Happy Holidays!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Citizens of Dalaran,

We would like to wish you happy Holiday and a wonderful New Year on behalf of all the staff members of Dalaran-WoW.

It has been a year with many changes and improvements, but we expect the 2017 will come stronger and with more exciting news.

We want to give our most sincere gratitude to all our community for your amazing support and constant collaboration with us in so many ways. From the new player recommending the server to his/her friends, to the old player that logs once in a while to check any news or important changes; from the fresh level 80 that starts facing Kel’thuzad to the Champions of the Trial of the Gran Crusader that were facing the Lich King during the Beta session this past weekend.

We wish you jolly days and enjoy the Winter Veil event!


Onyxian Whelpling


Hello community;

We would like to remind that Onyxia’s Lair will be opening at 17.00 server time.

In order to remember this moment, as you may know, you can adopt a little Onyxian Whelpling from the shops.

There are many whelps waiting for a new parent, do not hesitate to ask them to take a deep breath every once in a while, we promise it will not hurt as much as her beloved mother’s breath.

We are certain that under your protection, they will not want to follow their grandfather’s cataclysmic footsteps.

Enjoy it!

For the Alliance! – free Horde guild transfers.


Hello community,

As you probably know, we are trying to help with the faction balance by disabling the faction transfer from the Alliance to the Horde, as well as reducing the prizes from the Horde to the Alliance. However, it is not working as faster as we originally thought it would.

Because of this, we have decided to go a bit further and offer to the Horde guilds FREE faction transfers as a whole, with the only requirement that all the characters who wish to be transferred must be at least level 70. Of course, we are also providing help with the Guild Bank for a smoother transition.

If you are interested and you want to help us balancing the factions, write us an e-mail to:dalaran.community@gmail.com with “Guild Name – Transfer” as a subject, please. We shall forward you more details and instructions about the process.

Remember to read carefully every detail which can be applied to the Wrath of the Lich King expansion from the Faction Change Service before transferring any character: http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Faction_Change_service

Thank you in advance to those guilds that support this initiative, and remember: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

Onyxia’s Lair Beta test.


Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

We are glad to announce that Onyxia’s Lair Beta test will be done the Saturday April 23rd. The PTR realm will be opened from 18:00 until 03:00, Server Time.

We do not expect any major issue to appear during this test so, the official release date should be announced the day right after the Beta is finished. With the Onyxia’s Lair official release announcement, we shall also set a timeframe for the Icecrown Citadel’s Beta.

We will need the players to test every mechanic from this encounter and report any issue that they may find, so we can hotfix it as fast as we can.

As for who is invited to this Onyxia’s Lair test – if your guild has participated on any of our Betas, you are implicitly invited to come and check Onyxia. However, if you did not but your guild is actively raiding, you can also write us and apply for it (explain why your guild should be considered, tell us your guild’s current progression, etc.).

Every guild who wishes to participate, should select a representative and he/she must write us an e-mail to dalaran.community@gmail.com with the following format:

Subject: GUILD NAME – Onyxia’s Lair Beta test.
Content: Which difficulties you are going to test (you can check only 10 players mode, only 25 players mode or even both of them) and a list of players who will assist (alts and replacements can be added).

Information about how to connect and more related details will be explained through the e-mails some days before the given date.

Thank you very much, we really hope you enjoy it.

Midsummer Fire Festival


Hello, citizens of Dalaran!

Something special happened days ago around the world, some people call it Kupala, some others Walpurgis, others Beltane, but in Azeroth is known as Midsummer.

You can dance with the flames, become a dancing flame, honor the flames from your faction and desecrate the flames from the enemies. Collect the burning blossoms and purchase the food, the festive clothing or the toys.

Brave Flame Keepers and Flame Wardens that will defeat Ahune, the Frost Lord may get Ice Chip, please, do not let this little one melt near the bonfires.

Midsummer Fire Festival is here! Embrace the spirit of summer!

Have a flametastic event!

Fight For Your Life – Level 1 PvP event by Typhus

gurubashi_arenaHail heroes!

Your journeys here were filled with tough battles and exciting quests that forged you into a citizen of Dalaran. But after all that, after reaching the top, have you ever wondered if you are truly the best? Is there any left to challenge you?

One of you has asked that question and suggested a great battle to find the answer. Typhus wants to everyone to ‘Fight For Your Life’ on June 5th in the ring of the Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn valley, at 19.30 ST.

The rules are simple – everyone against everyone, only level 1 allowed. The winner will receive a hoard of 10000 golden coins in-game from our host.

Such an extraordinary event will be filmed and streamed – Twitch.tv/shaunb19 and will be hosted again if enough interested participants join.

Do you want to prove your worth under the same conditions as the rest? Do you want to ‘Fight For Your Life’, surrounded by enemies on all sides? Do not miss the event!

You’re invited to either participate or spectate the first arena mini-tournament, organized by one of the Dalaran Citizens. Let’s start a monthly battle organized by players, for players. (Because being part of the community is not always about helping each other).

Should you have any question regarding the event, feel free to ask them here (http://www.dalaran-wow.com/forums/community/general-discussion/topic/5582/fight-for-your-life). Dalaran-WoW staff has approved the event and is promoting it, but the event content and organization will be handled by Typhus. We hope to see more of our players come up with cool and interesting ideas to spice up the everyday life in Dalaran.

May the 4th be with you

Hello community.

Blizzard decided some time ago to wink towards us by transforming the famous Frostmourne, the Lich King’s sword, into a more luminous and much bigger version. It is not exactly a lightsaber but the similarities are clear and a quite obvious reference. It is the small contribution that Blizzard team wanted to make to commemorate the arrival of one of the most anticipated releases of the past decade. The continuation of a saga that many fear it will be worse, while others hope and pray it’ll bring back those golden days from a saga of worship.

Great things are waiting ahead with the arrival of “Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens” and Azeroth have already reached the first echoes.

On a day like today, we couldn’t refrain from informing you about this, and we would like to share few pictures of something huge, the binding of two different universes.


If you’ve come across any Star Wars themed items on your journeys across Azeroth, you’re welcome to share them with us.

May the 4th be with you!