Quest: The Battle for the Undercity (Horde)


We have made a playlist where we will upload other videos related to this amazing chain quest, including the Alliance version.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Reporting for duty!


We want to continue to improve our level of communication and assistance to you, the community. This new post is to detail what we are working on currently, and what we have in mind right now.

– As you may have noticed the number of weekly fixes has been improved with nearly daily deployments. We are constantly clearing the bug-tracker and we want every single detail to be corrected. Once the majority of important fixes are solved we will make a huge revamp of all the Classic and TBC Dungeons/Raids, but we need to focus first on the issues already reported.

– Alongside those fixes, we have been working to improve many systems in order to have a smoother gameplay, such as the Dungeon Finder system, pathfinding, maps, view distance, combat bug and many Wintergrasp important changes (preparations for the incoming internal balance/struggle system). More information about them shall be published in our next Changelog.

– Encouraging the players to make reports of every issue they find in our bug-tracker, it is the key to improve Dalaran’s quality for everyone, and we shall all cooperate on it. If it is not reported there we will not be aware of it, therefore it can’t be fixed. Please, report everything to our bug tracker:

– Increase and improve our communication with you, including our communication on our Social Media, it is a nice and really forward way to stay tuned about every change or important notification. Our Social Media always has relevant information, although we need to improve our feedback response, you can follow us in order to keep track on our important information or latest posts (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Blog and Youtube).

– Increase our tester team, since there are many changes to be tested each week before deploying them to the live realm. As our latest incorporations (Teri and A.Tock) are quite settled, we believe is a great moment to increase the ranks. We will make an announcement about it.

– We want also to increase the Game Master team once again since there are many returning players and many new players each day, we need a higher number of Game Masters to cover all the time frames. It will be a slow process but we are confident we will get a perfect match. Another announcement shall be done about this.

– Keep punishing Win-traders and Exploiters, every report is taken into consideration, remember that you can always report an abusive tactic, someone you have seen doing something fishy, etc… by the in-game ticket system, including screenshots or videos if possible. We will investigate and deal with all of them; we have zero tolerance for cheaters.

– Keep the community ideas and suggestions alive. We want to make you participants in the present and future of Dalaran WoW, and we are thinking on the best way you could collaborate, suggest or even criticize us. We will develop more what we have in mind about this in future news posts.

Lok’Tar Ogar! / For the Alliance!

PS: A new changelog will be published with the latest changes applied this month as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

Back on track


Hello, citizens of Dalaran.

Now that the Holiday season has finished, we would like to update you a bit.

We will close the Game Master’s application, thank you once again for the massive participation and interest to volunteer with us as Game Masters, it will really help us to improve the assistance and the home feeling for every player. A response to everyone shall be delivered whether they are accepted or not. Those who have already been accepted and contacted will receive another e-mail with additional information.

Once the new Game Masters join the team, we will open some recruitment slots for Developers, it will be announced also through the website, with more details regarding such position and the requisites needed to fulfill.

If everything goes as we have planned we would be able to set a date for the Onyxia’s Lair Beta Test really soon, Lothloryen has to make space in his schedule in order to hotfix and assist to the different raid groups with the possible issues that may appear. So, we will announce it as soon as we know it.

Also, we would like to communicate that we are working on several patches with fixes that will be deployed before Onyxia’s Lair release, they will be mostly corrections of old reports, in order to clear out the Bugtracker. Of course, the classes are already being improved and we will continue doing so. Remember that you can update any issue already reported with more information as a comment, try to be as much descriptive as you can if you want to include more details. As we have stated many times, after the raids releases we would improve other aspects of the game experience, such quests, events, low level dungeons, spells, etc…

As a side note, since the pet Baby Blizzard Bear did not get the attention we thought it would, we will let it in our shops the whole month. This way everyone will have the chance to get this furry friend.

The Community Manager from our Social Media will be back on track too after the New Year holidays, and the media support will also be a way to stay tuned to the latest news, information and contact with the community in general. Did you already liked our Facebook page, followed us on Twitter, and subscribed in our YouTube channel or Reddit? Don’t miss it out.


Social networks assistance.

Hello community.

Even though we try to answer fast, there are a lot of pending messages, so we would really appreciate if you can have a bit of patience, stay tuned because everyone will get their response.

In order to make everything easier, remember to address your in-game issue only through the in-game ticket system, and do not duplicate your issue everywhere, it will only make much more difficult for us helping you. If you already posted it in our forums or other social media, avoid to duplicate it, because it will delay us even more. We understand some situations may be urgent, but for that reason if you collaborate with us by using only the media you are active with instead of all of them, we will be able to help you faster because we will not have to pay attention to those duplicated or already solved issues.

We will try using the Social networks to inform and guide our players and newcomers, you can also collaborate with us (as many of you use to do) by answering some questions or helping other players – We are really grateful and proud about our community and how everyone makes an extra effort to make the rest feel Dalaran is their WotLK home.

Thank you for your understanding.

Fight For Your Life – Level 1 PvP event by Typhus

gurubashi_arenaHail heroes!

Your journeys here were filled with tough battles and exciting quests that forged you into a citizen of Dalaran. But after all that, after reaching the top, have you ever wondered if you are truly the best? Is there any left to challenge you?

One of you has asked that question and suggested a great battle to find the answer. Typhus wants to everyone to ‘Fight For Your Life’ on June 5th in the ring of the Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn valley, at 19.30 ST.

The rules are simple – everyone against everyone, only level 1 allowed. The winner will receive a hoard of 10000 golden coins in-game from our host.

Such an extraordinary event will be filmed and streamed – and will be hosted again if enough interested participants join.

Do you want to prove your worth under the same conditions as the rest? Do you want to ‘Fight For Your Life’, surrounded by enemies on all sides? Do not miss the event!

You’re invited to either participate or spectate the first arena mini-tournament, organized by one of the Dalaran Citizens. Let’s start a monthly battle organized by players, for players. (Because being part of the community is not always about helping each other).

Should you have any question regarding the event, feel free to ask them here ( Dalaran-WoW staff has approved the event and is promoting it, but the event content and organization will be handled by Typhus. We hope to see more of our players come up with cool and interesting ideas to spice up the everyday life in Dalaran.