The Arena Season 7 has started

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

The Arena Season 7 has already started, we hope everyone enjoys it. We are currently working on many class corrections in order to make the experience much better, we shall slowly deploy them to the Algalon realm.

Koralon the Flame Watcher was supposed to be released today, however we are going to postpone its release to the next Friday, due the recent amount of unexpected issues and world events/dungeon releases.

Thank you very much.

ToC 5, Koralon and the new PvP season

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

Now that everything is a bit more settled, we can already release Trial of the Champion dungeon and welcome to the new PvP season.

The dungeon will be opened the next Tuesday, December 1st and the PvP season will start the Friday 4th, on which day Koralon the Flame Watcher shall be also available.

We hope everyone enjoys it.

Thank you very much.

Dates and further details about the new content.


Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

We would like to let the community know certain dates and details about how the next content is going to be released.

First of all, as you already are aware, the Trial of the Crusader raid (every difficulty on their pre-nerf status) is going to be opened this Saturday November 7th, this will happen at 20:00 Server Time. Each player will need to have completed Ulduar on normal mode in order to be qualified to enter ToC, which means you need to have achieved The Secret of Ulduar (10 players) if you want to enter into ToC/ToGC 10 man and The Secret of Ulduar (25 players) for ToC/ToGC 25 man.

We will not mention Onyxia’s Lair, as we have to perform a previous Beta Test before it is released, but you shall be updated regarding this matter once the realm first is achieved. However, as mentioned before, Onyxia’s Lair will be available around 2 months after ToC’s release.

Now, as we would like to make every release enjoyable without breaking the progression feeling, we are not going to open the Trial of the Champion dungeon this Saturday, but the November 20th. Koralon The Flame Watcher will be available with this update as well. Also because of this, the Northrend’s Heroic dungeon bosses will not drop any Emblem of Triumph yet, we will announce when they are going to after see how the guilds are progressing through the new content. Remember that in order to be entitled to loot these emblems the Keepers of Ulduar personal achievement will also be required. We shall explain everything before update Algalon with such feature. Of course, every Emblem of Triumph or item which is not supposed to be obtainable right now but it was due our mistake shall be wiped this Saturday.

The arena season ends this Saturday as well, we are going to announce the beginning of the next one and the rewards through another new. Before the next arena season starts, we are going to check every wintrading report in order to exclude them from the rewards and the season itself, so we can perform the proper punishment.

Thank you very much.



Due the massive amount of suggestions that we have received through tickets and e-mails about reconsidering the entrance requirement for ToC, we have decided to accept them. So, in order to access ToC/ToGC 10, each player shall need to have achieved The Secret of Ulduar (10 players) and The Secrets of Ulduar (25 players) for ToC/ToGC 25.

However, as we want to have a healthy and active patch, we will be open to suggestions during the next content’s progression. As always, we are really thankful to every player who respectfully presents his opinion thinking the best way to improve the server.

Thank you very much.

Near future plans:



Hello there Citizens of Dalaran,

We would like to let our community know about the next steps we will perform during the next months.

I would also like to communicate that Trial of the Crusader’s release shall be delayed a little bit (originally it was planned to be launched during late march) because we want all the new players to also have the chances to enjoy the launch. Of course, this way there will be much more competition. We will keep you updated on this matter.

However, we can tell you in advance, how the release of the raid will be distributed:

-Trial of the Crusader will be released first, as well as Trial of the Champion (normal and heroic) 5 players instance, and Koralon, the Flame Watcher inside the Vault of Archavon.
-After some time, Trial of the Grand Crusader will be released.
-Onyxia’s Lair will be released after a month of ToGC launch.

All the restrictions and exact timing set for each raid will be announced right after the Beta is finished. Furthermore, this patch will be the shorter one and it will not last as long as Tier 7 and Tier 8 did.

Maybe the Dalaran-WoW’s PvE Tournament: Legends of Dalaran seems forgotten – but it is not. We are currently designing and discussing about the tournament structure for this tier, it will be similar to the previous tier one, but with some modifications. If you wish to send us your suggestions, please do it before we publish the official dates and rules, by writing us to:

All the guilds who participate on all the stages of this event shall have access to the Trial of the Crusader’s Beta.

As a side note, several website disabled features shall be enabled again bit by bit and some more Game Masters will be joining our staff – they are already selected and waiting for us to be introduced and to start collaborating with us.

Thank you very much