pure : Talk to Eadric the Pure to unlock all of the Champion’s daily quests.

2. Taking Battle To The Enemy : The final version of your Field Training. Slay 15 Scourge units in Icecrown and/or their agents.

3. Among the Champions : Defeat 4 Champions in the Ring of Champions.

4. Battle Before The Citadel : Slay a 3 Boneguard Commander in the Court of Bones.

5. Threat From Above : Slay Chillmaw and her 3 Cultist Bombardiers.

Daily Rewards: Completing all 4 daily quests awards 5x Champion’s Seal, and up to 4 Champion’s Writs , which can be used to purchase Commendations worth 250 Reputation with any city you have become Champion with. Alternatively you can choose to receive a Champion’s Purse with 10g and a chance for a Champion’s Seal inside, instead of the Writ. You also get 250 Reputation with the Argent Crusade andThe Silver Covenant/The Sunreavers.

  • Fifth step: Crusader

Incredible! You’ve managed to surpass all expectations and become a Champion for all the cities in your faction. As a “Crusader”, you have reached the highest rank here at the Argent Tournament. You will need the Exalted Champion of the Alliance /Horde and The Argent Crusade for it.

1. High Crusader Adelard will offer you one daily quest: Deathspeaker Kharos 1b.Drottinn Hrothgar1c.Mistcaller Yngvar 1d. Ornolf The Scarred

2. Crusader Silverdawn will offer you one daily quest: The Fate Of The Fallen or Get Kraken! (note: if you kill the kraken, you will obtain a Kraken Tooth and be able to turn in Identifying the Remains for extra money)

  • Exalted with Sunreavers / Silver Covenant

Once you are exalted, their daily quests will be unlocked:

1. Narasi Snowdawn /Girana the Blooded will offer you 2 of these quests:

A Leg UpRescue at SeaStop the AggressorsThe Light’s MercyYou’ve really Done it this Time Kul

2. Savinia Loresong /Tylos Dawnrunner will offer 1of these:

Breakfast of championsGormok Wants his SnoboldsWhat do you feed a Yeti, Anyway?

All of these reward 1 Champion’s Seal per quest, so 3 extra seals per day once you complete this achievement.

  • The Black Knight

1. The Black Knight of Westfall / Silverpine : Obtain the Dusty Journal in either Westfall or Silverpine Forest.

2. The Seer’s Crystal : Obtain a See’rs Crystal from Unbound Seers in Crystalsong Forest.

3. The Stories Dead Men Tell : Use the Seer’s Crystal near Connall’s Grave, Lorien’s Grave and Sir Wendell’s Grave.

4. There’s Something About the Squire : Obtain a Large femur from Skeletal Woodcutters in Crystalsong Forest. Use the femur to stun and loot Maloric to obatin Murderer’s Toolkit

5. The Black Knight’s Orders : Use Enchanted Bridle to take control over the Black Knight’s Gryphon . Fly to whever it takes you and obtain Stolen Tournament Invitation and Black Knight’s Orders . Note: In order to proceed further ahead with the chain, you will need to complete A Champion Rises first.

6. The Black Knight’s Fall : Mount in an Argent Warhorse , talk to Squire Cavin to summon, challenge and defeat The Black Knight . You will receive here the achievement: It’s Just a Flesh Wound

7. The Black Knight’s Curse : Investigate the Black Knight’s Grave and kill the assasin.

8. The Black Knight’s Fate : Obtain from Doctor Kholer the Doctor Kohler’s Orders at Deathspeaker’s Watch.




Server maintenance

Hello there,

As you all may know, today, May 19th at 23:59 ST we will be performing a maintenance for both realms that will last for at least 4 hours, in order to deploy the patch which contains a lot of fixes and improvements, as well as the world event: The Argent Tournament. We will keep you informed about when is finished via website/forums and our Social Media.

Note that there will not be any instance or raid released with this patch, but you can start your training in the Argent Tournament and its grounds.

During this week, we will announce some more important informations, stay tuned to the News and announcement section.

The ToC Beta will be delayed one weekend due some unexpected issues that we are still trying to solve. We will comunicate the exact date as well as some other details about it through the forums. Also, the person who subscribed his group to the Tournament will receive an e-mail about how to join our PTR server, how long will last the Beta and the requirements to accomplish as Beta Testers.

During this week, we will publish also the results of the Ulduar tournament, and deliver the rewards to the participants and winners.


Ulduar PvE Tournament Achievement list:

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

This achievement challenge will last 2 IDs so you have a bit more time to complete as much achievements as you can (until the monday 18th). It has been a bit hard to decide which criterias should be appropiated overall, since it is very easy to make an encounter very hard (in most of the cases – undoables) so, we have seen ourselves in the need of modify it several times.

You can configure this stage and complete only those achievements your group preffer. Remember that the achievement will only count when all the criterias are accomplished and the boss dies right after. Also, in order to be considered participant, you must at least complete all the criterias from 4 of the following 13 achievements.

Flame Leviathan

-10 points with 2 towers.
-20 points with 4 towers.

  • It has to be just with 2 towers active, 1 of them must be Mimiron’s and the other one has to either Hodir’s or Thorim’s.
  • Hard Mode shall be considered with all the towers active.

Ignis the Furnace Master

-15 points.

  • An engaged Magma Rager NPC must be present during the whole fight, which must be tanked throught the line which connects the two water pools. The tank who is in charge of this add must be affected by the summoned tornado at least twice.
  • At least one Iron Construct with Molten aura must be alive during the whole encounter. If the aura fades, it must be refreshed within the next 15 seconds.


-15 points.

  • There are 3 different adds on this battle: Dark Rune Guardian, Dark Rune Sentinel and Dark Rune Watcher. Each kind of NPC must be tanked away from the others, making 3 different groups and none of them can die until all the spawned ones are perfectly grouped.
  • All the harpoons must be triggered at the same time, so you will have to synchronize your players to do so.
  • During the third phase, the tanks can not be switched until the current Razorscale’s victim has 3 stack of Fuse armor.

XT-002 Deconstructor

-20 points.

  • For the whole duration of each Tympanic Tantrum all the players except the healers must spam /sit.
  • Now, the way to manage the Gravity and Light bombs shall be the following: the first 2 Gravity bombs must be placed on the left side of the boss, and the first 2 light bombs at his right. However, after each 4 bombs (2 gravity and 2 light), the locations where the bombs must be placed need to be switched. So, after the first 4 ones, the side where to place the light ones shall be the left and the side where to place the gravity ones shall be the right. This pattern must be mantained until the boss dies.
  • You have to kill a certain number of Scrapbots with the Boombots:

-Normal mode: 38 scrapbots

– Hard Mode: 14 scrapbots.

  • XT-002 Deconstructor must be tanked exactly on the center of the room and can not be moved during the battle.

Asembly of Iron

-10 points on normal mode.
-15 points on Hard Mode

  • At least one boss must always be positioned over the Rune of Power and no player besides the tank must be affected by it, if you decide to make it Hard Mode, Steelbreaker will be the last boss standing.


-15 points.

  • The person targeted by the Focused Eye Beam must try to reach and catch their allies, and they have to avoid him as fast as they can.
  • The first arm to die must be the Left arm.
  • The group need to accomplish the criteria for the achievement: Rubble and roll.


-10 points.
-15 points if Nine lives achievement’s criteria completed.

  • Each player has to summon for this battle a cat companion.
  • None of cats (Sanctum Sentry, Swarming Guardians or Feral druids) can die until the First feral defender spawns.
  • The Feral defender must die at least 5 times.


-15 points.

  • You can only release one helper. Note that if you release the mage, he will help you by releasing another helper, therefore the criteria would not be considered achieved.
  • You have to pay the tribute to Ice. Each Flash Freeze must freeze one player on 10 man version and 3 players on 25 man version. The frozen player must yell: “I am the tribute to Ice!” while he is being frozen.


-10 points on normal mode.
-20 points on Hard Mode.
-Bonus: 5 extra points if no player dies on the gauntlet and the last phase.

  • Inside the gauntlet, the group must be walking backwards all the time.
  • On the arena, the players must pay the tribute to Lightning. One (10 man version) or 3 (25 man version) players will be the magnet, which means that at least once per orb charged they shall force to be hit by the lightnings. The tribute players must yell: “I am the tribute to Lightning!” while performing this action.

*We need to see both sides of the raid.


-15 points with 1 elder alive.
-20 points with 2 or more elders alive.

  • It has to be with at least 1 elder alive.
  • During the first phase, the group has to allow 3 Eonar’s gift to totally grow and heal the enemies.
  • In this battle you have to pay the tribute to Life. On 10 man mode each four nature bomb waves (each 2 waves on 25 man) a player must be near one bomb until it explodes, the players for each turn can be switched, of course. The tribute player must yell: I am the tribute to Life! while performing this action.


-15 points on normal mode.
-30 points on hard mode.

  • In the first phase, all the ranged DPS and healers must be in groups of 2 players on 10 man or 4 in 25 man.
  • On this battle you have to pay the tribute to Fire (during the VX-001 and the V-07-TR-0N phases). Each time a rocket strike is casted one player must place himself on the landing zone and receive the impact. The tribute players must yell: “I am the tribute to Fire!” while performing this action.
  • During the last phase versus the V-07-TR-0N, the targeted person by the Aerial Command Unit shall always be running in circles around the boss in the same direction. Note that this must performed always that the head is targeting and casting the plasma ball to someone.

General Vezax

-15 points.

  • All the mana based players, must start the battle with only their 75% mana.
  • All the spawned saronite vapors during the encounter’s duration must be destroyed, but only can be destroyed one at time. This means, there can not coexist two green pools at the same time at any given point. When a vapor explodes and such pool appears one player must go over and get at least 5 stacks from it. This player is not allowed to repeat this action nor stay on a Shadow Crash pool to benefit from the buff for the rest of the encounter.

Yogg Saron

-15 points with 3 keepers helping.
-25 points with 1 keeper helping.
-35 points with 0 keepers helping.

  • Freya’s help can not be requested by any means on this encounter
  • All the Guardians of Yogg-Saron must be killed in groups of 2 with a maximum interval of 5 seconds between each other’s death.
  • Players with brain link can’t enter the portals.
  • The constrictor tentacle which squeezes a player must be the last tentacle to die from each spawned group.
  • During the last phase, at least once one Immortal Guardian shall be affected by the Empowering shadows.

Note that there is no need to die on the tributes, the players can try to survive in those cases which are fatal, but death is always a good tribute.

Every video must clearly show all the aspects of the criterias performed.

Thank you very much and enjoy this challenge.


Welcome to the Tournament


Welcome to the Tournament.

We seek the Legends of Ulduar, the same who destroyed the twilight threat that Sartharion sheltered inside the Obsidian Sanctum, purged the scourge necropolis of Naxxramas by defeating the Archlich Kel’Thuzad, confronted Malygos the Spellweaver in the Eye of Eternity and are dare enter the gates of the grandest and most majestic prison ever built in Azeroth.

Navigating this subterranean realm of ice and stone, filled with ornate hallways, stairs and balconies, will require all your knowledge and skill if you wish to become a Legend. The abilities and willpower you’ve shown during training will be tested to their limits here, since it is this time not about being a Celestial defender or Death’s demise, it is about becoming the Legend that everyone in Dalaran will remember. This is your chance to show what you’ve gleamed of the Titan city’s strengths and weaknesses and to prove you are ready to face the challenges of the Argent Tournament.

The most valiant of you will earn their place as Legends of Ulduar.

Good luck heroes!

Your video in Dalaran WoW


As you know, we upload all videos sent to us by the community to our YouTube channel .

If you have made a video of your adventures with us, you can use this feature to send it to us, since it is has recently been re-enabled. As a reminder, you can send any kind of video – though there is no subsection for it in the Media subforum (such as guides, tactic explanation, etc..), everything counts and your video will be also there.

All videos will be also published on our social networks (Facebook , Twitter and Reddit ), so if you want to see them as soon as they are published do not forget to follow us there.

We would like to thank the players that have sent us their videos, we are grateful to have such an active and helpful community.

Client languages support

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

After the next big update which is scheduled to happen the next 19th of May, Dalaran-WoW will be supporting several client language packs. For now, Spanish, French, Russian and German shall be supported. However, since we also have a small Chinese community, we might include it to such update.

Note that this is client wise localization and not related to the ingame assistance or general chat rules, which will still require English. Now quests, NPCs, items and many more things will be available for those players who prefer to play on their own language.

Thank you very much.