Back to normal: Information


Hello there,

We want to clarify some possible doubts about certain matters, and take advantage of this post to inform about on what we are currently working:

  • You can PLAY NORMALLY with us, as always. Just be sure you have changed your realmlist to: set realmlist
  • Right after the unscheduled and 4 hours long maintenance which happened during the past Sunday, all the players have been playing on Algalon or Kirin Tor realms without any issue, and not on a temporary realm.
  • You can forget and erase the previous realmlist ( Check how to change it to the correct one here:
  • The Recruit a Friend mail delivery is again working as it should, now when you recruit a friend an automated message with all the instructions will be sent.
  • We have been setting back the infrastructure bit by bit, if you encounter some issues, let me know by private message, and I will report it for a fast fix if needed.
  • We have resumed our development schedule, back to fixing quest bugs, classes and so on (you can check our bugtracker).
  • Website synchronization with Algalon realm is also on the way, we will announce when you can use your Algalon character as Main Avatar on the forums.
  • Since the Ulduar realm firsts achievements have been taken, we will announce the release of theArgent Tournament (World Event), after some scheduled fixes and tasks.
  • With the release of the new website section: Legends of Dalaran, the PvE Tournament, we will also publish the news and rules of the participation on the next step from the Legends of Dalaran Tier 8: Ulduar.


Stay tuned:

Also do not forget to vote about the RDF release: here

Incoming Improvements and Information



As you are probably aware, Lothloryen started fixing and improving class abilities and PvP in general terms and we wanted to you give a heads up about what is going on and how we can help eachother in this matter.
  • Many spells and mechanics (a few of which were somewhat game breaking – like Death and Decay LoS glitch, Night of the Dead damage reduction on pets, Art of war’s swing timer reset, Starfall while being under Crowd Control etc.) have been already corrected (the fix will be applied at the scheduled server restart).
If you want to report a class bug or glitched mechanic, please do it through our Bugtracker (accessible through the menu tab on the website). Please check if the bug has already been reported, if that is not the case, try to give us as much data/details as you can, with examples as to where the bug appears – it makes Lothloryen’s work much easier.
Do not use the bugtracker to start arguments with other players, if you do not agree with a report explain why, but do not start a discussion there, it adds a lot to our workload. The information should be concrete and concentrated.
If the issue you are describing is well documented, it is more likely to be fixed sooner. We have recieved many in-game tickets about bugs that are not listed in the bugtracker, so please report them in the proper way via the website bugtracker – tickets with bug reports will be ignored.
  • Once class bugs and several other issues are fixed, work will begin to synchronize Dalaran-WoW website with the Algalon realm.
  • As a reminder the newcomers – this system works with the Kirin Tor realm, Algalon characters have a different way of doing it while the website is being synchronized:
–  For the time being, you can use the forums with a Kirin Tor character.
–  If you want to redeem your Core Hound Pup to your Algalon character you can ask about it via the Premium support system on the website (just explain the issue and name the character from Algalon you want to recieve the pet and a GM will help you out).
–  For redeeming the X-53 Rocket Mount and the Swift Zevhra you will still have to make an in-game ticket with the character you want it on
  • There is another important matter we have to warn you about – there is NO way to appeal for your ban, if you have been banned there will be no way any GM will remove that ban from you. Should you have already had your ban explanation you will not get another – learn from your actions and be sure not to repeat them (in case your ban is temporary) because there will not be a second chance. All ban appeals via in-game tickets, in Premium support or private messages will be ignored and deleted. If you have been banned it is because you have done something we do not allow and I strongly recommend that you to read about what is and is not allowed in our rules.

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How to use Recruit a Friend

1) What is “Recruit a Friend” feature?

Recruit a Friend is a Blizzard feature to reward people who help the game to be spreaded around among those who are interested in playing it. This feature links two accounts with some benefits in the game that lasts only until level 60 (except the mount rewards).

2) Who can refer a friend?

EVERYONE, Premium users or Non-Premium users can always refer a friend. The only condition to use the feature “Refer a Friend” and benefit from ALL its features is that your friend doesn’t already have an account with the email that you are refering.

3) What advantages does have “Refer a Friend” feature?

“Refer a friend” will have the following advantages:

  • You and the referred friend will have extra benefits on the experience obtained during the gameplay, so that means all your experience will be three times higher then it usually is, so that way you can level up faster. In order to take advantage from the x3 experience, you both must be in party, in the same level range and playing in the same area.


  • When you use this system, you will get additional feature to summon each other with 1 hour of cooldown.


  • Each time when your friend gains two levels, he can grant you with additional level, but of course there is a restricted range between that (for example one level 40 will not be able to grant a level to a level 1).


  • If you refer to five friends and those friends make an account with you to play, you will get a “Swift Zevhra” as a reward, but the mount can only be used after level 40 or higher.


  • If any of your referred friends becomes a premium user, you will get a rocket mount (X-53 Touring Rocket ), this mount is only usable after you reach level 60 or higher, and you can fly with your friend on it.

4) Who can benefit from those advantages?

Any kind of users from Dalaran-WoW can benefit from them.

5) Can anyone refer me if I have an account already?

No, there is no way you can get a referral for an existing account, even if you have no characters on it.

6) What can I do to get the rocket? How many rockets i can get?

The only way to get a rocket is when your referred friend donates for the server. Like in Blizzard, in the same moment your friend payed the first month subscription, the recruiter gets the mount. So if your friend becomes premium user you will get the mount and you can only get one rocket per character, so if you have 5 characters you can get 5 rockets always you achieve to refer 5 different friends who donate for us.

7) If I mistakenly sent the rocket to a character that already has it, what can I do to revert it?

There is nothing you or Dalaran-WoW staff can do. So please, be sure to which character you are going to send the mount to, and also remember you only can use it once you are level 60, so it can remain in your account without it being sent.

Algalon’s characters: Meanwhile the website tool is not working for you, you can write a private message to Lothloryen in website and he will manage it.

8) Who will get the rocket in the linked accounts?

The person who will get the rocket in the linked accounts will be the recruiter one, not the recruited. If the recruited refers another player that become premium user too, that one will also get the mount.

9) How can I summon my friend?

First off, you will have to add your friend into your friends list, on the social tab in-game. Then one icon will appear near the name of your friend, and when it’s not on cooldown you can use it, also you have to always be in a party group and you have your friend selected on the party frame. You have to click it with the mouse on the icon, don’t move to not interrupt the cast, when the cast is finished, an option will appear on your friend’s screen to accept the summon or not.

10) If the Summon doesn’t work, what do I have to do?

The first option is to relog both accounts. Sometimes if there were some changes in the database from you or your friend, without logging out from the game, the features may not work properly, so after a log out and log in it should get fixed. If the problem persists, please contact a GM in-game or submit a premium ticket and will gladly help you.

11) How can I get extra levels from my friend?

First of all, your friend has to be the referred one, if that the case, you have to be in party and near each other. Then one option will appear on the menu of actions in your friend’s frame: Grant a level. Select it and a message will in your friend’s screen allowing the level to be granted or not.

12) How can I give extra levels to my friend?

You have to be the recruited one to grant levels to your friend and it works exactly as the previous questions answer. For every two you gain, you can grant one level back to the recruiter providing the character is on the same realm and faction and is of lower level than you.

** Explanation related to the experience taken from the Blizzard’s Forums:

Q. Ok, This is weird, I can summon my friend but the amount of experience we are getting does not seem right! It’s supposed to be triple exp!!

A. If you are able to Summon Friend, then you are linked so all is working as it should be. Players often forget that experience gain whilst in a party is always split between the players. In order to explain a little clearer, it is easiest by using an example :-

-You are not in a Party (Solo) and you kill a boar. The game awards you 100xp.
-You are in a standard party (without RAF) and you kill the same boar. The game awards 100xp which is split between both players, so that earns you 50xp each.
-You are in an RAF Party and kill the same boar. The game awards 300xp (100 x 3) which is split between both players, so that earns you 150xp each.

** Source


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Recruit a friend, level faster in Dalaran-WoW!




We are glad to announce that all players on Dalaran WoW will now have the opportunity to make use of the Recruit-a-Friend feature. Everyone, Premium and non-Premium users can from now on recruit a friend. The only condition to use the feature is that your friend mustn’t already have an account with the email that you are recruiting.

  • How to use the Recruit-a-friend feature?:

-You must have an account in Dalaran WoW.

-You need one character on the Kirin Tor realm (level doesn\’t matter) to send the request.

-Go to this link and send to your friend WITHOUT an account on Dalaran-WoW a request: . You can also follow this path: Account -> Player Options -> Refer a Friend, or click on the Image from Recommended Services about “Recruit a Friend”.

-Your friend must make the account using the unique code he will receive in his e-mail.

-The benefits will only work from level 1 to 60, as it used to be back in WotLK (except the mount rewards).

  • What are the benefits from the Recruit a Friend?:

1 – You and your friend will benefit from x3 rate experience from level 1 to 60 as long as these conditions are met: – Be in the same party group and in the same zone (closer than 90 yards). – Have your friend in your friend list in-game. – The level difference between you must be 4 or less.

2 – Your friend will be able to grant you levels

3 – If you recruit 5 different friends and all of them level up to level 15 or higher, you will be rewarded with the Swift Zhevra mount.

4 – If your friend becomes a Premium User, you will receive the X-53 Touring Rocket (the 2 passenger flying mount).

Enjoy it!

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Arena Season 5 and 25 Man Raid Opens (4th-5th April)


This is a call to arms for all Gladiators and Champions of Northrend!!

A new adventure is about to start in Algalon. The Lich Lord of the Plaguelands now commands Scourge forces in the Dragonblight region, from above in his floating Necropolis which hovers over Wintergarde Keep, Naxxramas .

The Lich King yells: Invaders…here?! DESTROY them, Kel’Thuzad! Naxxramas must not fall!

Only 25 brave heroes will be recognized as Conquerors of Naxxramas and they will be forever known as the first ones who step a bit more into the future of the Fall of the Lich King.

Keep in mind there will be ones who defeat Sapphiron , the Guardian of Naxxramas and former agent of Malygos, that will get in there possession the Heroic Key to the Focusing Iris . This eye acts as a key to Malygos’s home: The Eye of Eternity, and they will rush to kill Malygos , The Spellweaver.

Malygos: I am without limits here… the rules of your cherished reality do not apply… in this realm, I am in control…

Those who are the first to aid Alexstrasza in Nexus War and limit the powers of Malygos, will be forever known as the Heroes of Dalaran and the realms very own Magic Seekers.

But Dragonblight is still being under dark influences and the Obsidian Sanctum is another threat coming into our world. This time, not only Nightfall and Twilight Vanquisher are awaiting you.

Sartharion: I will see you burn before any harm comes

Dalaran is waiting for those who will show to the rest that they are truly Obsidian Slayers.

Not to forget that the arena season will start for all those gladiators, to face each other and to see who is the most skilled among all of the Challengers. We will recognize only the best ones, from now on you will see walking the streets of Dalaran, the most SavageHateful and dangerous of all Deadly Gladiators.

Be careful if you face them defending or attacking the Wintergrasp Fortress , in the Battlegrounds or in the Arena. You may need Olisarra the Kind’s services, known to be the First to Your Aid in times of need.

Release of 25 player Raids and start of Arena season 5.

Hello Community,

We are glad to announce the release of the Arena Season 5 the next friday, the 4th of April and the 25 player raids (tier 7) the next saturday, the 5th of April, both at 16:00 Server Time.

Media section will be updated gradually with many screenshots and videos, so feel free to send us everything you have. We will also publish all your videos in our official Youtube channel.

As a side note: we will keep the community informed about the Ulduar Beta test we are already preparing. There will be an application to fill so that we can have random players from Dalaran-WoW testing our work on it, about a month before the release.

Enjoy it and good luck.

The Obsidian Sanctum – the powerful Onyxian threat.

sartharion image


A new danger is threatening our world: Sartharion the Onyx Guardian and his three drake lieutenants.
In the Chamber of Aspects inside the black dragonflight area, a clutch of twilight dragon eggs are located within the Obsidian Sanctum. Dalaran’s Council of Six are in the hopes that able-blodied adventurers can enter the sanctum and destroy the twisted progeny of Deathwing.

You won’t achieve that goal easily, as Sartharion is charged to watch over the twilight eggs, and will not be afraid to call his liutenants for help: Tenebron, Shadron and Vesperon, twilight drakes that will call their own help with Twilight Portals where dangerous disciples or acolytes can be found inside.

If you face them one by one, the reward shall be of great magnitude and will impact on the fight heavily, but if you face them all at once, the final gift of your feat will be equal of your level of challenge and maybe you are going to be one of the lucky citizens that will have the honor to ride the Black or Twilight Drake.

Even if Tenebron, Shadron and Vesperon never trusted Sartharion as the true Onyx guardian, they will aid him in battle if you try to defeat him while they are alive. They will open their Twilight Portals in the middle of the fight to help themselves in order to defend the sanctum at their full might and force. Same will do the Mistresses, Generals, Captains and Guardians around that they will come to help Sartharion if needed.

If for some reason one of the brave citizens of Dalaran try to avoid the waves of flame that Sartharion summons in the battle, the entire raid group shall suffer the mortal Pyrobuffet since Sartharion will not tolerate any kind of attempt of desertion. All those who shall flee away will suffer the eternal fire of the Onyx Guardians.
The Nightfall and Twilight Vanquishers of Dalaran will be recognized as true heroes and brave warriors that did an amazing fight to stay remembered as it was back in the past of the original world.


We have fully revamped and completely reworked the raid of The Obsidian Sanctum, making it the most Blizzlike out there. We are most likely the first private server with the most quality Obsidian Sanctum scripts out there to bring you the closest experience how the fight was done back in the days of retail.
This is more or less the resume of our work:

Bug Tracker report

You will find there the things which are all fixed already and will be deployed today at 22:00 with a small maintenance on the live server. You can see the dedication of Dalaran-WoW, quality and infinite work full of enthusiasm and details.

As long as the community belives in us, we will keep pushing forward and never give up.
So you will now face a truly challenging raid if you try to defeat Sartharion with all 3 Drakes, since their abilities are now fully working, including portals and buffs/debuffs. Details as well, from all the quotes and some minor fixes as well.

This way, all the players that will now defeat it, will have the true, earned achievement which was made with a lot of blood and time, same fact stands for the mount as well. Achievements, titles and mount will be reseted/removed.

Have fun if you dare to try this incredible 10 man raid for now, the release of 25 man raids and the arena season will be announced during the next few days.

Thank you very much.

(Stay tuned here: ).