Happy New Year! Celebrate it with double XP and RAF until 80.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

We would like to wish everyone a wonderful Holiday season and a very Happy New Year on behalf of the Dalaran-WoW Staff.

To celebrate these festivities, aside from the currently active Free Instant 70 and a small gift, we would also like to announce that the experience rates will be x2 until January 15th. Those who still want to level their characters with x1, feel free to contact our Game Masters via ticket and they will disable the x2 for you.

Thank you for a wonderful 2019, looking forward to an even better 2020, we have plenty of exciting news!



Weekly BG Tournament winner: Horde (and more info)

The Horde has raised as the winner of Weekly Battleground Tournament this time! So we have to yell: LOK’TAR OGAR!

Congratulations, Horde! Good job with the team effort that brought you to Victory.

We are going to detail the rewards that the Horde is going to enjoy this week as fair winners of the tournament:

  • Extra Honor.

  • Extra Experience received in Dungeons.

  • 25% emblem drop chance upon finishing a WoTLK Random Heroic Dungeon (Frost for ICC attuned players, or the corresponding emblem based on character progression).

  • Extra emblem drop from certain WoTLK Raid Bosses (Frost for ICC attuned players, or the corresponding emblem based on character progression). Naxxramas: Loatheb, Maexxna, The 4 Horsemen, Thaddius and Kel’Thuzad; Ulduar: XT-002 Deconstructor, Auriaya, Mimiron, Yogg’Saron; ToC: Lord Jaraxxus, Twin Val’kyrs, Anub’arak.

  • Small amount of Arena Points upon finishing a level 80 BG (both factions will enjoy this).

We will also take advantage of this new to explain a few important changes done to the Tournament.

First and foremost, the introduction of the Score system: This system will allow us to evaluate other PvP aspects, not just Battlegrounds (as mentioned in other news: City Raiding, Wintergrasp…etc)., but we have introduced it a bit earlier than expected in order to balance scores and participation. As the lower level brackets battlegrounds tend to happen more often, we think this will keep healthy scores and increase the relevance for the 80’s. We will have special Twink weeks too, of course, variety is the key.

As we do not want to devalue lower bracket’s effort, they also have score. But for the time being it will be 1 Point, while the level 80 Battlegrounds shall grant 5 instead.

This score breakdown will change with the weekly tasks to fulfill, in order to also promote other PvP areas. It will allow us to add different values to shift the scene into other activities and therefore make it a fun and refreshing event. We have many plans and one of them is the inclusion of a “PvP Bonus Objective” system, where players will have to do some weekly tasks or achieve certain matters; more information will be posted when the time comes.

Another important introduction to the Tournament is the Top Honor Kills and Top Activity. The website PvP section shows the Top H.K for both the Horde and the Alliance, as well as a ranked player list based on participation and performance within Battlegrounds.

There will be rewards for the Top 1 H.K of each faction and bracket. Of course, everyone who appears within the Top 20 or Top 10 Most active players list will also receive a proper compensation for their participation and effort.

The rewards are: Top 1 HK (each faction, every bracket):

Most active 80 players (each faction):

Most active other brackets (each faction):

It won’t matter who the winner is, every Top 1 H.K from any bracket will have their rewards (both Alliance and Horde). The same will happen with the most active players, everyone who appears in the activity lists will have the rewards (both factions).

Those items are items not available in our shops, so the only way to get them is by participating and ranking up in the Tournament.

At the same time as the Weekly faction-wide rewards, these rewards will be active upon restart of the Tournament each Friday at 15:00 PM ST.

These are the rewards for the next week Tournament winner:

  • Extra Wintergrasp Marks of Honor.

  • Extra Honor.

  • Extra experience in Dungeons.

  • Small amount of Arena Points upon finishing a level 80 BG.

  • 25% emblem drop chance upon finishing a WoTLK Random Heroic Dungeon (Frost for ICC attuned players)

  • Extra emblem drop from certain WoTLK Raid Bosses (Frost for ICC attuned players)

Thank you for your participation and enjoy it!


Weekly BG Tournament winner: Alliance (and more info)

And the first winner of the Weekly Battleground Tournament is: The Alliance!

Congratulations, Alliance! Good job with the team effort that brought you to Victory.

We would like to say that we are vastly impressed with the participation in the tournament; a total of 282 battlegrounds in a space of a week, most of them level 80. Some days, the sewers of Dalaran were crowded and full of duels once again, we noticed an arena activity increase aswell. Thank you everyone for embracing this initiative and for having such spirit of competition.

First of all, we are going to detail the rewards that the Alliance is going to enjoy this week as fair winners of the tournament:

  • Extra Honor.

  • Extra Experience received in Battlegrounds.

  • 25% emblem drop chance upon finishing a WoTLK Random Heroic Dungeon (Frost for ICC attuned players, and their correspondent emblem for the other attunes).

  • Extra emblem drop from certain WoTLK Raid Bosses (Frost for ICC attuned players, and their correspondent emblem for the other attunes). Naxxramas: Loatheb, Maexxna, The 4 Horsemen, Thaddius and Kel’Thuzad; Ulduar: XT-002 Deconstructor, Auriaya, Mimiron, Yogg’Saron; ToC: Lord Jaraxxus, Twin Val’kyrs, Anub’arak.

  • Small amount of Arena Points upon finishing a level 80 BG (both factions will enjoy this).

We are going to take advantage of this notification to talk about a few things regarding the tournament and the PvP status itself.

– We would like to let you know that we have been working on a system to improve the ghost-queue monitoring but, we also rely on your reports for a faster catch. Therefore, if you see anything suspicious let us know with a ticket and we will quickly take action. Any Battleground detected as ghost-queued that had no fair participation in it, is removed from the total counter, so it will not interfere with the Tournament in any way. We have been warning those players who ghost-queued and banned the ones that repeated it. From now on, the ghost queue shall be directly a 1-day ban, without any warning. If continued, it may lead to an account suspension.

– We are dealing with past win-traders, we are amending our own mistakes regarding proper monitoring. In order to balance the PvP status, we are removing the gear from people who did not earn it in a legit way. Thanks to those who understood and collaborated with us when we removed the items. That being said, we will not allow it to happen again and those who traded in the past, will see their accounts suspended if repeated.
We are preparing the terrain for an Arena Season reset, we will give you more information about this shortly.

This is just the base concept for the Weekly Battleground Tournament, we have plenty of ideas and our intention is to have more PvP areas involved, making it fun while challenging. We are open to suggestions, as always, and we will take them all into consideration. We would like to give you a sneak-peak about what we are thinking to include soon:

  • City Raiding: It will involve proper capital attacks and defense.

  • Wintergrasp will count towards the Tournament.

  • We are working on a way to incentivize players to join Alterac Valley during the Tournament.

  • Gurubashi Arena: extra rewards at the beginning but, we are thinking about giving it more relevance bit by bit.

We are going to be including totally new rewards every few weeks, the current ones are just to start with!

Our intention is to upgrade the Weekly Battleground Tournament and make it a Weekly (general) PvP Tournament. We will also keep improving the PvP section on the website so it can show more interesting stats such as top H.K kills, extended BG and WG info…etc.

This tournament is just the first step, and we are delighted to see the results. Thank you for your participation, the interest shown has been wonderful!

We can’t be more grateful for the feedback we are receiving, we are giving our best to make Dalaran your WotLK home, strong, long-established, dedicated and respectful to the hard work from our players. The PvP was an area that needed some love from our side so, we are on it now. We hope you enjoy the BG Tournament and what comes next.



Weekly Battleground Tournament: Faction-wise Rewards.

Drums of War can already be heard in the distance, an ancient call to defend your faction and sing ballads of victory in every tavern and city through Azeroth.

The eternal fight for power and domination it’s now a common effort; not only those prepared for the battle are the chosen ones to enjoy these challenges and rewards, everyone from the same faction is.

We are very glad to present to you our Weekly Battleground Tournament, a faction-wise collaborative event that will allow both the Alliance and the Horde to work together for glory. This event will be an ongoing Tournament and will start on the 6th of December.

This tournament is designed to promote PvP in a PvE focused server. Our intention is to encourage each faction’s participation in every Battleground’s bracket. We have tried to make it interesting with its cyclic form and the faction-wise rewards so any kind of player can overcome their PvP blockage and turn into the bloodthirsty enemies you have always feared.

With time, the PvP aspect should be more active thanks to the participation of the community. Therefore, we will be including more perks, rewards, and challenges to the Tournament as it increases in popularity.

For now, we have prepared a few initial rewards that will rotate each week and will benefit both the PvP and PvE aspects of the game while trying to increase the interest towards PvP gradually.

This Weekly Battleground Tournament should also contribute towards making the Northrend’s Heroic Dungeons and Raids more active thanks to the faction-wise perks.

How will it work?

The system is really easy to understand.

There will be a Battleground counter which will be reset every week (Fridays 15:00 p.m Server Time), the faction with more Battlegrounds won that week will be considered the winner and will be enjoying the faction-wise rewards until the next Friday’s reset.

For this, we have prepared a new PVP section on our website where you can see the weekly winner, Battleground statistics, Tournament history, active and upcoming rewards/perks…etc.

After each Friday’s Tournament reset, the rewards will be available for the winner faction. There is no need to do anything as a player: just enjoy the perks and keep pushing!

All the relevant information will be broadcasted everywhere each week: in-game notifications, website, our social networks…etc.

In the future, this website’s PvP section will also include some top rankings (H.Ks…etc), as well as some extra interesting data. We are also going to dedicate a space for Wintergrasp, Gurubashi Arena and capital cities raids into the Weekly Battleground Tournament along with the introduction of more enjoyable features.

How can you participate?

By just doing Battlegrounds. There is no need to do anything special, just participate in any kind of Battleground from level 10 to 80. Unless there are some specifications for a particular week, the level or the Battleground does not matter.

What are the Faction-wise rewards?

The faction-wise rewards are some perks that every player from the winning faction will be able to enjoy for a week, there is no need to participate in order to benefit from them though. It is a very similar case to the Stone-Keeper Shards from Wintergrasp.

There will be two kinds of rewards: static and random. The entire winner faction will benefit from them until the next reset.

Static rewards: These are the perks that will always be active for the current winner faction. If your faction wins, you can enjoy them at least until the next Friday’s reset.

A post with all the possible rewards and specifications will be released shortly.

Some of the initial static rewards:

  • Extra Honor.

  • Extra emblem drop from certain WoTLK raid bosses (e.g: Naxxramas last bosses from each wing, Ulduar’s Keepers…etc). Emblems will drop individually for each player, based on their character progression (Frost for ICC attuned players).

  • 25% chance to have an extra emblem drop upon finishing a WoTLK Heroic Dungeon through the RDF tool. Emblems will drop individually for each player, based on their character progression (Frost for ICC attuned players).

  • Extra XP in Dungeons and Battlegrounds.

Random rewards: These are additional perks that will be changing each week randomly and will be available for the winner faction.

Some of the initial random rewards:

  • Extra Wintergrasp rewards.

  • Battleground Marks of Honor available.

  • Extra reward/drop from Vanilla and TBC raids.

  • Vote/Donation Shop discounts.

  • Services discounts.

Regardless of the faction winner, the level 80 battlegrounds will grant a small amount of Arena Points during the Tournament.

A quick example:

  1. The Friday 6th of December the WBT will start.

  2. Then, the next week on Friday 13th the reset will happen at 12:00 pm and that faction who won the most Battlegrounds shall be declared the winner.

  3. A new week starts, therefore the Battleground counter starts from 0 again and all the static rewards become available for the winner faction, plus one of the random ones until the next reset.

  4. And this gets repeated every week.

Why this kind of Tournament?

Our intentions are to bring the competitive PvP scene back alive. We consider this to be one of the firsts steps. We think that by making it a faction-wise collaborative effort and rewards, would ease the participation and reinforce the faction feeling of victory. And by being able to collaborate no matter the level or the battleground will help towards a common goal: be the winners that week. So everyone with a bit of curiosity about PvP could help to achieve that weekly goal and, bit by bit, keep improving and get into the PvP scene more and more. Practice makes the master.



Survey info: Algalon will stay as it is.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

We are quite impressed with the Second Era idea’s reception; we have seen a lot of support and we’ve received really good feedback about this new system. Plenty of you have seen the potential of this idea and the effort we have invested in it and, even many of those who don’t want it to happen on Algalon have given us some nice observations while showing pleasantness towards the concept itself.

However, as we did state previously, for this idea to become a reality on Algalon we would need the vast majority to vote in favor; after some thorough analysis, we could say that the 58% of the players wanted it to happen on Algalon and the 42% didn’t. Therefore, as there is an important amount of players who don’t want it: the Second Era is canceled and will not go live on Algalon. We knew this was a possible outcome so, we did plan what steps would follow in order to improve Algalon if the community decided to keep it as it is.

There was a common request that has been done by many players: the opening of a new realm with this Second Era / Soft Reset concept applied since the beginning and transfers from Algalon; We are going to study very deeply this possibility and we will keep you posted about it.

In the meanwhile, we are working to improve several aspects from Algalon:
– PvP revamp: We have thought some ideas about hosting weekly Battleground Tournaments and we are currently working on their implementation, rewards and a new website section for it. PvP moderators will also perform a thorough monitoring and win-trading proper punishment.
– PvE/Class fixes prepared for the Second Era are going to be slowly deployed to Algalon.
– Although Algalon will stay as it is, the advertisement campaigns we did prepare for the Second Era will be adapted and launched, including the “resurrect an old friend” (scroll of resurrection like system), which will help to spread the word and keeping the flow of new and old players.

We will keep you posted about all that is to come; our next announcement will be regarding the Weekly Battleground Tournaments.

Thank you very much.


Approaching the Second Era.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,


A few months ago we gave you some strokes of information about the upcoming Second Era of Progression. We also gave you the opportunity to fill a survey in order to see your opinions about us performing a possible “Raid and PvP Soft reset”, emulating once again a Fresh WoTLK progression, without players losing anything.


As a quick reminder and briefly explained; we believe we have found a middle ground that should please old, current, returning and new players. It is a totally new system never seen before, so we want to make sure that everything is crystal clear and there is no room for doubts. Therefore, we are going to post a new, as well as open a new section on our website specifically dedicated to this Second Era during early October, where everything will be clearly explained. You will also be able to fill a very small survey after you read it, this way we will be able to see the overall reception of such idea.


After much consideration, we think it will bring the feeling of competition directly into the raiding scene and freshen the air for everyone, while emulating a fresh realm but, without erasing our player’s effort (remember, no one would loose items, achievements, pets, mounts, levels…etc).


We have been developing this idea for a long time (we explained its essence a few years ago), and we are really confident it will set a new path into the world we already know. We will be offering a new direction for the WotLK realms, as we did with the Progressive release/system, Pre-nerf mechanics, buffed up encounters, challenging content…etc. Making our ideals the WoTLK standard.


As we announced 6 years ago right before Algalon’s release, we wanted to always keep the Progressive content relevant and challenging. It is absolutely wonderful to look back, we feel really proud and full of nostalgia. Watching our Algalon’s video Trailer brings up many good memories of this beautiful journey. Now is the moment to proceed with the next step and, with the information we are going to announce we will explain how everyone will be able to benefit from this Second Era, no matter if old, current, returning or new player.


We would also like to share a reflexion about the previous Survey’s results. It looks like our community liked both The Soft Reset and the new realm similarly and there is a small fraction that wishes to keep everything as it is right now. We think that after the Second Era’s full explanation is released in early October, many players that preferred a new realm or to keep everything as it is may be pleased with the Soft Reset’s option (as it emulates a fresh raiding / PvP scene while honouring every player’s effort until now). This is why a small survey will also be available, so every one of you can tell us if you like it after fully knowing how this actually would work. Please, remember that no step will be done without our community’s approval.


We have ready the First Beta test for this second Era of Progression. It will basically consist into checking the mechanic quality from the first tiers (with the new improvements), buff values, and the functionality of some general systems we have been working on to support the Second Era.


As we have always been doing, the groups that have access by default to our Betas are the ones who participated in the last PvE Tournament. However, after such a long journey and since this is a very emotional moment, we would also like to offer the possibility to participate as special guests in The Second Era’s Betas to old Guilds, old Realm First players…etc. Of course, if a current guild wishes also partake, will be more than welcome. Anyhow, more information about Betas will be published after the upcoming announcement.


Thank you everyone for your support, we hope you enjoy what comes next!


Brewfest is here!

Dalaran-WoW, best private server with pure retail scripts. Brewfest event 2013

Ale y’all! Hop in the drum of celebration!
Prepare yourselves for a few crazy days of being surrounded by pink elephants, wolpertingers and the delicious smell of sausage in the air around Durotar and Dun Morogh, enriched by the aroma of the most exquisite beers from all corners of Azeroth. Ogres, Trolls, Dwarves and Orcs will offer their wares with the Brewmaster’s specific music in the zone, invite one of the revelers for a dance and have fun.
Participate in the Ram race! Advertise the Brewfest in Orgrimmar and Ironforge and you may receive a beer barrel on the way. You can also dress up in Brewfest clothes and dance in Dalaran after a few beers, if you haven’t had too many it might even net you a reward.
However, this holiday event will also claim the attention of the Dark Iron Dwarves, who will try their hardest to steal the beer and bring it to their Chief, Coren Direbrew, hidden inside Blackrock Depths’ Grim Guzzler bar – your mission will be to stop them and defeat their leader and his daughter.
Did you know that if you are present when Mekkatorque (Dun Morogh) or Vol’jin (Durotar) give their Brewfest speech, you will get a buff called Brewfest Enthusiast, which gives you an extra 10% experience? That will surely help you in your adventures!

Thank brew very much, cheers!