Faction Balance: Free transfers to Alliance.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

We would like to perform a faction balance, therefore we are updating the Faction Transfer prices as per following:

The new prices for Horde -> Alliance transfers will be:

  • Free.

The new prices for Alliance -> Horde transfers will be:

  • 225 Vote Points.
  • 15 Donation Points.

This update takes immediate effect.
Thank you.

Faction Transfers open again.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

Now that factions are a bit more balanced, we have decided to open again the transfers from the Alliance to the Horde. We will keep monitoring both factions and apply several measures if needed.

Thank you very much.


Changes to faction transfers.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

We are going to block the Alliance to Horde transfers, as well as drastically reduce the prices of the Horde to Alliance faction change for some time, with the intention of bringing a bit more of balance to the factions. This changes will be effective from the 9th of February.

The new prices for Horde characters will be:
– 20 Vote Points.
– 1 Donation Point.

Thank you.


For the Alliance! – free Horde guild transfers.


Hello community,

As you probably know, we are trying to help with the faction balance by disabling the faction transfer from the Alliance to the Horde, as well as reducing the prizes from the Horde to the Alliance. However, it is not working as faster as we originally thought it would.

Because of this, we have decided to go a bit further and offer to the Horde guilds FREE faction transfers as a whole, with the only requirement that all the characters who wish to be transferred must be at least level 70. Of course, we are also providing help with the Guild Bank for a smoother transition.

If you are interested and you want to help us balancing the factions, write us an e-mail to:dalaran.community@gmail.com with “Guild Name – Transfer” as a subject, please. We shall forward you more details and instructions about the process.

Remember to read carefully every detail which can be applied to the Wrath of the Lich King expansion from the Faction Change Service before transferring any character: http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Faction_Change_service

Thank you in advance to those guilds that support this initiative, and remember: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

Step forward.


Hello there,


As you might be aware, we have been performing more maintenances than the usual lately. Most of the changes and fixes that have been deployed are related to exploits that were spread across the community and some important spells, quests and dungeon fixes that were reported a while ago. The main reason of them, though, is to improve the performance of the server itself and to provide an improved quality to all the players before the incoming releases of Onyxia’s Lair and Icecrown Citadel.


The changes have been tested thoroughly but they are pretty delicate, so I will be prepared to deal with any unforeseen instability issue that may arise. By performing the changes one by one, we make sure to be able to find the source of the problem and to fix it pretty quick, in case it is required. Some known crashes that were affecting the server for the last few months have been fixed. As soon as a new one appears, we investigate it and deploy a fix for it as soon as possible. There could also be the case where a very unlikely crash happens a couple of times in a short period of time, but that does not mean that there are more crashes than the week before, it is basically bad timing, if we can call it that. We seek with perseverance stability and good performance.


We would like to thank you all for the patience you are having and we would also like to ask you to refrain from spreading rumors or false information about what is happening, since it will just mislead players.


We are going to drastically reduce the prices of the faction change for some time (Horde -> Alliance), with the intention of bringing a bit more of balance to the factions. Just for now, the transfers from the Alliance to the Horde shall be closed. This change will be active between today and tomorrow.


New prices for Horde characters:


  • 20 Vote Points.
  • 1 Donation Point.


During this week, I am planning to announce the Onyxia’s Lair Beta testing (most likely tomorrow) in the news and announcements section of the forums as well as in our Social Media, so that everyone becomes aware of it.


It may seem we are not going very fast, but our steps are steady. Thank you very much.

Faction Change

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

From now on, the Alliance will also be able to use the faction change service and transfer their characters to the Horde. The old prices have been reestablished.

We are really grateful to those players who have given us such nice and detailed feedback about the factions balance.

Thank you very much.


Character services now available on Algalon.


Hello there.

This features are already working in both realms: Kirin Tor and Algalon:

  • Name change (with Vote and Donation points).
  • Race change (with Donation points).
  • Faction change (with Vote and Donation points).
  • Character re-customization (with Donation Points).

Before use them, be sure you have enough points to purchase them and you have selected the correct character and realm.
Thank you and enjoy them!.