Midsummer Fire Festival.

We want to welcome the hottest event of the year! Midsummer Fire Festival is here!

We are just warming up, but get ready to light this place up!

Let’s start playing with fire as a Torch Juggler, then you can do a Burning Hot Pole Dance but if that is not hot enough for you, you can visit the bonfires to Honor them as a random act of kindle-ness or Desecrate them if you can’t take the heat. You may earn some Burning Blossoms along the way.

You can also face Lord Ahune inside The Slave Pens, and unless the battle burns you up, you may get some fiery rewards.

Flame Keepers and Flame Wardens of Dalaran, have a Flametastic Event!



Midsummer Fire Festival


Hello, citizens of Dalaran!

Something special happened days ago around the world, some people call it Kupala, some others Walpurgis, others Beltane, but in Azeroth is known as Midsummer.

You can dance with the flames, become a dancing flame, honor the flames from your faction and desecrate the flames from the enemies. Collect the burning blossoms and purchase the food, the festive clothing or the toys.

Brave Flame Keepers and Flame Wardens that will defeat Ahune, the Frost Lord may get Ice Chip, please, do not let this little one melt near the bonfires.

Midsummer Fire Festival is here! Embrace the spirit of summer!

Have a flametastic event!