Reporting for duty!


We want to continue to improve our level of communication and assistance to you, the community. This new post is to detail what we are working on currently, and what we have in mind right now.

– As you may have noticed the number of weekly fixes has been improved with nearly daily deployments. We are constantly clearing the bug-tracker and we want every single detail to be corrected. Once the majority of important fixes are solved we will make a huge revamp of all the Classic and TBC Dungeons/Raids, but we need to focus first on the issues already reported.

– Alongside those fixes, we have been working to improve many systems in order to have a smoother gameplay, such as the Dungeon Finder system, pathfinding, maps, view distance, combat bug and many Wintergrasp important changes (preparations for the incoming internal balance/struggle system). More information about them shall be published in our next Changelog.

– Encouraging the players to make reports of every issue they find in our bug-tracker, it is the key to improve Dalaran’s quality for everyone, and we shall all cooperate on it. If it is not reported there we will not be aware of it, therefore it can’t be fixed. Please, report everything to our bug tracker:

– Increase and improve our communication with you, including our communication on our Social Media, it is a nice and really forward way to stay tuned about every change or important notification. Our Social Media always has relevant information, although we need to improve our feedback response, you can follow us in order to keep track on our important information or latest posts (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Blog and Youtube).

– Increase our tester team, since there are many changes to be tested each week before deploying them to the live realm. As our latest incorporations (Teri and A.Tock) are quite settled, we believe is a great moment to increase the ranks. We will make an announcement about it.

– We want also to increase the Game Master team once again since there are many returning players and many new players each day, we need a higher number of Game Masters to cover all the time frames. It will be a slow process but we are confident we will get a perfect match. Another announcement shall be done about this.

– Keep punishing Win-traders and Exploiters, every report is taken into consideration, remember that you can always report an abusive tactic, someone you have seen doing something fishy, etc… by the in-game ticket system, including screenshots or videos if possible. We will investigate and deal with all of them; we have zero tolerance for cheaters.

– Keep the community ideas and suggestions alive. We want to make you participants in the present and future of Dalaran WoW, and we are thinking on the best way you could collaborate, suggest or even criticize us. We will develop more what we have in mind about this in future news posts.

Lok’Tar Ogar! / For the Alliance!

PS: A new changelog will be published with the latest changes applied this month as soon as possible. Stay tuned!


Improvements and plans.

Hello Community,

We want to clarify a few things with you regarding the workflow and plans.

We would like to recognize, that even with many tries to deal with the pending tasks, we have seen ourselves overwhelmed with the workload and by the weight of everything that had to be done. Because of this we have mostly focused on the same: High End game and stability. We believe we failed with managing some PvP related aspects, as well as communication. Other areas of the game have been delayed or postponed with the hope of finding a good moment where we could have more time to focus on their management.

So it is our intention with this announcement, to inform the community that we are already taking the relevant measures in order to correct all this now, with the majority of the high end raids being stable and in really good shape.

We would love to give you more feedback with changelogs and suitable reports about what is going on, bringing the community together and improving the other areas of the game that have been stagnant, as well as increasing the support with trusted people in our ranks.

We have been always a small team, we had some setbacks since the beginning and we keep the thought that even if the workload is unbearable, it will have better results with fewer of us but with total confidence between the team. For this reason there were just a few recruits for the Game Master positions, with strict organization and no new additions unless they have the total trust from me and Malkavia. This is why I was the only developer for most of the time, and when others joined they had no way to push the fixes to the live realm. The internal organization was not the correct one and it has proved itself multiple times that it needed to be changed – it was drastically delaying the workflow.

Now, what are our plans to solve these issues?

– Since important fixes were delayed in order to push the current raid tier content and avoid conflicts, now is the time to start pushing them to the live realm. For example: Long awaited class fixes.

– Fixes have been deployed bit by bit in many areas, with no changelog or notification. But we are already working on the changelogs with incoming fixes to be deployed. The general fix deployment rate will be increased.

– There will be regular changelogs from now on (not with every maintenance, but when there are enough corrections to write one) – players must be aware of which hotfixes are being applied.

– Two Game Masters: Tyr and Teri, have joined our ranks after a long wait – more incorporations will follow. The ingame assistance should have a noticeable improvement in speed and quality.

– Actively punishing all the win-traders and exploiters that are investigated after reports, and confirmed as such.

– New internal project structure, so everything is much more agile and easily deployed.

– Design a notification schedule about everything that is happening (events, fixes, important changes, PvE Tournaments, Ruby Sanctum’s beta/release…etc).

Dalaran-WoW was born from the passion that we have for this game, we have been adapting ourselves to every setback along this journey and we absolutely learn from our mistakes. We love this project and we are devoted to it, we want to give our players the best and we will not stop until that is achieved.

Thank you for the constructive criticisms and the love and loyalty that you have shown us, you deserve our best, and we intend to give you that.

A Gift of Wisdom


Greetings citizens of Dalaran.

We wanted to bring back a long-lost feature, one that we believe is necessary for our players and will spice up the daily lives on Dalaran-WoW.

As you are aware, our team was quite small these past few years and several features and improvements had to be delayed or put on hold to focus on more pressing matters. With the great help of our new additions to the Development and Game Master teams, we can once again resume that work.

The feature we are talking about is, of course, the celebrated Changelog. Each new addition is special, as we have put much care and hard work into them and each one has a thematic relevance to it. We have also kept the old Changelog entries in the Archived section, as we believe they were worth preserving. We would also love to document and publish in a future all the work done until now as archived changelogs.

Onwards to the people doing the development work: Robinsch is our main class developer, Rushor is working on general development and Jonanone is polishing quest areas. We would also like to inform you that a few of the primary staff members that started with us as Game Masters are also collaborating with the developers and are helping with fixes and testing, most noticeably Khazgorath and Golganeth. There is also an extra developer in the process to start collaborating to the class and PvP fixes.

In order to streamline the process, the Bug-tracker has been greatly improved with the addition of new tags, templates etc. and all Game Masters will be more active there as well. We continue counting on your help with feedback and well-organized reports, as they both aid us greatly in identifying and fixing outstanding issues. It is your reports that bring most of the problems to our attention and without this constant effort from your side, Dalaran would not be the same. Is this team effort that unites us in our quest for the perfect WotLK home.

On a side note, we have already set up a permanent PTR realm to test all the changes before they are deployed to the live realm, we have been thinking of inviting a few players to it for intensive testing sessions (dungeons, full quest zones, etc..). We will make a selection process for the Tester position, more information will be in a future announcement.

We would also like to take advantage of this announcement to thank the community for the efforts made to adapt to the social rules and for reporting those who were ignoring server rules of behaviour. Thanks to you, the overall quality and mood of our global chat has vastly improved and we are certain that all newcomers will be happy to join the community jokes and conversations. It is our belief that good community interactions are an important basis for Dalaran, and it is something every citizen can help with to make our home even better. Keep it up!



New team members.

support_header (1)

Hello community,

We would like you to inform you that we have already selected 5 developers from all the applicants. Two of them will be fully dedicated to the classes and spells. These two developers will also work in the PvP content and overall server optimization once the classes are vastly improved. We will also have a quest developer, as well as 2 more collaborators who will help us with dungeons and overall server polishing.

With the introduction of the new developers, we are going to open a new subforum dedicated to the changelog. There you will be able to see all the fixes and all the changes performed very easily, instead of having to go to the bug tracker and check the closed reports.

In a few days, we will be recruiting a few volunteer testers, whose task will be to verify the new fixes made by the development team, before implementing them into the live server. We will give more detailed information about this position when the time comes, as well as an announcement in the website, stay tuned.

We would also like to give a warm welcome and to congratulate our new 4 Game Masters. They started a few weeks ago and they seem to fit perfectly in our team. Their effort and dedication can be already noticed by the players and the in-game assistance has improved quite a bit. They are solving the most common and basic in-game issues.

Anyway, we will be rechecking all the Game Master applications we have received, since we would like to incorporate 2 more of them, in order to better cover the NA times. If none of the current applicants can fit the time schedules, we may be reopening the recruitment with that specific requirement.

Since the tasks are now better distributed between the staff members and the workflow will be less heavy for everyone, our communication with you, the community, will be more constant and effective.

We are really excited about this and we are looking forward to improve our content even more. We will continue giving our best and never stop until we achieve a perfect WoTLK home.

Thank you very much.

Dalaran-WoW recruiting Game Masters

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Hello there community,

We are opening our circle and recruiting new staff members in order to help us with ingame tasks, as well as forums moderation. We are looking forward to have you in our ranks.

This is not just a recruitment where we are looking for more people in order to make our work easier. We are looking for someone who is willing to join our family, someone who feels the essence of this expansion like us, and someone who loves this special, unique and epic project.

These people could help us with many things, for example with ingame tasks – which would consist in helping players with their issues, advising them about the correspondant matters and making sure that all the rules are respected. In some additional cases, a few testing tasks would be required in our private test server.

If you are chosen, you would have another Game Master at your side, who would explain you everything, as well as expose some rules.

We could make an application form, we could list a sort of requirements before anyone presents himself. However, we would like you to redact your own honest words without any kind of preconception and predefined structure, we want you to be natural. Why should we trust on your person and on your work?

We do not need you to be an experienced Game Master, we are willing to teach you. What we need is a trustable person with some free time, knowledge and PASSION for the WoTLK who feels the game like we do and shares our ideals.

There is just one strict requirement, you must be a Dalaran-WoW player or an old Dalaran-WoW player with XXX time with us at your back who took a break.

Write us an e-mail to: with your Kirin Tor / Algalon character name, a part of any kind of personal information that you wish to provide us.

Subject: Main character name – Game Master recruitment.

We will need time to study them all and select from there to whom we consider special and appropiate.

Thank you very much.


Reminder: Mutes and Bans.

– Exploiters and Hackers are being punished constantly with a Permanent ban, refrain yourself from those behaviours if you want to play with us. There is no global announcement when the ban occurs anymore. Tickets reporting players must contain proof about it (include the screenshots or video links on the ticket), tickets reporting players without proof will be discarded.

– Disrespectful or inappropriate names are being forced to rename without warning, it will lead into a ban if continued.

– Disrespectful or inappropriate behaviour will be punished with mutes or bans if repeated, if you want to report those behaviours please make a screenshot and include it in your ticket report, it will help us to perform the punishment even if you are offline, tickets reporting players without proof will be discarded.

– We will disband any guild with an inappropriate name.

– We believe we do not have to warn the players constantly about some kind of statements that exalt terrorism, nazism and racism or even personal attacks to other players. We will start to mute players without warning so avoid those comments and attitudes. If you want to make jokes you can always use another kind of subjects for it.

Stay polite and respectful on every aspect of the game.

Dalaran-WoW schedule, tasks and general information.


Hello there Citizens of Dalaran,

We just wanted to give a small heads up and notify to the community about our intentions and development schedule, as well as other general information.

As you probably already know, we are a small team and we have been for quite a while focusing on Ulduar and in some small details/issues in time to time. We are still correcting some things and preparing the new host for the Beta testing server (PTR). However, Ulduar’s release is near and we want to transmit which are our thoughts and intentions after its release.

Right after the official launch and its stabilization, we will finish those tasks which we had to stop working on due all the time that Ulduar was consuming from us, and continue with our development schedule normally.

These are some of the tasks:

  • Correcting and fixing all the errors and issues that may appear in Ulduar while our player’s experience it. The beta test intention is to reduce this issues, though.


  • Back to fixing quests, class issues, roleplay scripting… etc. Overall server polishing.


  • Core support for our PvE Tournament – at least for the speed runs.


  • Website full upgrade (Algalon synchronization with the forums, Arena ladders, rest of the features, new section for the PvE Tournament…etc).


  • Full Changelog’s update (finally, since there are a lot of fixes not written there yet), which will be huge.


  • New Game masters training and incorporation.

Some general information:

  • As you probably know and some of you did already test, we did develop an specific/unique gear restriction system for Algalon. We have decided to not deploy it YET, in order to allow the maximum number of players enjoy the most epic raid ever created while it is the new and highest level raid. But it will be deployed in the future – we have still to decide when. Side note: Achievement restriction will be there, of course.


  • Beta Testers: You will be notified during the next days with several instructions and concrete date. Have in mind that each Beta Test account will have an IP block so you will not be able to share it with anyone (we are aware that everyone uses a dynamic IP – there will be a procedure to change it if someone needs to, and the proper way to verify that is the same user. If someone tries to pass his account to other player, he will instantly be removed from the testing).


  • This patch’s stats and talents (3.3.5a), make the older content a bit easier than it should be so as we did with the Tier 7, Ulduar will be buffed. The Beta Test will have already this buff so, we will set the final buff in function of our testers feedback and it will not be ever modified, they will have the final word. This buff has the intention to achieve the Blizzlike essence and the feeling that Ulduar brought to everyone on its retail days, when it was the current and new raid. Is not an easy raid and the players must put a lot of effort and organization to progress through it and its hard modes.


  • We have currently some big advertisement campaigns hired (Facebook, Google Adwords and several fixed advertisements). However we would like to expand it via Reddit and Youtube. Of course any kind of suggestion will be totally welcome, you can do it by writting here: and our online Community Manager will study it in depth.


  • We are currently in the process to hire one or two more Software Engineers which would work asdevelopers with us. But we will not open any application for this since they were coworkers and university classmates of mine in the past (Lothloryen).


  • We have already received almost 100 applications for our Game Masters recruitment. Everyone will receive a feedback, whether the answer is positive or negative. But be patient, please, we want to have at least 2 new members so, the decision is tough.


  • We will announce Ulduar’s official launch date, when we have the first impressions from our Beta Testers.

Thank you very much for reading it.