Wintergrasp Balance System, Low level BG score update and more.

Hello community,

We would like to announce some PvP related changes.

As we said in previous posts, the score system from the PvP Tournament will allow us to encourage different aspects. We would like to give a bit more of relevance the low-level BGs than they currently have, so, for now, we are going to increase the score granted per win from any low-level bracket battleground to 3 points (this is already active).

Apart from that, we have been working on a Wintergrasp balance system, it is a blizzlike feature designed to provide some extra help to the faction that loses several battles in a row. It will be live on Friday 20th of March.

Taken from here:


  • There is an internal tug-of-war scale not visible by players which will shift under specific conditions.
  • The scale starts at 0 (neutral) and can move up to 700 points in either direction favoring the Alliance at one end, and Horde at the other.
  • This scale is persistent and does not reset to 0 whenever control of Wintergrasp shifts.
  • If an attacking force captures Wintergrasp Fortress while under the effects of any of the advantages listed below (400-700 points in their favor), the scale tips 100 points in favor of the opposing faction.
  • If a defending force successfully defends Wintergrasp Fortress two battles in a row, the scale tips 100 points in favor of the opposing faction.

Each consecutive successful defense after a faction’s first two consecutive defenses will further tip the scale 100 points in favor of the opposing faction.


-As a quick example, if the scale is at 0 and the Alliance capture Wintergrasp fortress while attacking, the scale will not move. If the Alliance defend Wintergrasp twice in a row after this, the scale will move 100 points in favor of the Horde. Each consecutive defense by the Alliance after this will move the scale 100 points further in favor of the Horde each time, bringing the Horde to 400 points in their favor after one unsuccessful defense and five unsuccessful attacks, a total of six Horde losses in a row.

-As another example, if the scale is at 400 in favor of the Horde and they capture Wintergrasp fortress while attacking, the scale will move 100 points in favor of the Alliance. If the Horde defend Wintergrasp twice in a row after this, the scale will move 100 points in favor of the Alliance. Each consecutive defense by the Horde after this will move the scale 100 points further in favor of the Alliance each time, bringing the Alliance to 100 points in their favor after one unsuccessful defense and five unsuccessful attacks, a total of six Alliance losses in a row.


-The following advantages are provided at the beginning of the battle for Wintergrasp whenever these corresponding ranges on the scale have been reached:


  • 0-300: No advantages granted.
  • 400: Faction starts with the Sunken Ring Factory under their control.
  • 500: Faction starts with the Sunken Ring and Broken Temple Factories under their control.
  • 600: Faction starts with the Sunken Ring and Broken Temple Factories under their control and gains access to Catapults after earning 1 kill in battle.
  • 700: Faction starts with the Sunken Ring and Broken Temple Factories under their control and gains access to Catapults, Siege Engines, and Demolishers after earning 1 kill in battle.


We are also working on some extra loot for the Faction leaders, this way there will be more rewards for the tournament participants and City Raiding will be more attractive. We will post more details shortly.

We are planning to have a more fluent weekly faction reward rotation, as well as freshen the individual rewards for participation that are currently being given with each reset.

Remember that, if you have any suggestion, you can let us know by ticket or e-mail, we will gladly hear you out.

Thank you very much.

PvP Tournament: Capital Cities Raiding.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

We are proudly introducing a new feature in the PvP Tournament: City Raiding!

We have been working on this idea in order to have some fresh air and to fill those PvP souls with the thrill that is to raid the opposite faction capitals. Each of the leader’s death will count towards the Tournament, allowing to participate to any kind of player, as well as help to balance the scores and of course, encouraging the World PvP.

You can now check the weekly leader kills for each faction through our PvP section.

For now, each City Leader’s death will grant 2 points. We are currently thinking about some possible rewards to be added in the near future, more information will be published shortly.

Aside from that, we have reworked every Faction Leader mechanics, making their encounters a bit more enjoyable. They will also present a small extra challenge thanks to a small HP buff.

Thank you very much for your support and suggestions, they are very helpful. We will improve as much as we can and will continue trying to balance things and keep a fair environment.

Stay tuned, we will post information about a new Wintergrasp Balance System we’ve been working on, as well as the Arena Season reset that is about to happen.

PvP Tournament: Updates and Multiboxing restriction.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

We would like to keep you informed about few updates that are about to be introduced into the PvP Tournament tomorrow, Friday 9th of January.

Wintergrasp score points will be reduced to 5 points per win. We started with 10 points in order to increase its relevance and now that is settled, we will reduce it to 5. This will also help to balance things a bit. We will also announce some interesting updates to Wintergasp shortly.

Another important matter is the introduction of the Initial Advantage Score. This is a score that a faction will have by default upon starting a new week if they have lost a few times in a row. This will encourage such faction to keep pushing towards victory.

Initial Advantage Score:

  • 2 weeks lost in a row: 15 points.

  • 3 weeks lost in a row: 25 points.

  • 4 or more weeks lost in a row: 40 points.

Alongside these changes, we would like to announce that the Multiboxing in PvP will not be allowed from now on and this new rule takes immediate effect. We will be open to discussion about this matter if the overall community thinks otherwise in the future but, for now, it won’t continue being allowed.

We have been working on several systems to introduce the City Raiding but we have also improved the faction bosses by adjusting their HP and mechanics, in order to have some epic battles. This new feature will be introduced to the PvP Tournament the Friday 17th of January.

We will post more information about how it is going to work during the next week.

Thank you very much.


Weekly BG Tournament winner: Horde (and more info)

The Horde has raised as the winner of Weekly Battleground Tournament this time! So we have to yell: LOK’TAR OGAR!

Congratulations, Horde! Good job with the team effort that brought you to Victory.

We are going to detail the rewards that the Horde is going to enjoy this week as fair winners of the tournament:

  • Extra Honor.

  • Extra Experience received in Dungeons.

  • 25% emblem drop chance upon finishing a WoTLK Random Heroic Dungeon (Frost for ICC attuned players, or the corresponding emblem based on character progression).

  • Extra emblem drop from certain WoTLK Raid Bosses (Frost for ICC attuned players, or the corresponding emblem based on character progression). Naxxramas: Loatheb, Maexxna, The 4 Horsemen, Thaddius and Kel’Thuzad; Ulduar: XT-002 Deconstructor, Auriaya, Mimiron, Yogg’Saron; ToC: Lord Jaraxxus, Twin Val’kyrs, Anub’arak.

  • Small amount of Arena Points upon finishing a level 80 BG (both factions will enjoy this).

We will also take advantage of this new to explain a few important changes done to the Tournament.

First and foremost, the introduction of the Score system: This system will allow us to evaluate other PvP aspects, not just Battlegrounds (as mentioned in other news: City Raiding, Wintergrasp…etc)., but we have introduced it a bit earlier than expected in order to balance scores and participation. As the lower level brackets battlegrounds tend to happen more often, we think this will keep healthy scores and increase the relevance for the 80’s. We will have special Twink weeks too, of course, variety is the key.

As we do not want to devalue lower bracket’s effort, they also have score. But for the time being it will be 1 Point, while the level 80 Battlegrounds shall grant 5 instead.

This score breakdown will change with the weekly tasks to fulfill, in order to also promote other PvP areas. It will allow us to add different values to shift the scene into other activities and therefore make it a fun and refreshing event. We have many plans and one of them is the inclusion of a “PvP Bonus Objective” system, where players will have to do some weekly tasks or achieve certain matters; more information will be posted when the time comes.

Another important introduction to the Tournament is the Top Honor Kills and Top Activity. The website PvP section shows the Top H.K for both the Horde and the Alliance, as well as a ranked player list based on participation and performance within Battlegrounds.

There will be rewards for the Top 1 H.K of each faction and bracket. Of course, everyone who appears within the Top 20 or Top 10 Most active players list will also receive a proper compensation for their participation and effort.

The rewards are: Top 1 HK (each faction, every bracket):

Most active 80 players (each faction):

Most active other brackets (each faction):

It won’t matter who the winner is, every Top 1 H.K from any bracket will have their rewards (both Alliance and Horde). The same will happen with the most active players, everyone who appears in the activity lists will have the rewards (both factions).

Those items are items not available in our shops, so the only way to get them is by participating and ranking up in the Tournament.

At the same time as the Weekly faction-wide rewards, these rewards will be active upon restart of the Tournament each Friday at 15:00 PM ST.

These are the rewards for the next week Tournament winner:

  • Extra Wintergrasp Marks of Honor.

  • Extra Honor.

  • Extra experience in Dungeons.

  • Small amount of Arena Points upon finishing a level 80 BG.

  • 25% emblem drop chance upon finishing a WoTLK Random Heroic Dungeon (Frost for ICC attuned players)

  • Extra emblem drop from certain WoTLK Raid Bosses (Frost for ICC attuned players)

Thank you for your participation and enjoy it!

Second Era: Information.




Hello Citizens of Dalaran and beyond.

We are glad to finally present to you our Second Era’s idea. Its main goal is to provide once again the thrill to progress through the WoTLK content and jump directly into the action while keeping your characters’ hard work and efforts but without interfering with the fresh progression feeling. In this presentation, you are going to find a lot of different information: where the idea comes from, why are we offering it, how the system would work, timeline…etc.

We would also like to emphasize the fact that, you are the ones who will decide if this Second Era takes place or not. This is the idea we’ve been working on before presenting it to the community, now is the time to see if you want for it to happen. We need your opinions before reaching a conclusion, therefore, after reading it you will be able to fill a small survey. There is a small chance to win a symbolic reward upon the Survey’s completion.

Additionally, we are working on a “Scroll of resurrection like” feature, which will allow you to recruit an inactive player for this Second Era and there will be some nice rewards waiting for you both, we will post more information about this shortly.

Our project idea is clear, it has always been; we want to offer the best WoTLK experience we can. That also implies taking into account your characters’ value, effort and time. We believe you deserve the time and the work we have invested in creating a long-term solution. Our first thought is always our community, we are nothing without you.

Thank you for taking the time to read the presentation, and thank you for your participation in the Survey beforehand.

Approaching the Second Era.

Hello Citizens of Dalaran,


A few months ago we gave you some strokes of information about the upcoming Second Era of Progression. We also gave you the opportunity to fill a survey in order to see your opinions about us performing a possible “Raid and PvP Soft reset”, emulating once again a Fresh WoTLK progression, without players losing anything.


As a quick reminder and briefly explained; we believe we have found a middle ground that should please old, current, returning and new players. It is a totally new system never seen before, so we want to make sure that everything is crystal clear and there is no room for doubts. Therefore, we are going to post a new, as well as open a new section on our website specifically dedicated to this Second Era during early October, where everything will be clearly explained. You will also be able to fill a very small survey after you read it, this way we will be able to see the overall reception of such idea.


After much consideration, we think it will bring the feeling of competition directly into the raiding scene and freshen the air for everyone, while emulating a fresh realm but, without erasing our player’s effort (remember, no one would loose items, achievements, pets, mounts, levels…etc).


We have been developing this idea for a long time (we explained its essence a few years ago), and we are really confident it will set a new path into the world we already know. We will be offering a new direction for the WotLK realms, as we did with the Progressive release/system, Pre-nerf mechanics, buffed up encounters, challenging content…etc. Making our ideals the WoTLK standard.


As we announced 6 years ago right before Algalon’s release, we wanted to always keep the Progressive content relevant and challenging. It is absolutely wonderful to look back, we feel really proud and full of nostalgia. Watching our Algalon’s video Trailer brings up many good memories of this beautiful journey. Now is the moment to proceed with the next step and, with the information we are going to announce we will explain how everyone will be able to benefit from this Second Era, no matter if old, current, returning or new player.


We would also like to share a reflexion about the previous Survey’s results. It looks like our community liked both The Soft Reset and the new realm similarly and there is a small fraction that wishes to keep everything as it is right now. We think that after the Second Era’s full explanation is released in early October, many players that preferred a new realm or to keep everything as it is may be pleased with the Soft Reset’s option (as it emulates a fresh raiding / PvP scene while honouring every player’s effort until now). This is why a small survey will also be available, so every one of you can tell us if you like it after fully knowing how this actually would work. Please, remember that no step will be done without our community’s approval.


We have ready the First Beta test for this second Era of Progression. It will basically consist into checking the mechanic quality from the first tiers (with the new improvements), buff values, and the functionality of some general systems we have been working on to support the Second Era.


As we have always been doing, the groups that have access by default to our Betas are the ones who participated in the last PvE Tournament. However, after such a long journey and since this is a very emotional moment, we would also like to offer the possibility to participate as special guests in The Second Era’s Betas to old Guilds, old Realm First players…etc. Of course, if a current guild wishes also partake, will be more than welcome. Anyhow, more information about Betas will be published after the upcoming announcement.


Thank you everyone for your support, we hope you enjoy what comes next!


Future plans and Game Masters recruitment.

Hello community,

We would like to share some interesting news with you.

We are preparing a detailed informative post about the upcoming Second Era of Progression, it will be announced shortly. As explained through previous news, we believe we have found a really nice middle ground that will please the vast majority and will allow everyone to experience a challenging WoTLK progression once again, with your current characters. We will explain every single detail in order to show you a crystal clear idea about how everything is going to work. Rest assured that we value and respect the hard work you have put into your characters and nothing will be lost, while the competition will be fair and rewarding.

Additionally, many reworks and fixes are being deployed to Algalon with the intention to polish everything as much as possible before this new era takes place. Also, more information about forthcoming Beta sessions will be posted, stay tuned.

We are really excited about what comes ahead, and we can’t wait to start with it and show you what we’ve been working on.

Before this Second Era of Progression arrives, we would like to have few incorporations into the Game Master team. We are looking for individuals in order to help us with the following tasks:

  • PvP Staff: Arena and Battleground monitoring and PvP events/tournaments preparation.
  • Game Masters: General ticket assistance (EU and NA time zones) and moderation.


    If you are interested, you can write us an email to including your Algalon’s character name and explaining why you think you would fit into the category you are applying for, and we will contact you if we need more information.

    Thank you everyone!


    Quick notes

    Hello community,

    We are really thankful for the massive participation in the Survey, it is really exciting to see so many players collaborating and giving their opinions. We are currently studying and discussing the results; we will keep you posted about any decision we take in the near future.

    Additionally, we would like to communicate that the following promotions will NOT be active anymore from now on:

    – Free instant 70 promotion (we won’t be accepting new applications either).
    – Free Faction Change from Horde to Alliance.

    Stay tuned because there are some upcoming news: the PvE Tournament, our 6th-year Anniversary event, staff recruitment and some interesting changes.

    Thank you once again for your participation and suggestions, it has been a blast for us to see what you think about the home we have worked so hard to create for every WotLK player. Hopefully, we can raise higher the bar with the incoming Second Era of progression.


    The latest videos from our YouTube channel.

    Reminder: did you get your Instant 70 gift?

    Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

    First of all, we want to thank everyone for the massive support and the participation with this initiative. It is amazing to see how many of you enjoyed this opportunity, reading all those rewarding words of appreciation really encourage us to keep giving our best.

    We would like to remind everyone that it will be available until February 11th.

    We have seen many didn’t notice that this instant 70 gift was only for the players who were already playing with us until the announcement day so, we have decided to apply the gift for all those new players who have shown so much interest in joining our server. Therefore, everyone who created their account after the Holidays gift announcement will be also able to benefit from it.

    If you haven’t used it and you don’t see the option available for your account, write an in-game ticket and we will check it out.

    Thank you once again for your support, we have no words to express how grateful we are – we truly hope you have a wonderful time progressing through every raid tier in our WoTLK home.