Live once again the retail experience and quality with the impressive blizzlike content that we offer. In terms of quality we are your best choice.

Some highlights about us:

  • Server Blizzlike x1 rate.
  • Patch: 3.3.5a (Wrath of the The Lich King).
  • Low latency and lag free.
  • Outstanding service with constant and effective development work.
  • Best Pathfinding and LoS out there.
  • Fully functional Wintergrasp.
  • Dedicated Anti-DDoS protection
  • Private Beta test for each new release.
  • PvE Tournaments each season.
  • Refer a Friend system for free (x3 experience from level 1 to 60, grant a level and Mount rewards). (Read more here: http://redd.it/2sni5l)
  • Restrictive and not gamebreaking Donation and Vote shops (no pay to win).



  1. Algalon (Main realm and progressive):
    •  FIRST eternal PROGRESSIVE Realm. (Read more here: http://redd.it/2s10no).
    • All the content with amazing and detailed scripts.
    • Starting with Arena Season 5 and Tier 7 Raid. Currently Ulduar as the top End-Game raid (Tier 8/Arena Season 6).
    • Impressive restriction system that will force the players to progress through each piece of content and gear gradually, designed for all the WotLK raids, with the purpose of creating an eternal progression.
  2. Kirin Tor : First realm with all the content opened without restrictions or progression.


Visit our website: http://www.dalaran-wow.com and set our Realmlist: set realmlist logon.dalaran-server.com


Our Social Networks:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dalaranwow (more than 25.000 likes)
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Dalaranwow
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/DalaranWoWcommunity (over 480 subscribers and over 120.000 views from our videos)
Blog: https://dalaranwow.wordpress.com/
Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/DalaranWoW


Interesting Videos:


We are proud of having:

  •  The most successful start in the history of private servers having 220 players at the same time the day we released the server, and around 1000 players with the release of the progressive realm: Algalon.
  •  The most structured and constant advertisement on our Social Networks, video managing and strong viable content.
  •  The most epic announcements and news full of passion, devotion and roleplay.
  • The best working and populated Wintergrasp Battles out there.
  •  The most detailed content available with all the roleplays and bosses mechanics working on all the WotLK raids.
  •  A fully scripted Obsidian Sanctum, making us the first private server with: portals, adds, buff and debuff system, soft enrage, Sartharion’s pyrobuffet, properly working on this battle.
  • The most perfected Naxxramas out there, with events like Frogger, Mr.Bigglesworth and Thaddius screams, full of details, obtainable Undying and Immortal,
  • A fully working Ulduar (all bosses, their Hard Modes, roleplay events, quest chains, Achievements and proper loot system), being us the First Private server with it and with the best quality out there.
  •  A Retail-like Deathbringer Saurfang and Professor Putricide in Icecrown Citadel, making our ICC the first with them in the WotLK private server history.
  • All the World and Seasonal Events obtainable.

Our server trailer was made before Dalaran WoW’s release, with a concept presentation (https://dalaranwow.wordpress.com/presentation/) explaining our project, it was a really successful start and we managed to get a nice community through the blog, Facebook and Youtube even before the launch.

The Algalon trailer, was made with the collaboration of some loyal players who started playing on Kirin Tor, our first realm.

Thankfully, the start of Kirin Tor was great, the community thought that we were doing a nice job and that our content was of a good quality. Because of that, the release of Algalon realm was even more successful and we did reach more than 1.000 players online that day, a feat that could not be possible without the interest which was born after those two trailers and our constant and devoted work.

All the gameplay footage was recorded in our server, with our scripts. Both trailers were made with all of our illusion.

If you were searching for the best private server, make your home here.

How our progression works:

We consider our progressive idea unique in the history of private servers, and makes us the only and first private server with an eternal progression and faithful to the blizzlike WotLK standards.

There will be 2 Eras which will define the progression in Algalon Realm:

1) First Era: The raids and arena seasons will be gradually released and will last as “the current raid/season” for around X months (depending on the raid).

For example, as soon as Algalon is launched, you will be able to enjoy Naxxramas and arena season 5 for about 3 months (will post exact dates and times with the official release), once the time to open the next tier raid and season arrives, Ulduar and arena season 6 will be opened.

There will be an exception with the way to release some of the first 25 player raids. Eg: Once the realm is opened, there will be available only 10-player mode of Naxxramas. Once Kel’Thuzad is defeated on his 10 player mode for the first time, then we will open the 25 player mode. In this way, we avoid rushes to the Realm First of Naxxramas 25 and we grant some time to stabilize the player base so that everyone has the same chances to obtain it.
2) Second and final era: Once all the content is released, there will be a constant and eternal progression. Thanks to the systems we have implemented, Algalon has been designed with certain restrictions and features that allow the players to progress through the content making each raid / arena season a real challenge for everyone. If you want to progress in the game, either through PvE or PvP, you have to earn it and make an effort.

    • PvE

Northrend 5 player Instances

Access restriction: There will be no restriction on accessing the Northrend instances, except: Trial of the Champion, The Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron and The Halls of Reflection. Only those players who meet the previous requirements (having progressed through the content prior to these instances), will be able to enter.

Emblems: Emblems of Triumph will be dropped only to those players who have already progressed through the content up to Trial of the Crusader.

Example: If your character has progressed up to Ulduar (and has not yet managed to get The Descent into Madness 25 players achievement), he will not receive any type of emblem after defeating bosses on 5 man heroic instances.

However, if your character has progressed up to Trial of the Crusader (which means, you have already got the achievements of Naxxramas/Ulduar) then you will be able to loot the emblems of triumph as reward for killing bosses in heroic mode of 5 man instances.


Access restriction: Each raid will require the previous tier raid’s achievement on the same difficulty the player is trying to enter. For example, if you try to enter in Ulduar 10 player mode, you will need to have The Fall of Naxxramas (10 players) . Hence, the same goes to 25 player mode, you will need The Fall of Naxxramas (25 players) if you wish to enter into Ulduar 25 players.

Emblems: Bosses will always drop that raid’s correspondent emblems for everyone. Example: Players get Emblems of Conquest upon killing any boss inside Ulduar, no matter what is the character’s progression.

Exceptional case: Vault of Archavon.

Every boss within the vault was released in a chronological order and synchronized with the WoTLK raids. Therefore, we have designed a system to analyze and contemplate the overall raid member’s progression. The bosses will be available or not depending on the progression of the players. Here’s an example:

Archavon will be always available, regardless of the players progression as it was released with Naxxramas, thus since the very beginning of the WoTLK. However, Emalon was released as the same time as Ulduar, which implies that he will be available if each and every member has completed the Naxxramas raid. What if there are several players who have not completed it yet? The other bosses are not available for the raid until these players leave the instance, there will be just Archavon. If just one player does not meet the requirements, the bosses will disappear and the instance will configure itself in real time.

Other quick example: every raid member has progressed already up to Trial of the Crusader (this means they have Naxxramas/Ulduar achievements), then Vault of Archavon will configure itself and there will be available Archavon, Emalon and Koralon.

    • PvP

All vendors have been set and will be adapted to each arena season so that will be impossible to get equipment that does not correspond to the current season. The PvP is subject to constant rotation; it will start in the season 5 and end at 8. When the 8th season ends, we will go back again through season 5.

Arenas, Battlegrounds, and Wintergrasp:

There will be gear restrictions depending on the current arena season. For example, with the release of Algalon the current season will be 5, and there will be no chance that players have items with higher item level than that which correspond to this season or the current High end raid (as I mentioned all PvP vendors in Azeroth/Outlands will be fully configured ). However, once the season have rotated, there will be people who own PvE or PvP high gear ( Eg. Wrathfull or even trinkets like Deathbringer’s will ), but the 5th season would be running again, thus everything will be restricted again with the appropriate level as maximum. Hence, these players cannot equip those items within Arenas, Battlegrounds and Wintegrasp and create an imbalance in regard to those who are not geared yet. With this, we have created a tight and really challenging PvP, where all that the players get, will be hard-earned and always with the same conditions for everyone.

  • Other:

Donations: Of course, as we have stated many times, there would never be high end game gear in our shops. Algalon’s shop will be more restrictive than Kirin Tor one.

Random Dungeon Finder: As already discussed, the random dungeon finder will be active but with the following traits:

– Low level rewards will remain untouched and players will be rewarded normally – i.e. both experience and bags.

  – Gold rewards will remain untouched and players will be rewarded normally.

  – Since we are still somewhat in the initial stages of progression (Ulduar), for the time being players will not be rewarded with emblems (Frost or Triumph) when completing their task.

– Normal and Heroic modes of Trial of the Champion will remain closed and not available through RDF until the proper patch is released.

– Normal and Heroic modes of Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron and Halls of Reflection will remain closed and not available through RDF until the proper patch is released.

Weekly quests: The weekly raid quest will not be available.

– The related professions, talents, mechanics… etc will have the same systems specified by the patch 3.3.5a.


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