Holidays gift: Free Instant 70 to enjoy the New Year.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

We would like to wish everyone a wonderful Holiday season and a very happy New Year on behalf of the Dalaran-WoW Staff.

It looks like many players missed the instant 70 promotion we gifted for our 5th Anniversary during the Summertime and as we have received many suggestions to open it again only for those who couldn’t enjoy it back then; we have thought to offer it for everyone who has been playing with us until now, as a way to celebrate these festivities and give you a well-deserved gift. But this time for just a month.

Because a New Year is approaching and we need all the strength to face again Kel’thuzad, Yogg’Saron, Anub’Arak and The Lich King, the best way is to lend you a hand and make the amazing Northrend content instantly available for you.

– In order to check if you are eligible, you need to be logged in and visit If you can see the “Free” option, you are eligible.

– It is totally free and you do not need to be premium.
– The free pack will contain the starting set and a Cold Weather Flying book.
– Once you have used it over one of your characters, you can’t use it anymore.
– Only available for a month.
– If you have donation points but you are eligible for the Free boost, the free boost shall have priority and no donation points will be deducted from your account.

Thank you for a wonderful 2018, looking forward to an even better 2019.

5th Anniversary: Promotions ending on 21st of September

Hello community,

We would like to remind you about our 5th Anniversary promotion; the Free Instant 70 and the Shops discounts. (You can read about it here.)

This promotion will be available until the 21st of September. After that, the shop discounts will end and all those who haven’t used the Anniversary’s Free Instant 70 will not have the opportunity to do so.

When it finishes, we will apply some discounts on certain items in our shops and services (to their original prices) – with no deadline. We will specify more once the Anniversary promotion ends so, stay tuned!

Thank you for your interest!

5th Anniversary: Free instant 70 and Shop discounts.

Hello community.

As you already know, we have just celebrated our 5th Anniversary and we are so grateful to every one of you that we would like to give you a nice reward for your adventures in Dalaran-WoW.

From the first Hogger kill or those beasts killed in the Barrens, to the first brawls in Stranglethorn Valley. Surely you can’t forget passing through the Dark Portal, the grinding in Zangarmarsh and of course, your first travel to Northrend in the boat or zepelling. That is the start of the incredible journey that you have experienced with us time after time.

We have thought about lending a hand to all those who believed in us and made their home in Dalaran-WoW. Just for once, just because you were there before, just because you deserve it, you have the choice to enjoy one Instant 70 boost for free during this Summertime.

This time of celebration starts in Northrend, and we will provide you the proper path for that: one free Instant 70 for everyone who started with us before our 5th anniversary.

In addition, you can enjoy a discount of 50% from our Donation Shop and 20% from our Vote Shop.

Few quick notes:

– In order to check if you are eligible, you need to be logged in and visit If you can see the “Free” option, you are eligible.
– It is totally free and you do not need to be premium.
– It is the improved version of our instant 70, which means that you will also receive a Tome of the Cold Weather Flight, as well as the 2 Heirlooms of your choice.
– Once you have used it over one of your characters, you can’t use it anymore.
– Only available during the Summertime.
– If you have donation points but you are eligible for the Free boost, the free boost shall have priority and no donation points will be deducted from your account.
– The Shop Discounts are already applied.

Thank you for your wonderful support!

Recruit a friend, level faster in Dalaran-WoW!




We are glad to announce that all players on Dalaran WoW will now have the opportunity to make use of the Recruit-a-Friend feature. Everyone, Premium and non-Premium users can from now on recruit a friend. The only condition to use the feature is that your friend mustn’t already have an account with the email that you are recruiting.

  • How to use the Recruit-a-friend feature?:

-You must have an account in Dalaran WoW.

-You need one character on the Kirin Tor realm (level doesn\’t matter) to send the request.

-Go to this link and send to your friend WITHOUT an account on Dalaran-WoW a request: . You can also follow this path: Account -> Player Options -> Refer a Friend, or click on the Image from Recommended Services about “Recruit a Friend”.

-Your friend must make the account using the unique code he will receive in his e-mail.

-The benefits will only work from level 1 to 60, as it used to be back in WotLK (except the mount rewards).

  • What are the benefits from the Recruit a Friend?:

1 – You and your friend will benefit from x3 rate experience from level 1 to 60 as long as these conditions are met: – Be in the same party group and in the same zone (closer than 90 yards). – Have your friend in your friend list in-game. – The level difference between you must be 4 or less.

2 – Your friend will be able to grant you levels

3 – If you recruit 5 different friends and all of them level up to level 15 or higher, you will be rewarded with the Swift Zhevra mount.

4 – If your friend becomes a Premium User, you will receive the X-53 Touring Rocket (the 2 passenger flying mount).

Enjoy it!

Stay tuned here:

Shops are now available for both realms.

Hello community,

The shops have already been synchronized with both of the realms. It’s pretty easy to use them but we are going to explain few of the simple steps and some other extra information. Note that we will not be offering any kind of refunding because of mistakes or anything similar.

– Make sure that you have the enough amount of points which are needed to purchase your item, and also check if you are searching on the right shop (either Donation or Vote one).

– Make sure that you have selected the right character.

– We will not be offering any refunding if you send an item to a wrong character or if you make any kind of mistake.

– Make sure that your character can use the item you want to purchase. (Check out if it has any kind of requirements such as reputation, level, and so on).

Note: If you are having issues during the purchase, you should enable your Javascript or use Google Chrome as your browser, it should work then.

The rest of the features shall be enabled soon enough, refrain from asking or creating new threads about this matter. We will make an announcement as soon as everything is completely synchronized.

Currently, Algalon has the SHOPS, Instant Level 70 boost and CELESTIAL STEED service enabled. Kirin tor has everything enabled.


Instant 70 level Feature enabled (TEMPORAL).

Hello everyone :

We have enabled the option Instant 70 level in our Realm Kirin Tor .We would like to mention why we have decided to temporarily enable the Instant 70, and explain to newcomers the origin of this decision.

As we have always said, we listen to our community, and although we as staff were very pleased with our initial population (remember our release date – July 20th ) players were somewhat concerned with the number of players online at the same time and they proposed several options to increase it, especially migrations or Instant 80 option.

 To avoid an exodus and strengthen our community, we considered several options to attract more players. And above all, we considered all the proposals that you offered ( even though we were not entirely agree).

The first thing we wanted to implement was a solution as similar to Retail as possible. We adapted conceptually one of the current Blizzard features to our WOTLK world, we were thinking hard and trying to create a comfortable feature for the players.

We made a temporary solution to attract external players to Dalaran-WoW, ressurect internal players and benefit those who were with us from the begining, and then keep that feature permanently as blizzlike as possible.

Because it was a decision that greatly would affect the population, we decided to create a poll to see the players perspective. Most of them decided a much simpler option, as well as less blizzlike. So despite our Ideals, we agreed to make this option, just TEMPORARY.

So it is a decision that has been made because the population showed a very valid arguments which seconded this option. The idea comes from our community and with the poll we wanted to consider all the points of views. But despite it could bring more players, the idea did not please most of the Staff members, we believe in the idea that what can strengthen more our community is the Refer a Friend feature.

So let’s clarify a bit the chronological order of the steps , so everyone can see clearly the facts as they happened:

  1. We did not have the intention to create this feature ( and is therefore temporary). Our potential as a server comes with our job as Staff, our scripts quality (and their similitude with Retail) and our love and loyalty to the WotLK .
  2. The community started asking for this feature almost just after the release, claiming it as “extra way” to attract more people , it means something extra to get people and not an exclusive way to grow. Always in these comments and topics many players suggested to show our quality to make the server population to grow, and we must agree with them, this is actually, our best potential. Our Scripts are probably the best scripts on any Private Server.
  3. We enabled the Refer a Friend feature and added the Heirlooms( that grant experience) in the Vote shop, once every Realm First achievement level 80 were taken.
  4. We proposed to adapt to our WOTLK world a current Retail solution to repopulate Azeroth. We presented our ideas and our concept design based on this feature. Therefore we published a poll where the rest of the options (except instant 80 ) were exposed.
  5. The population chose Instant 70 (which surprised us).
  6. We opened a Temporary Instant 70 in exchange for two more Donation Points than the minimum donation, since this option also allows you to benefit from Refer a Friend (which is a x3 experience until level 60), we do not feel it fair to enjoy the same benefits with the same number of Donation Points because: 1st) We are not 100% agree with this feature, 2nd) It would not be fair to all those who already donated to use the Refer a Friend feature before, so if we would make it match with the points needed to obtain this “Instant 70” option, it would be inconsistent with our values. 3rd) Whoever benefit from Instant 70, can also benefit from the Refer a Friend.

So arguments like those which were stated in our forums, private messages or even global chats, are totally out of place. This option is yours, is an easier way to step into the game and this idea came from our players. It is not necessary to use this feature to join Dalaran-WoW.

Our way to fill the server is working hard and with dedication, offering the most similar experience to the original WoTLK. We have always said that with patience and discipline Dalaran-WoW will achieve to be the best private server based in this expansion which we all adore.

Our “boost” is the Refer a Friend feature (permanent), and just a side note, In Blizzard that feature expires at third month after start using it, but we didn’t apply that restriction.

We think after read this explanations all of you will understand why we made this option, and why we made it the way it is.  As we always said and have shown to you, every time any player of our server asks or advises us anything using logical words and properly detailed arguments, we have considered it, and if it is a doable option and we are agree with it, we will give it a chance.