Double experience event active until the 17th of March.

Hello Community!

We would like to remind everyone about Algalon’s 6th-anniversary experience event. There is an ongoing double experience event and it will be active until the 17th of March! Also, if you wish to keep your experience in x1 rates, you can write a ticket and your account will be excluded from the x2.

Furthermore, remember to redeem your Banana Charm minion in our vote/donation shop for just 1 point!

We hope everyone enjoys it.

Algalon’s 6th Anniversary: Double experience is now active.

Hello Community,

Do not forget that we are currently celebrating Algalon’s 6th Anniversary. The x2 experience event has already started, benefit from it until the 17th of March! Remember to redeem your Banana Charm minion in our vote/donation shop for just 1 point! If you wish to keep your experience in x1 rates, you can write a ticket and your account will be excluded from the x2.

Algalon’s 6th Anniversary.

Almost 7 years ago, when Dalaran-WoW came to live, we had an idea about how a WoTLK realm should be. We started to slowly give form to that idea and designing the appropriate features – today it has been 6 years since that idea took its final form. The Blue Knight arose and our realm Algalon was released.

Thank you everyone for your support, constant feedback, help and loyalty. We treasure our community because without you this dream would not be possible.

6 years of progression, that’s a lot! Back in the day, we wanted to create a new and unique realm where older tiers could be relevant even after everyone rushed all their way up to the Icecrown Citadel. We had in mind a realm where you could experience the pre-nerfs mechanics in certain bosses and a bit extra difficult encounters, while still enjoyable and fun. We loved the struggle and we savored the guild commitment in the past so, we designed our Algalon realm in order to offer to the rest of the WoTLK lovers this progressive experience.

We wanted to offer stability and long term gameplay, reward the player efforts, take care of your beloved characters and their achievements. We are still working untiringly so the player’s hard work prevails through the years and so that everyone can proudly show the history of their characters.

It has been a marvellous journey; although not always easy or smooth we’ve enjoyed passionately every step of the road. We are a small team, but committed and devoted to the project, thanks to your feedback and suggestions we are constantly trying to improve things.

We were dreamers of improbable dreams, and we made Dalaran, we keep dreaming and evolving our Blue Knight – Algalon, into the best shape that we can offer, and with much more to come.

We feel tied to the community, we smile and laugh with your jokes, we suffer from your disappointments and failures, we try to be there so you don’t have to worry. And we will be there for you.

How will we celebrate this special occasion?

With a x2 experience starting next Saturday 22th of February and ending the 17th of March! For a more detailed explanation, please check Spadita’s post.

Exactly as it was the last time, those who still want to level their characters with x1, feel free to contact our Game Masters via ticket and they will disable the x2 for you.

Thank you for these wonderful 6 years, and counting on the next 6 to be even better! We will try to keep offering our passion, best efforts, the stability and unique ideas we’ve been envisioning since 7 years ago as a token of gratitude for your support.

Following our Algalon realm’s 6th Anniversary announcement, I have been thinking a lot and doing some maths and I discovered something really interesting:

– 6 years = 6 + 5 (letters of the word years) = 11
– The 11th letter of the alphabet is K and this is the symbol of Potassium.
– The banana is a nice source of Potassium.
– Banana has 6 letters, one letter per year of Algalon’s lifetime.
– Wikipedia says that bananas emit radioactivity and that Cerenkov radiation is in the ultraviolet spectrum, but part of the energy is visible light and is seen as a blue glow.
– Algalon is blue and glows, therefore Algalon eats Bananas as a blue source of his powers.
– We will offer you a Banana Charm for just 1 VP/DP in our shops during the Anniversary celebrations.
– 6 days from today is Saturday 22. Saturday = 8 letters + 22 = 30.
– 30 minus 6 days from today up to Saturday 22 = 24.

So it is crystal clear that according to Maths, you will enjoy the x2 experience event from Saturday 22nd of February for 24 days (ending the 17th of March), and during that time you can redeem the minion Banana Charm in our shops for just 1 VP/DP.

Enjoy it!

Love Is In the Air.

How Charming!

I just got my Heart-Shaped Box! Let’s see if the Lovely Luck is on our side, because after Tough Love and Flirt with the Disaster, I Pitied the Fool that wears the Vile Fumigator’s Mask. I would share the Lovely Charm Bracelet, so they would feel a bit less Lonely, everyone needs a powerful Love Token by their side because a Dangerous Love or a Sweet Tooth can get you Perma-Peddled.

We could make a Nation of Adoration together spreading just a Fistful of Love within our comrades, what a Lovely Charm is if you get Shafted! or under the influence of the Rocket’s Pink Glare in the meanwhile!

But remember, My love is like a Red, Red Rose or a Big Love Rocket, we just need to tell each other: Be Mine.


The Love Fool

Lunar Festival is here!

Hello Community!

It is time to honor and pay your respects to the Ancestor’s Spirits across Azeroth, visit the ghostly Elders around and be rewarded with the Coin of Ancestry. And while respect, tradition, and honor are the guide to your pilgrimage to become an Elder yourself, remember to celebrate it with the druids of Moonglade with the huge range of Fireworks available during this week. Also, if you feel fit for the task and want to be blessed by Elune you can defeat Omen, the corrupted demi-god.

The Lunar Festival will be active until the 7th of February


PvP Tournament: Capital Cities Raiding.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

We are proudly introducing a new feature in the PvP Tournament: City Raiding!

We have been working on this idea in order to have some fresh air and to fill those PvP souls with the thrill that is to raid the opposite faction capitals. Each of the leader’s death will count towards the Tournament, allowing to participate to any kind of player, as well as help to balance the scores and of course, encouraging the World PvP.

You can now check the weekly leader kills for each faction through our PvP section.

For now, each City Leader’s death will grant 2 points. We are currently thinking about some possible rewards to be added in the near future, more information will be published shortly.

Aside from that, we have reworked every Faction Leader mechanics, making their encounters a bit more enjoyable. They will also present a small extra challenge thanks to a small HP buff.

Thank you very much for your support and suggestions, they are very helpful. We will improve as much as we can and will continue trying to balance things and keep a fair environment.

Stay tuned, we will post information about a new Wintergrasp Balance System we’ve been working on, as well as the Arena Season reset that is about to happen.

Free 70 boost and x2 experience end 31st of January.

Hello Community,

We’d like to let you know that the free Instant 70 promotion will end 31st of January and, we have extended the duration of the current x2 experience event until the same day. Remember that those who still want to level their characters x1 can contact our Game Masters via ticket and they will disable the x2 for you.

Thank you and enjoy it!

Happy New Year! Celebrate it with double XP and RAF until 80.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

We would like to wish everyone a wonderful Holiday season and a very Happy New Year on behalf of the Dalaran-WoW Staff.

To celebrate these festivities, aside from the currently active Free Instant 70 and a small gift, we would also like to announce that the experience rates will be x2 until January 15th. Those who still want to level their characters with x1, feel free to contact our Game Masters via ticket and they will disable the x2 for you.

Thank you for a wonderful 2019, looking forward to an even better 2020, we have plenty of exciting news!


BG Tournament: Wintergrasp.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

As you may be aware, we’ve been including some features to the Battleground Tournament each week (such as Tournament ladders with participation rewards, score system update…etc). As mentioned in previous news, there are many things that we will be slowly introducing into the Tournament.

This week, we have a new interesting addition: Wintergrasp Battle. This means that Wintergrasp battles are very relevant and will count towards the global score; each win will be shown on the PvP section and will score 10 extra points to the corresponding faction.

What comes next?

The PvP section will keep getting little upgrades, our next step is to introduce a City Raiding system/feature into the Tournament, as well as show some extra PvP statistics. We are having a blast seeing so much participation and interest, receiving this many suggestions and support for this idea, we are going to keep working hard to improve it and make it as fun and challenging as we can. Thank you everyone!

As a side note, we have decided to reset the current Arena Season, more info about this and the upcoming arena ladders on website will follow shortly. We are also going to stop publishing the weekly winner as new on the website, although we will keep announcing it in the forums and Social Media, alongside with the ingame system message.

Thank you.

Weekly BG Tournament winner: Alliance

Roaring victory for the Alliance as the weekly winner of the Battleground Tournament! The banners fluttering in the wind will be the blue ones with golden lions!

Congratulations Alliance! Good job fighting back your enemies and be victorious again.

We are going to detail the rewards that the Alliance is going to enjoy this week as fair winners of the tournament:

  • Extra Wintergrasp Mark of Honor.

  • Extra Honor.

  • Extra experience in Dungeons.

  • Small amount of Arena Points upon finishing a level 80 BG.

  • 25% emblem drop chance upon finishing a WoTLK Random Heroic Dungeon (Frost for ICC attuned players, or the corresponding emblem based on character progression).

  • Extra emblem drop from certain WoTLK Raid Bosses (Frost for ICC attuned players, or the corresponding emblem based on character progression). Naxxramas: Loatheb, Maexxna, The 4 Horsemen, Thaddius and Kel’Thuzad; Ulduar: XT-002 Deconstructor, Auriaya, Mimiron, Yogg’Saron; ToC: Lord Jaraxxus, Twin Val’kyrs, Anub’arak.

We will take advantage of the announcement to congratulate the top winners in the scores of H.K. and participation in BGs. Fantastic job! Now is time to enjoy your bounty and good luck opening the rewards! You can also use those paints to mark your next victim and create nice strategies to mislead the enemies!